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  1. I don't mind this signing, but I thought that Benning wanted to get bigger on defense?
  2. I dunno, the timing of this seems significant. It could be a message used to put pressure on management, saying that he's willing to distance himself from the team if things don't work out.
  3. That'd be great if JB could swing it. Wouldn't mind having Johnston in the lineup when we play teams like Calgary and Vegas.
  4. Why are we keeping Green? We need a more experienced coach at this stage
  5. Beating the Cup champs and taking a loaded team like Vegas to 7 is quite the accomplishment. It shows that the Canucks are developing into a good team. This year has been an off year, that's it.
  6. One game away from the conference final, and JB somehow failed building this team.
  7. Glad to see Jim come back, he's done an excellent job building this team.
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