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  1. Just saw this painful reminder on Sportsnet ... the Canucks last 5 years - 13th, 13th, 14th, 12th, West semis. How does GMJB still have a job?! Love the team. Hate the management. Oh and still don’t like Gaudette trade.
  2. Positive spin = GMJB playing chess when we’re all playing checkers. Gaudettes wife gave Canucks covid. Got rid of Gaudette before losing him in expansion draft. Highmore is Motte 2.0 and has been playing out of position as a LW and will now dominate because bottom 6 players are so hard to find. Negative spin = too easy.
  3. IF this is the reason then I’m on board. Hopefully the Canucks at least save a few dollars.
  4. I hate this move. Period. Are the Canucks tanking? Bring back Gillis and Gilman.
  5. Vancouver is literally a terrible market for Jake as well. He may be better served by getting out of Vancouver where he'll consistently be held to a standard that probably isn't fair. It's not his fault he was drafted high. If he came in a 4th rounder and was out of shape he'd be given the benefit of the doubt. In Vancouver its likely the kiss of death. Most 'fans' will never get past his early struggles.
  6. JV clearly has had a terrible start to his career (based on draft position). That said, I 'think' he is in the process of learning some hard lessons and I'd like to see him actually make the Canucks next year. The youth movement around him would be good where guys like BH, SB, and MG have made huge strides and should be great mentors for him. Plus, I think he'll be better playing with better players. That Utica team is high on heart but low on talent. JV needs skill players around him at this point IMO. Put him on a line with the Sedins (again, great mentors) and let him use his speed and phys
  7. And opportunity. I'm just not a fan of plugging kids with offensive upside into the 4th line to play with guys who know it's NOT their job to create offence. I'd even like to see Gaunce play with Horvat at some point with the message being, "you are a young player, enjoy the game, play 200ft, take some chances in their end"
  8. My biggest issue with Jake is how he's been used with the Canucks. I'm all for having young players on the roster but I believe they must play in roles relative to those you see for them in the future. He's been neutered offensively by Willie D. I think he has to go back to Calgary after this competition and find his swagger. This is why I am fine with McCann staying right now. By default he's being played in a top 6 role with Daniel. This can only help his progression. Were he playing with saddlebags full of lead (Higgins) I'd say no chance ... send him.
  9. Ok so all you can literally tell from the photo is he's fit ... especially standing beside a kid who looks about 13years old. Honestly he looks real small. I have no doubt he could be a terrific player given plenty of smallish types have excelled. Just don't think a photo should make anyone think he's jacked now and Virt was a mistake because the guy is in shape. Long gone are the days when any NHLer isn't fit.
  10. I'd vote for you. What the hell. We need a change. And, you are now one vote closer to taking charge. Good luck to both you and Jake!
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