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  1. Beag's laughing in Brady's face was almost as satisfying as watching Big Mac punch it in.
  2. Crazy story, but my best friend's Dad won the other game. He passed 7 years ago, and I suppose his name is still on the Save On account his ex wife still uses... craziest thing about it is it was on the anniversary of his passing. Pretty neat. My friend was in tears.
  3. All about quality not quantity. Kinda like the shots for and against tonight.
  4. Agreed, I'll take a winning season full of ugly W's all day long lol
  5. Would love to have either. Talented and mean when need be. Brady seems to be the less dirty of the two though.
  6. Never gonna hear me complain about a penalty against like Chatfield's. ... and in slow motion it sure looks like players are selling penalties hard
  7. I just screamed "SOMEONE SHOOT!" ½ a second before Brock popped it hahaha.
  8. Lol me too. I agree, I think that would be a lot to aim for in his first year back. Having said that, Edler and Del Zotto are both UFAs at the end of this season, and I can see the possibility of a short term contract for Edler perhaps but not DZ. Perhaps if he plays consistently like he did at the beginning of the year, but more likely in that case we move him at the TDL. As the writer states in that article, it’s extremely difficult to predict what our lineup will look like at that point. However I think it would be a little foolish on the Canucks to not give Tryamk
  9. Well, Google says otherwise. Thanks for your definitive answer.
  10. I think he meant Bachelors of Communications. Not sure if that’s a thing but that’s my assumption. Taking a leap on that, as it were.
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