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  1. I don't know good you expect that assistance to be when the flagging energy sector is poised to deep-six the economy.
  2. You posted this after two to three pages of people realizing that this didn't happen.
  3. No, I just don't see the value in homerism. Hughes has been a revelation for us already but to act like he's clearly better than Dahlin is wrong.
  4. Does Vintage have to reveal his true identity when he reaches 100k posts? :o

    1. Squamfan
    2. Toni Zamboni
    3. rychicken


      VC is Mike Gillis.....I've never seen the two of them at the same time....

  5. If Simmonds doesn't move again then a lot of people on this board worked themselves up into a fine mess worrying about the package Benning was surely going to pay for him.
  6. I too get myself worked up before the unknowable future comes to pass.
  7. The idea of Gaudette being in play has already been shot down by the credible insiders. It was a rumour started by a nobody on Twitter.
  8. I too remember when we had Mark Stone, Erik Karlsson and Mika Zibinejad until contract and not burdened with no movement clauses. Get out of here.
  9. You're free to think what you like but it's a sad way to live when your first instinct is to question the authenticity of another because their point of view is not your own.
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