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  1. No, apparently Vegas would have had to retain salary on Schmidt in order for it to be a perfect trade.....
  2. We have the value of a top pairing dman coming our way, compared to a 3rd rounder going to Vegas. This trade is completely lopsided in our favour in terms of the two assets used in the trade, it had to be considered a great trade.
  3. Except that Benning put himself into a strong position by not panicking and not making a quick decision to replace Tanev. If he had panicked and made a previous deal for a top 4 dman, he wouldn't have been in a position to acquire Schmidt for so cheap.
  4. Arizona, a team with no leverage, somehow thought they could get one of our blue chippers. I don't know what they were thinking
  5. So basically Jim just goes back to his plan A, before this OEL situation popped up. I'm not worried, this team won't regress. Jim will just continue to slowly, methodically improve the team into a contender.
  6. The thing is I don't think it can. Imo the issue here is not what Ekblad's perceived value is, but what Florida is willing to move him for. Why would Florida move their best defenseman, a player they would rather keep, for such a low package? If I'm Florida, having Brock and Podkolzin as a minimum in the deal, would be entirely reasonable from my perspective. But then again, from the Canuck's point of view, that would be too high a price imo. That's why I think that this deal will never happen. We'll have to agree to disagree.
  7. Exactly, which is why I don't think a deal is happening, Florida will want more than what we're willing to give.
  8. I can't see a trade for Ekblad happening, I believe that Florida would insist on both Brock and Podz being a part of the deal. Cernak makes more sense imo.
  9. The hockey gods would never grant us the first overall pick if we as Canuck fans violated the most sacred rule and cheered against our team. Canuck fans do not do that, we cheer on our team until the bitter end. Besides, we're taking the cup this year.
  10. Working, learning French, trying not to read the news.
  11. Yeah you could be right, I certainly hope you're right. It's definitely an important question. Will Bernie supporters swallow their pride and vote for Biden, who they feel is the lesser of two evils? Or will they snub Biden, because he doesn't support any of the policies that they've been lobbying for? Only time will tell.
  12. Isn't that one of the things that helped Trump defeat Clinton back in 2016? Some of the Bernie supporters either voted for Trump, or chose not to vote, even though Bernie endorsed Hillary after he lost. I think that something similar could happen this year imo. Remember that Biden recently said publicly that he would veto the Medicare For All bill if it somehow made it to his desk, it's things like that that will not endear him to the progressive voter.
  13. Based on a number of issues, The Democrat voters are essentially split, between the moderate voters and the progressive voters. The progressives aren't too fond of Biden, given his voting record. He voted for the Iraq war and the Patriot act for example, something they're not very happy about. He also opposed the desegregation of buses back in the day, something that Trump will definitely go after him on in the general. The possibility that Biden has dementia, and at times has trouble completing sentences. Trump is already attacking him on this issue, and will very likely to become a factor in the general. And while Trump is far from the smartest person in the room, his mind is still sharp. Also, for the past four years, Trump has not stopped campaigning, he's been constantly shoring up his base. He is a far better politician then he's been given credit for. (certainly better at politics then he has been as a business man) Don't get me wrong, I hate Trump and want to see him lose, but I don't like the odds. But when I look at the scenario of Trump vs Biden, one on one, on national TV, I like Trump's chances.