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  1. ARZ Pyotr Kochetkov 3 years, $900k ARZ Artyom Zub 2 years, $2.5m ARZ Josh Teves 2 years, $900k ARZ Mikhail Shalagin 2 years, $900k ARZ Thomas Gregoire 2 years, $750k ARZ Jasper Weatherby 2 years, $750k ARZ John Farinacci 3 years, $900k ARZ Adam Erne 2 years, $2m ARZ Nick Bjugstad 2 years, $2.5m
  2. first time in 19 seasons of watching the canucks that I haven’t really cared at all :/


    need a better team, coach and gm

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    2. brilac


      I used to have the Ice Pack for a few seasons and would either fly or take the bus up to Vancouver for games.  Then one night at a game while drinking, I was thinking - I can do this at home (drink and watch the game).  Then the Canucks had a 29th place finish and the ticket prices were still the same so I did not renew, but I did go to day games so I could make it a day trip instead of overnight.

    3. #Canucks


      First time in 27 years I did not follow this season closely. Something big needs to change. This is not good enough anymore.

    4. luckylager


      I'm totally checked out. For the last 10 years not a day went by that I wasn't active on CDC and posting in Canucks talk and/or other threads.

      The holes in our system, structure and build became painfully obvious in the bubble last year and I even said said back then we were incredibly lucky to beat Minny, and St Louis literally fell apart.

      Now I did have a bit of hope at the start of the season, but not a lot, but the on ice product at seasons start crushed my spirit and I slowly just faded into the background, unable to make sarcastic comments, no longer willing to engage anyone, devoid of all optimism and forced to face to grim reality that I've been wasting countless hours investing effort, thought and care into an organization that lacked acumen at the top and a willingness to make the hard choices which could actually put the team in a good position moving forward.


      I have no confidence in our coaching staff or management, absolutely none. It astounds me Green has any sort of cred as a development coach because I can't point to single player and say "yeah, Green made a difference and really helped this guy improve more than he would have under any other coach".

      His fall back excuse is "trying to make them 200ft players", guess what? None of our young players are any better than before. He promoted a system designed for useless plugs, and Baumer runs a d system designed for cowards.


      I could not be more disappointed with the state of the club. Jim Benning has &^@#ed up royally and his head should roll with the rejects behind the bench. It's obvious now he isn't able to manage the full operations of a club. His pro scouting has been bad, cap management has been awful, and his only saving grace is the fact he's made decent drafting decisions for the most part, but even the great picks are unfortunately stalled in their development and stand in the shadow of a couple of really bad picks in hindsight.


      Now I'm sorry to write so much, but I'm pissed off and haven't properly vented on CDC yet. I hope Aquaman recognizes the Canucks brand is suffering hard, and the only way he'll be able to recoup the inevitable heavy losses is if Benning and his staff are terminated before the draft and a respected, experienced GM is hired at seasons end.


      I do not wish JB, Green, Brown or Baumer the best of luck in the future. I hope they get hired in Calgary.

      I wish our young core the best of luck with a new GM and system, and I wish my fellow fans the best of luck in coping with the catastrophe that has been the JB era.


      I'm gonna raise a glass to future. Cheers!

      But if JB or any of the coaches are around next season,  I will not watch a game, and I will not spend on any merchandise or tickets for 2 years, because I'm spiteful like that.

  3. SIGNINGS DAL Rafaël Harvey-Pinard - 2 years, $800k DET Josh Dunne - 2 years, $750k STL Frans Nielsen - 2 years, $1.5m per Ben Harpour - 2 years, $1.5m per Kyle Rau - 2 years , $800k @Peachman32 @Salter @Rush17 I should note, these are all signings which were good to go prior to the trade deadline. Players currently unsigned while not associated with any teams cannot be signed until FA Frenzy. Thanks! Jazz
  4. To BOS: Noah Dobson, Cal Foote, 2022 Tampa 2nd Rd Pick To TBL: Adam Fox, 2022 Boston 1st Rd Pick.
  5. gaudette deal. yikes jim 

  6. revoke my commish privileges
  7. Coyotes waive Zac Rinaldo, and will bring in Anthony Duclair off IR.
  8. Just for giggles, here's who Benning gave NTCs & NMCs to: 
    Brandon Sutter M-NTC 
    Antoine Roussel M-NTC 
    Alex Edler NMC 
    Tyler Myers M-NTC
    Jordie Benn M-NTC
     Travis Hamonic NMC 
    Braden Holtby M-NTC
     Jay Beagle M-NTC
     Micheal Ferland NMC 
    Loui Eriksson M-NTC

    1. Quantum


      I think the ones that are understandable are Eriksson, Edler, and Holtby. I can see the arguments for Beagle, Roussel, and Myers. There was never an excuse to give Ferland, Benn, and Hamonic anything. Especially Benn and Hamonic. Hamonic wanted to play in Western Canada... the Canucks had the leverage there. 


      I don't see guys like Eriksson or Ferland using there NTC/NMC if they are traded. Ferland will be on LTIR for the rest of his contract as his career is effectively over and Eriksson will relish a new opportunity anywhere, I suspect.

    2. Dazzle


      @Quantum Hamonic wanted some assurances that he was staying because of his family. Ferland - who knows why?

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      Giving out such clauses isn't by itself terrible.....it's when the player doesn't really give up anything to be given such a clause (ie., give up SOME salary for that protection).

  9. Tough to move out Rasmus, but Alexis and Ryan are welcome additions.
  10. Coyotes waive Connor Carrick, call up Tyce Thompson
  11. I mean how often do teams sit their stars out while trying to finalize a trade?
  12. whatever the case, we won’t know for sure until petey comes back
  13. even if that’s the case, CDC’s better off when it’s not an echo chamber, no?
  14. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Benning put a bad contract on that, like a Myers or Eriksson. Maybe we get a 1st back as well?
  15. NYR - Gaetan Haas - 1 year, $800k NYR - Mason Marchment - 2 years, $800k @Master Mind
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