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  1. I think it would be pretty cool if Hank handed his "C" to Bo in the last game of the season, regardless if him and his brother decide to come back next season, I think it would be an awesome gesture.  Just a thought I had,

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    2. coastal.view


      a thought i had

      was that no players are retired

      but that


      hank hands "C" to

      luongo, who hands it to

      nasland, who hands it to

      messier, who tosses it to

      linden who lobs it to lidster

      who lobs it back

      and linden lobs it again lidster who passes it to

      dan quinn, who gives it to

      smyl, who hands it to

      mccarthy, who gives it to lever

      who gives it back, only to get it back again from mccarthy

      lever then gives it next to

      oddliefson, who gives it to boudrias

      and it is then given a time out for a year

      and handed to kurtenbach


      who gives it another time out for the 2018 - 2019 hockey season


      just a thought i had about the "C"




    3. stawns


      Honestly, I don't think Bo is ready for it and I don't want the pressure of wearing the C in the cesspool of vancouver media and fan scrutiny falling on his shoulders.  In my opinion, Guddy is the next Captain, with Bo as an alternate 

    4. wildcam


      I think handing the Big C over to Bo at last game of the season would be a fantastic idea..That would set the off season off allowing the young guys to take the lead in the dressing room...


      Come on Jim and Trevor lets do this, great fresh start for 2018-2019 season..