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  1. How many years total does Benning last as Canucks GM when it’s all said and done?


    He’s at 7 so far.

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    2. Iron Fist

      Iron Fist

      Luongo - GM

      Hank and Danny- Assistant GM

      Bieksa- Public and Media relations.


      it could work


    3. drummer4now


      ^ Yeah great if you want the Canucks to be the laughing stock of the league and softest team to play against…


      I think he will last 10 after that he will be let go or demoted.. 



    4. HC20.0


      If the Canucks have a rough start or miss the playoffs this year, I think he’s gone.

  2. that Tucker Poolman contract is certainly something

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    2. Lil B From The Pack

      Lil B From The Pack

      Lol not in that way

    3. thejazz97
    4. CanuckinEdm


      Ideally bottom pairing guy that can play up the line if needed its not that bad. everyone is acting like he got 4.5 per season. He's 2.5 per and if in 4 years he's not that good you bury him in the minors and he costs 1,375,000 against the cap which will 100% be more come 3 to 4 years down the road.




  3. what happened to @apollo? he still around?

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    2. AV.


      He shared some time back that he was suspended/banned.

    3. Devron44


      That was someone else I thought. A couple months ago. Posted that he was suspended and sorry or what have you. Don’t think it was Apollo unless it was another post/thread like it 

    4. -AJ-


      @AV. He's not banned. He's had some run ins with the CDC law from time to time, but not banned currently.

  4. first time in 19 seasons of watching the canucks that I haven’t really cared at all :/


    need a better team, coach and gm

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    2. brilac


      I used to have the Ice Pack for a few seasons and would either fly or take the bus up to Vancouver for games.  Then one night at a game while drinking, I was thinking - I can do this at home (drink and watch the game).  Then the Canucks had a 29th place finish and the ticket prices were still the same so I did not renew, but I did go to day games so I could make it a day trip instead of overnight.

    3. #Canucks


      First time in 27 years I did not follow this season closely. Something big needs to change. This is not good enough anymore.

    4. luckylager


      I'm totally checked out. For the last 10 years not a day went by that I wasn't active on CDC and posting in Canucks talk and/or other threads.

      The holes in our system, structure and build became painfully obvious in the bubble last year and I even said said back then we were incredibly lucky to beat Minny, and St Louis literally fell apart.

      Now I did have a bit of hope at the start of the season, but not a lot, but the on ice product at seasons start crushed my spirit and I slowly just faded into the background, unable to make sarcastic comments, no longer willing to engage anyone, devoid of all optimism and forced to face to grim reality that I've been wasting countless hours investing effort, thought and care into an organization that lacked acumen at the top and a willingness to make the hard choices which could actually put the team in a good position moving forward.


      I have no confidence in our coaching staff or management, absolutely none. It astounds me Green has any sort of cred as a development coach because I can't point to single player and say "yeah, Green made a difference and really helped this guy improve more than he would have under any other coach".

      His fall back excuse is "trying to make them 200ft players", guess what? None of our young players are any better than before. He promoted a system designed for useless plugs, and Baumer runs a d system designed for cowards.


      I could not be more disappointed with the state of the club. Jim Benning has &^@#ed up royally and his head should roll with the rejects behind the bench. It's obvious now he isn't able to manage the full operations of a club. His pro scouting has been bad, cap management has been awful, and his only saving grace is the fact he's made decent drafting decisions for the most part, but even the great picks are unfortunately stalled in their development and stand in the shadow of a couple of really bad picks in hindsight.


      Now I'm sorry to write so much, but I'm pissed off and haven't properly vented on CDC yet. I hope Aquaman recognizes the Canucks brand is suffering hard, and the only way he'll be able to recoup the inevitable heavy losses is if Benning and his staff are terminated before the draft and a respected, experienced GM is hired at seasons end.


      I do not wish JB, Green, Brown or Baumer the best of luck in the future. I hope they get hired in Calgary.

      I wish our young core the best of luck with a new GM and system, and I wish my fellow fans the best of luck in coping with the catastrophe that has been the JB era.


      I'm gonna raise a glass to future. Cheers!

      But if JB or any of the coaches are around next season,  I will not watch a game, and I will not spend on any merchandise or tickets for 2 years, because I'm spiteful like that.

  5. gaudette deal. yikes jim 

  6. Just for giggles, here's who Benning gave NTCs & NMCs to: 
    Brandon Sutter M-NTC 
    Antoine Roussel M-NTC 
    Alex Edler NMC 
    Tyler Myers M-NTC
    Jordie Benn M-NTC
     Travis Hamonic NMC 
    Braden Holtby M-NTC
     Jay Beagle M-NTC
     Micheal Ferland NMC 
    Loui Eriksson M-NTC

    1. Quantum


      I think the ones that are understandable are Eriksson, Edler, and Holtby. I can see the arguments for Beagle, Roussel, and Myers. There was never an excuse to give Ferland, Benn, and Hamonic anything. Especially Benn and Hamonic. Hamonic wanted to play in Western Canada... the Canucks had the leverage there. 


