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  1. How can you say JB messed up with Sbisa and Guddy? Guddy has been injured almost the whole 2 years he has been here wouldn't it be more accurate to assess his play while in Florida? As for Sbisa you throw out one Corsi stat yet fail to mention all his positive stats, a little bit of cherry picking IMHO. Also when it comes to Adam. At the time we needed players in A certain age group, I don't think JB really thought of him as a top 4 more of just a stop gap. Pouliot has been improving his D the last few months and is second in scoring. His plus minus has also dropped quite a bit FWIW. Its way t
  2. I hope Dahlen comes in and blows everyone's mind. I Have been a huge fan and was pissed when we didn't have a chance to draft him. I think with Tram man gon it opens the door for Brisebious. W hat A great pick by JB The kid has raised his game every year in the q.
  3. Hey Bp, Nom here.  I owe an apology to you.  It is apparent you are dealing with many issues and I was truly inconsiderate in my posts.  Please know that none of my posts were intentionally set to hurt you and I had no idea until your recent topic, "A few things on my mind", how many health concerns you are trying to manage.  The last thing you need is some goof trying to be funny and baiting you.  As someone who prides himself in helping those who are battling with addiction and mental illnesses I have recognized that I may have crossed a line and been inappropriate.  Please accept my sincere apology to you my friend.  I will lay off moving forward.

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    2. bp79


      oops i noticed a few mistakes . I didn't proof read just sent. go easy lol. This time its all on me. brain farts inexcusable lol.

    3. nom_de_plume


      Thanks for accepting the apology.  Just a heads up bp, there are going to be many on this website who will go at you worse.  I suggest that you just ignore any others that try to bait you in the same fashion as I did.  Some of your replies could have gotten you serious warning points or banned.  I'm glad I've made a new friend out of this though.  

    4. bp79


      Me too and thanks for the heads up take care friend

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