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  1. Wow so you hate Quin Hughes because I think he was on the ice for a few of those goals. Or did you mean Gaudette that cannot play D if his life depended on it and was floating on back when Andersson batted the rebound from the breakaway in. No, you mean Pettersson for that horribly awful and extremely lazy pass to a Canadien on the powerplay that lead to a goal.. Because Jake had two good games against the Canadiens. When Andersson dumped Hughes into the net behind Holtby, Jake went after him hard and I think he challenged him to a fight the next shift. He also had all of pretty big hits in this last game while forechecking but I think you know that, Otherwise you are watching the game on a 3' screen,
  2. A. Contract pre-covid and during B. Fred's real name is negative Nancy. He is kinda like Squam.
  3. You fit in well on this board. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh run for the mountains....... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  4. And if you dare to go to his thread, you will never see him hit either. Or as one person told me, he gives them a light tap/
  5. I agree. The person I quoted wrote like that was what he brought to the rink. He can do it but he doesn't do it every night.
  6. Sure. He is capable of it. That was not what I was saying. He does not go out there looking for the big hit. I will bet you will not find many of those clips but saw that one and decided that is his play style.
  7. I do not think of contracts. I only care about the play on the ice. The money they make or you make means nothing to me.
  8. So many here are doom and gloom when the Canucks have not looked good in any game yet. Relax. Chill. Open a window and get some fresh air. They have been getting better each game. We do not need to trade Rousel, Virt, Sutter, Beagle or anyone else your minds can worry about.
  9. I have seen hits that are happening as the puck is being moved out and the camera is moving with it.
  10. They should come out like they want to win the game. They were lazy and unmotivated. Season starts around Game 10 though so.. not worried so much about these games.