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  1. lol + 1 million for a Roosties comment
  2. Cuz he wants to be the very best. That no one ever was dun dun dun to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause,
  3. Gallagher has mentioned a thousand times Horvat could have and should have been on the team last year. I think he's really disappointed with himself not making the team when a lot of other similiar players made the jump and had 50 point season (Nishckunin, and Monahan) What if he was chirped by stuff like that, people saying the Canucks made the total wrong pick while he was playing in Jnr last year. I think he cared a lot and is mad he was still in Jnr. Just because he shows no energy doesn't mean he isn't disinterested. I just think the kid is ready to turn on the jets in TC and absolutely steal a spot on this team with no doubt being left he is NHL ready. If not then maybe his gf cheated on him or something/ edit: and on 2nd glimpse Demko looks freaking huge, and unstoppable.
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