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  1. Why are we keeping Green? We need a more experienced coach at this stage
  2. Beating the Cup champs and taking a loaded team like Vegas to 7 is quite the accomplishment. It shows that the Canucks are developing into a good team. This year has been an off year, that's it.
  3. One game away from the conference final, and JB somehow failed building this team.
  4. Glad to see Jim come back, he's done an excellent job building this team.
  5. This just seems like a typical overreaction of a segment of the fanbase who likes to panic at every setback this team encounters. Yes, the team is struggling, and yes, Benning has made his share of mistakes, but he has had by far more succeses than mistakes. This is a guy who started with a cupboard that was virtually empty except for Horvat, and has ended up with a team that will contend for years when they're finally ready.
  6. I thought Willie was a decent coach, definitely a lot better coach than the general consensus of posters around here on CDC. But I thought he made some mistakes, every coach does.
  7. Nice strawman there When did I ever say that I can say what I want about others, but they can't do the same to me? When did I ever say that nobody was allowed to hold an opinion different from mine? The reason I said that to that poster is he said what he said without any factual knowledge about my life one way or the other. My comments, right or wrong, are based on things that did happen however. He did show up here out of shape, he did refuse a conditioning stint in Utica, he did sign in Russia and he did make those comments about leaving because of lack o
  8. I never once said that playing over here was supposed to be easy for Tryamkin. Nor did I ever insinuate that he broke his contract, or that he didn't have the right to leave after his contract was over. For reasons I've already said, I have doubts about his character and I haven't changed my mind. That's my opinion, and I have a right to that opinion. You know nothing about me, about what I have experienced or not experienced in life, so don't even begin to think that you do. Butthurt?! Lol, someone triggered because of a different opinion, looks like the pot calling th
  9. Looks like we're gonna have to agree to disagree on this issue. Which is fine to me, you have your point of view and I have mine, and I can respect the fact that you have a different opinion than me. But to be clear, I don't think that Willie could do no wrong. I even acknowledged in a previous post to you that he made his share of mistakes. Could he come back and prove me wrong? Absolutely, I have my opinion but am fully aware of the possibility that I could be wrong. And if he does in fact do that then I will happily admit to that fact. But the reasons I've stated ear
  10. (It won't let me quote your post for some reason so I'll just respond.) I'll lay it out simply for you: I want this team to win the cup first and foremost. Imo to do that we not only need talented players, but we also need these players to have strong character. The actions of Tryamkin in his full season here, and his decision to leave has caused me to question his character quite frankly. Just like a lot of people on these boards questioned Jake's when he was sent down to Utica. Jake however has displayed the type of character I like to see on this team by rallying and
  11. Well said. I didn't agree with all the decisions that Willie made, but he certainly had solid reasoning behind the decisions he did make.
  12. Anyone who would leave a team to sign somewhere else because he didn't get the ice time he thought he was entitled to is high maintenance in my opinion. He wasn't owed anything from the Canucks. He, like all the other players, have to prove to the coaches and management that they are deserving of more ice time. It's apparent that WD wasn't convinced that he deserved it, so it's on Tryamkin to buckle down and work harder and change his mind. Not to run away to his home town because he felt disrespected. Did Tryamkin leave because of the coach? Did Willie make mistakes in handling hi
  13. Likely for the best. Do we really want such a high maintenance player here?
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