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  1. Downriver of Calgary, between Policeman's Flats and MacKinnon Flats.
  2. Our best day on McGregor Lake this year. 26 Walleye and 1 Northern Pike caught and released in less than 9 hours. All but two were caught on $2.50 "knock-off" crankbait lures, so fishing doesn't have to be expensive.
  3. Another visit to McGregor Lake, Alberta, and another huge haul of Walleye. During this trip we caught and safely released 23 Walleye and 2 Northern Pike in just 7 hours. PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE to my channel.
  4. Michael Stone is still a decent bottom pairing D, but he missed most of last season due to a blood clot. Andersson, Valimaki, and Kylington all showed that they could play in the NHL, so Stone became expendable.
  5. Fishing has been my hobby since I was six years old. Lately, I've started shooting video of some of my trips. Last Sunday, two of us caught and released 26 fish. Some of the footage is quite funny.
  6. I used to revel in every disaster that the Edmonton Oiler's franchise has endured, but now I'm starting to just feel sorry for them. I really can't see any way to improve the franchise unless/until the owner fires the entire OBC, aka The Red Wine Summit. Craig MacTavish and Duane Sutter should be just the beginning of the purge. Personally, I'd get rid of all of the pro scouts, plus Kevin Lowe, Scott Howson, Paul Coffey, and both of the Gretzkys. On a positive note; Bob Green has done a decent job with amateur scouting during the last 4 of his 6 seasons with the team.
  7. WCD, I agree with everything that you said except for the pull-up reference. At the draft combine, Bennett was trying to hide a shoulder injury, hence his failure to complete a pull-up. Post surgery, he has had no problem being tested as one of the fittest players on the Flames during every training camp.
  8. IMO, Bennett will never live up to his #4 OA draft ranking. Even though his FO% has been good the last two seasons, I highly doubt that he will never become a Top line center, his skill set is much better suited for the LW. That said, he can definitely contribute to the middle 6 of many teams with his speed, grit, and net-front presence. As a fighter, he's a tough middleweight that won't back down from very many heavyweights. He reminds me of Gary Roberts with less hockey IQ/vision.
  9. I lived most my teen years in rural Nova Scotia during the 1970s. Almost always, fights (with weapons or not) were fought one on one. If someone else jumped in, another person would immediately even up the odds. Battles between groups seldom happened; but when they did, the time, place, and number of combatants were agreed on prior to the fight (sort of like in the film:"The Outsiders"). The very rare time that someone got swarmed, the victim always had lots of older brothers and "cousins" that would take retribution on the entire group of attackers sooner rather than later. You have to remember that back then, most families out east had 5 to 7 kids. No one ever "got away with it", yet the RCMP were never called. Rural Nova Scotia was quite a unique place back then, as there was absolutely no hazing at any level of schooling. Again, older brothers and relatives made hazing too dangerous a pastime for anyone to even attempt it. We seldom saw any females fighting, and never saw them strike a male, or an adult of either sex. I feel pretty positive that back then, if they had tried either of the latter two scenarios, they would have been knocked the "*" out. I was always tall for my age and an A student, so dealing with bullies was a common occurrence for me. My father taught me to attempt to talk my way out of a fight or simply just run away. However, if neither of those options worked or were not available, his advice to me was to "hit first, hit hard, hit often, and don't stop until they back off, THEN RUN". This certainly helped me in my early 20s; I worked as a bouncer for 3 years at three of the roughest bars in Calgary, and I never had to strike anyone as I was a very good talker. Verbal persuasion almost always worked; on the rare occasion it was unsuccessful, it just became a wrestling match between a drunk customer and a sober bouncer. In my opinion, the changes in Canadian criminal law since the 1970s have emboldened pre-teens and teens to do anything that they want, with very little fear of substantial consequences. It's not movies, music, social media, or even parenting (though it's certainly tougher for single parent families) that's allowing this to happen, it's the laws that are currently on the books.
  10. Thank you very much to Nail for running this sim. Once again, I had a lot of fun and appreciate the work that you put into it. Can't wait for the next one!
  11. James (Jimbo) Meyer retires from hockey: NHL Regular Season NHL Play-offs International Trophies/Awards/Medals
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