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  1. Petey was out for most of the season. We lost Petey as they were starting to click.
  2. I like Benning. Green was good in the bubble but last season and this season, I dunno, I have just been seeing some things that I do not get. We did get a 3-2-1 record with Pettersson not really producing. So, more worries from last year that have Green on my not so sure list. Not making the playoffs previous to the bubble did not worry me as I saw that we were rebuilding and I enjoyed watching the process. I liked reading the posts of how the prospects were developing.
  3. Juulsen dropping the forechecker at the start made me giggle. Nice play over all. Thanks for posting
  4. This is wrong. OEL is a number 1 D. He is showing it in his composure and the details. With Myers they have been steady. With Poolman he looked good too. Easy to play with. Hughes and Poolman being put out against McDavid and Drai just shows his dedication. He has been getting better. He is young and learning. I expect him to only get better. Also, with OEL there to teach. The sky is the limit for him. Green needs to stop playing him 29 minutes though. Green built the D the way he wanted with Rathbone and Bouroughs so he has got to get them into games to take some pressure off OEL and Hughes or OEL and Hughes will be taking more days off. All these posters that are still crying about Tanev leaving is dumb. Just stop, it is embarrassing. We were never going to give him the contract that he got. Plus age and injuries are catching up to him. Move on
  5. Sure they are assumptions. The main idea stemmed from someone saying the Beagle was not trying, that he was standing there. I commented and it turned into this.
  6. I have generally been in the pro-Green camp but I am getting tired of all his line combos. Green puts the Lotto line on the ice with 5is minutes left in the game and they dominate. They struggle with the line mates Green places them with. Missed passes as a player is not where he should be or hasn't got there. Players waiting for plays to develop as they do not know their other team mates or they are out of position All of this is a sign that the lines have not gelled. Hogz - Petey - Boe were getting bullied out there and had no coordination. It was recognizable in the first and the second. Green waits till the last minutes of the third to go to the Lotto line. That is too long. Start the game with lines that work. Lotto line dominates so use it. Pear - Bo - Hogz drives play so use it. Miller has never been a good C on this team. It has caused him to get frustrated and Green wants balanced lines which causes us to look uncoordinated and lost. Overall easy to play against. Money is not the motivation. It has nothing to do with money. Also, this game and last game the D coach has been changing D combos. It has had a terrible effect. Our D systems have collapsed every time that has happened and goals have resulted. Look at the goal where Myers was with (I do not remember, it was not OEL) and Lammikko was left alone and the D were up too high. Same thing happened which led to a goal in Det. There is something wrong and it sits with the coaches. I understand these games happen but they are starting to happen too often. I could be wrong. However, I am starting to see a trend and I do not like it.
  7. They showed up when the line mates where there. Lotto line dominated for the last 5 min of the game when they were together.
  8. A coaches responsibility is to have the team ready to play. He is to have the team ready to go and energized. The team did not show up to play. Secondly, the idea of balanced lines weakens the team. You want to dominate and get energy from that first goal. Yet, Green breaks up the tried and tested lotto line and makes the line much weaker and smaller but replacing Miller with Hogz. That is a CDC line not an NHL line. Thirdly, Miller was not a great Center last year. In preseason, he was not a good center. Why kill the Canucks in the regular season by putting Miller as Center. That is again something that is CDC lines. Fourth, he choose the team that he wanted in preseason. A team that he is supposed to trust and work with. We lost Gadj and OJ to the process. However, he over plays certain guys and does not play the 4th line that he built. Should I continue?
  9. Firing Green is a carry over from last year. OJ is a good 7th D that can play steady D. Something we could have used this game, or do you disagree? Gadj was a good 13th forward option instead of benched Chiasson or waivers Petan.
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