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  1. No coach would have given him more ice time and no coach would have stood for a 6'-7" 240 lb demolition ball "dogging it" every few games. H e refused to use his attributes consistently so he was less the player he could have been. End of story and WGAF. Stay off the booze, you just embarrass yourself. Tryamkin won't come back here because there will be no room for him and Green would bench a giant snowflake who didn't want to CONSISTENTLY use his size anyway.
  2. You and your buddy need to learn a bit about logic. I could say I don't really fancy Lady Gaga but if I come home and find her in my bed I might think "what the hell, ok if you insist" It's all about context. The fact that the guy said good riddance was a comment on his attitude. If he comes back with an improved attitude why wouldn't he welcome him back? The trouble with many of you people is you try to keep score like 5th graders and in your world no one gets to change their opinion. Which might be fine if so many were not first class hypocrites.
  3. You are only making my case.
  4. And it really bugs the f--k out of people like you doesn't it? Well here's a news flash I have got a lot more from where that has come from.
  5. Where does this come from. He did well by all the prospects that were given to him, even those who were clearly not ready. WD got dogs abuse for his treatment of Goldobin when all he wanted was what Green wants now - and now people on here apparently want to trade Goldy saying he just doesn't get it. (I disagree by the way) McCann looked a hell of a lot better here than he does EVEN NOW in Florida imo. If he had had the size he has now in Vancouver he would have been running riot under WD OR Green. McCann was getting 12:31 mins ATOI under WD and even now that he is 195lbs and
  6. I would have added Stecher, Puliot, Tanev, Beagle, Baertschi to that list and probably Loui too. I might have left Boeser off though (I think his skating needs work) Tryamkin was not a top skater he was very good for his size. ie he was more elegant than lumbering - he was no Chara though.
  7. Well on that basis Torts had the Sedins, Kesler, Burrows, Edler, Bieksa, Hamhuis, Luongo it didn't help him "Stale" was the word he used wasn't it? Form has a lot to do with where players are at in their career. Unfortunately even stars need youth on their side and decent players around them. I actually don't understand the firing of John Stevens though.
  8. Of course I have high expectations. I am entitled to have them given their form and JB's record. The hard facts for Tryamkin and a few on here is 6'6 etc etc etc or not, he is playing in a league which is hardly better than the AHL and when people like Hughes, Rathbone, Woo McEneny etc get established Tryamkin will find his size will not be enough to elevate him above 6/7 D. PLAYING 13-14 mins a night. Now we all know what happens next. He made a choice based on family and homesickness (and Vancouver weed aromas) and I am quite sure he will be happy to live with it and stay th
  9. And by that time good luck to him getting past Edler, Tanev, Hutton, Hughes, Rathbone, Woo, Juolevi and maybe even Brisebois, McEneny, Sautner. Oh and whoever we might pick this year.
  10. His first half was down to his lack of conditioning but even when he was fit he was not even in the top 4 (not even on cyoung's "Disneyland eye test stat". Why make an exception to hard hockey stats just to suit your bias? Maybe we should look at ALL players that way, that is just stupid. I didn't debate SID's post because I have made my point and I did not want to waste any more time on this cr-p, I also did not see SID actually counter what I said. Tryamkin achieved the stats I showed NOT playing against the top lines 5 on 5 - enough said. Even SID's shot blocking count
  11. Well you are talking bollocks as I have just demonstrated. As I said, he was where he deserved to be.
  12. I think you are hallucinating. He was not better than Edler, Tanev, Hutton, Stecher, Sbisa and in some cats behind Biega AND Larsen. In the eyes of most coaches I doubt he becomes 3rd D by a long shot. Among all defensemen. He was 5th in DPS. He was 6th in PS. He was 5th in shots blocked. He was 1st in hits.* He was 6th in Takeaways He was 5th in Giveaways* He was 5th in SAtt He was 7th in Thru% He was 5th in CF% He was 6th in CF% rel He was 4th in +/- * good. By the way it should be remembered th
  13. No. But if I was, where is the connection? I defended him because he was a very good player and he took unfair stick on here for saying words to the effect that it was hard to play with prospects who were not really ready for the NHL. He also could have added but didn't, that it was not easy when your team had to rely on so many AHL players. Come to think of it was playing with the twins not a "promise" made to him to induce him to sign? If he was promised that, he should not have been because it handicapped the coach.
  14. I loved Tryamkin (even tipped him as a future Canucks captain) and thought he was coming along really well. I was a bit surprised when he said he wasn't coming back but when I heard a lot was to do with his new bride well that was out of the Canucks purview. What disappointed me more was how he failed to give credit to the Vancouver coaches for the glaringly obvious progress he made both in development AND conditioning. He went home 3 times the player he was when he arrived - just a season and a bit earlier. He goes on about language but seemed to fail to understand it
  15. You need to check your facts. WD brought on a lot of rookies while here. Part of the problem was some were not ready. Ironic that you say that in a Tryamkin thread because WD sent a player back to Russia who was able to dominate in that league. Idiots will always see what they want to see.
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