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  1. Demko will be fine and can handle a large workload. Rookie year in Utica, in the last month of the season, Green rode him 3 games in 3 nights. 3 times. In those 9 games he was 7-2 with a 92.8 sv% Included a 38 save shutout and winning in WB in OT on a Sunday afternoon making 43 saves after travelling from Utica the night before. First weekend was in Utica. Second weekend - first game in Utica, then to Bridgeport, then to Providence. Third weekend - First game in Rochester, 2nd in Utica, 3rd in Wilkes Barry Last time I checked, the Comets don't fly cha
  2. Demko is turning 24 in early December. Not "almost 25".
  3. https://www.nhl.com/canucks/news/vancouver-canucks-thatcher-demko/c-306997264 Demko extends for 2 years.
  4. 2nd day of practice with the team.... maybe a return to action next week??
  5. Another thing to consider which doesn't seem to be included in the discussions: cost of living. Especially for the guys on entry level contracts. $70K goes much further in Utica than it does in Vancouver. Yes there are other AHL cities that have high cost of living expenses, but I think I saw something recently that Vancouver is in the top 3 worldwide most expensive. The San Jose Sharks and their AHL affiliate the San Jose Barracuda play in the same building. Pros and cons either way. I personally would like to see them move and start competing against th
  6. Apparently Thatch is training in MI with Bandits Goalie School. This was posted on their social media. video-1504046563.mp4
  7. Not suggesting the Canucks pull up Demko anytime soon, but a comparison to Murray is tough as the WBS Penguins that year were the stingiest defense in the league by a wide margin. They only surrendered 163 goals that year. They gave up 13 less goals than the next closest defense. They were also 7th overall in league standings. Much easier job for goalies with a sound defense in front of you. Coincidentally, WBS led the league this year in GA as well, surrendering 170. Utica gave up 220. It also helps when your team scores a bunch to relieve the pressure of playing from behind etc.
  8. Crazy athleticism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YePQ1RX1UE I'm thinking he signs. Might worry if it doesn't happen before the draft, but I think it gets done.
  9. No. Committee voting now. However... look at the stats vs. NCAA tournament teams only (strongest competition) Connor 5 games = 6 pts (2 pts in tourney) Vesey 12 games = 10 pts. (0 pts in tourney) Demko 15 games 9-4-2 415 saves on 448 shots 92.63 sv% 2.20 GAA 2 shutouts (60-63 95.24 sv% 1.50GAA in tourney, Most Outstanding Player in region)
  10. Demko made the Hobey Hat Trick. Down to the final 3. http://www.hobeybaker.com/awards/the-hobey-baker-memorial-award/hattrick
  11. https://www.facebook.com/TheHobey/app/169616693395433/ Vote daily
  12. Time will tell. Seems to be working ok for Hellebuyck though. I am sure Cloutier and Mellanson will sort it out if a change in position is warranted.
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