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  1. Think that’s a terrible comparison, Virtanen only had his speed and wicked shot. Klimovich is an average skater so he relies more on his hands and positioning.
  2. F off, Vegas wasting everyone’s time. Lots of good players available that can fall to us, Sami tuuomala could be a steal.
  3. Ideally he can go by boner but for the pg13 audience bonesy would be appropriate.
  4. Once these guys hit their prime, Podz-Petey-Boeser will be such an effective line. Allows us to move Miller to center and give us 3 lethal lines if we can get some better wingers. Hopefully Lind, Gadjovich, Jasek step up and slot in our top 9 in the future
  5. Not interested. Doesn't fit in our D core and is waay too soft to make a significant impact on D. Rather sign Gardiner. I know Gardiner isn't exactly the best in his own end but if we put him with Tanev I feel he could thrive here.
  6. I want zegras but soderstrom looks good. Who wouild you take, Soderstrom or Boqvist?
  7. How awesome would it be if we actually won the 1st overall pick. Canucks would be for the first time in franchise history picking 1st overall, with the draft being held in Vancouver. I want Quinn Hughes to be on the podium announcing the selection of his brother, would be one of the greatest moments in draft history.
  8. There are only 2, maybe 3 players in this draft that fit your description. From the looks of it, we're going to be picking in that 6-10 range, with guys like Wahlstrom, Bouchard, Dobson Smith and Tkachuk available. If we do drop down a bit after the draft lottery, I'd definitely consider Tkachuk. I'd prefer a Dman, but Tkachuk would not be a bad fit.
  9. Or maybe he adds a physical presence and skill to our top line with Boeser and Pettersson. Brady has the smarts to play with them and he's an underrated playmaker.
  10. Any of the top 10 of this draft would be an exciting addition to our future. Bouchard, Dobson, Hughes, Wahlstrom, Tkachuk, Smith all look like they have Top pair/1st line potential. Very excited for this draft.
  11. Lmao all I said is I'd prefer a certain player that I've had more exposure to over an unknown player. Clearly you didn't know better when you lost your sh*t after we traded Shinkaruk for Granlund. Move on...
  12. Lol I bet you've never made a bad judgement before? Move on...
  13. Only an elite few like kucherov, boeser and ovechkin can do that.
  14. He compares himself to eberle, I can see those comparisons but I hope he can be better in his own end than ebs.
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