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  1. Even if the charges are cleared he has negative value. Picking him up means you can't spend 2.5 mil on a different player whos performed better then Virtanen this season. Mark my words if the charges clear he will be bought out and on his way to Russia soon enough.
  2. Don't think he's worth that much for a trade up. I would think based on the injury history and how he's performed in the NHL so far that the return would be something like a 3rd round pick + a project/minor prospect.
  3. I would rather try and get a younger dman from the expansion draft such as Jake Bean then go after an aging OEL. He clearly hasn't lived up to his 8.25m dollar salary this season and even with some retention is unlikely to age well. The last thing we need is the defense version of Erikson on our hands.
  4. As much as losing helps the draft positioning this is draft might just be the biggest crapshoot in NHL history. There's bound to be lots of steals in every round and I hope the teams scouts can come through big time as I think the GM will need them more then ever. That being said I have had a weird feeling that the canucks were bound to win the lotto ever since the season began to go sideways so even with the reduced odds I still think were gonna win #1.
  5. Didn't we have Sutter for that? Also even if we don't sign a defensive specialist and signed an old cheap character guy instead we would have still lost that season anyways.
  6. The point is the Canucks could have just gotten Vesey type players in 2018 instead of Roussel and Beagle. Paying a guy cause he won the cup is silly unless he was major contributor to said cup. Beagle was a replaceable 4th liner and as much as his character and cup brought some value it was clear at the time it wasn't worth what he got. The team just had to let go of other high character guys cause we signed them. We essentially lost this season due those guys as we could have loaded up like MTL for this year and been real contenders. I can't wait for the day this team starts using their money more wisely and spends on real impact players.
  7. My point was that we could insulate them without giving up so much term and money.
  8. Then let those guys go elsewhere if they want too much money/term. Vesey and Hawyrluck prove that you can pick up depth guys on the cheap. If we had signed cheaper players who are also veterans I doubt that would have had a big negative impact on the team relative to Beagle and Roussel. This is why you don't see the other rebuilding teams like Detroit signing deals like this. They actually get PAID to take on these deals and are not paying to sign them in the first place.
  9. It would be a huge W if we make some profit on NS considering we only paid a 3rd for him. If a Goodrow deal exists for Motte we should take that as well. I see alot of people have concerns on replacing these players but people forget that free agency this year will have highly depressed prices with many players taking 1 year deals. Schmidt is good but the 6 mill freed up will allow the team to explore other opportunities in addition to whatever we get back.
  10. Benning has done a good job of drafting and is taking us to the moon there. Unfortunately his mind is also on the moon and not in reality as he thinks we still have a chance at the playoffs this year and that we've been competitive in this division.
  11. Might as well try and give Jeff a chance @4.5 mil for one year before buying him out. Also I doubt they would pay that much to retain salary on Skinner, we would have to take the full 9 mil coming back. And there's no way the 1st is leaving Buffalo considering their record this year.
  12. Someone should claim Spezza just to get him to retire to deplete the leafs depth. It would be cold and ruthless but that's just how the NHL works nowadays.
  13. Why do people always misinterpret me?

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