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  1. So it is all Bennings fault if we draft badly and it is someone elses fault if he drafts well. You said that it is not Benning that drafted him and yet he did because as you said he is the head and at the least listened to someone he hired to do the job for him
  2. If you associate with a troll like Drance, how can I take anything you say seriously? It was a was of your time to read what that hack says and it was a waste of time for you to type that. Stop associating with stupid media
  3. The bolded I disagree with. Just because a team drafts that player does not mean that was the player Benning wanted. Benning wanted the player that he traded for MORE than the player that was / could have been drafted.
  4. Do you honestly believe what you wrote here?
  5. Maybe a slight contradiction due to bias, maybe?
  6. Well done. I will have to go through that again.
  7. Stats in team sports like NHL with fast paced changes are not trustworthy as they can easily be manipulated or appear wrong. All these people that rely on stats have no idea about the sport. Such a waste of time talking to most of them
  8. How dare you disagree with the heroes on Sportsnet. The above is the Sportsnet value. For reference the Canucks were the worst and got Grade: D+ https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/nhl-free-agency-grades-evaluating-canadian-team-day-1/
  9. I am so disgusted by Dhal. Every time JP comes on, so offersheet, offersheet Blah. They are all such garbage. But Drance should be banned from this board.
  10. https://www.sportsnet.ca/650/peoples-show/tyson-nash-oel-perfect-fit-canucks-garland-will-rise-occasion/ Interesting take.
  11. Then Cascadia goes off and it is the first country to be destroyed by Earthquake and Tsunami
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