      I don't see guys like Eriksson or Ferland using there NTC/NMC if they are traded. Ferland will be on LTIR for the rest of his contract as his career is effectively over and Eriksson will relish a new opportunity anywhere, I suspect.

    2. Dazzle


      @Quantum Hamonic wanted some assurances that he was staying because of his family. Ferland - who knows why?

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      Giving out such clauses isn't by itself terrible.....it's when the player doesn't really give up anything to be given such a clause (ie., give up SOME salary for that protection).

  7. Benning drafted some good guys so we should sweep all his bad moves under the rug.

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      First time I've said this in years but I literally wouldn't care if the entire coaching and management staff was fired tomorrow.

    2. Ghostsof1915


      If Benning gets fired. I can see a total Anaheim Ducks scenario happening. He loads up the prospect pool.

      Then the team after getting a new coaching staff start winning with a new GM and Coach. 

      But Benning's fingerprints will be all over the team. 

    3. thejazz97


      I’ve said for awhile he’s the Nonis to the next Gillis

  8. I’m... ready to move on from Jim.

  9. do u think our PP is bad because it only ever practices against our PK?

  10. Please don't spam with the loui face emoji.  Use it sparingly and only if you are truly "loui" about the content in a post...NOT to shadow a user or make a point.

    1. Aladeen


      Love me some louimoji... if we don't use it they may take it away :(

  11. you were 100% right about dua lipa

  12. gaming gone? I hope other forums aren’t on the chopping block too

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    2. BoKnows


      F in the chat for mafia

    3. Intoewsables


      Hopefully Canucks Talk gets nuked next

    4. Aladeen


      Jazz crying for gaming forum yet not a word or a tear for Mafia forum. disgraceful.

  13. ny jets cut bell.... why do I cheer for this team

    1. NUCKER67


      As a Steelers fan, I'm glad they got rid of him when they did. Same with Brown.

    2. Toews


      The Steelers should have kept him and the Jets should have never signed him. Steelers definitely make the playoffs the first year when he sat out and they likely make it the next year, of course its tough to say as the Fitzpatrick trade was a big part of their season last year and I am not sure how that would have been complicated by having Bell on the cap. I think Steelers fans unfairly lump Brown and Bell, Brown was legitimately a headcase, they dumped him too late. Bell doesn't have the same issues as Brown, which is why I believe the Steelers even tried trading for him last year. James Connor is not close to a replacement for what Bell did in that offense. Also Adam Gase is just a clueless HC, the only reason why he still has a job is because who wants to commit career suicide by trying to coach this Jets team?

  14. schmidt's a nice get, benning should still be on the hot seat

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    2. Dazzle


      @thejazz97 Why?

      Frozen in place because of patience. Just because he chose to do nothing at one moment, doesn't mean he was eating donuts.


      Before the trade, giving up on Benning was a bizarre time because anyone who had bore with Benning up to this point could see he wasn't done.

    3. Dazzle


      Yes, Benning got a new car, and he deserves it. @Master Mind

    4. -AJ-


      I'm not sure about the hot seat, but at least a tepid seat. He's solved a lot with Schmidt, but probably still needs at least one more bottom pairing defenseman, unless he wants to count on Juolevi being a #6 right out of the gate. Might be nice to have some experienced depth though. Rafferty as #7 is risky.

  15. benning better have an ace up his sleeve or start preparing his resume 

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    2. Dazzle


      It should be noted that all of those teams did some damage in the playoffs, minus NYR.

    3. Quantum


      And the votes were made before the playoffs.

    4. thejazz97


      and he erased a ton of that rep in about a week.

  16. markstrom to the devils?

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    2. thejazz97


      when was he let go? he just signed on a year ago

    3. mll


      Last month.  


    4. thejazz97
  17. Hi Zfetch. Hope you’re having a pleasant day.

    1. Zfetch


      you too my tall handsome bb :wub::blush::mellow:;)

  18. Two of Myers/Sutter/Eriksson, one or two of Rathbone/Juolevi/Hoglander, Stecher, probably another prospect/AHL player and definitely our 2021 1st for OEL and a depth player coming back is probably going to be around what the offer is, if not more.


    Which, to get someone like OEL and to get rid of one or two of Myers/Sutter/Eriksson’s contracts is a no-brainer.

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    2. Patel Bure

      Patel Bure

      @Phil_314 - I appreciate your feedback.  

      I’m not sure if I quite agree that Benning has leverage over Arizona’s GM.   Arizona isn’t obligated to deal with Vancouver and can simply let OEL sit if he feels that Vancouver is trying to low ball him (or just try and deal with Boston or wait for OEL to extend his desired destinations).   

      The deal has to make sense for Arizona. They aren’t just going to give us OEL for two young pieces that haven’t lived up to expectations (Virtanen and Juolevi) + our poop (Eriksson, etc.).   

      If the Canucks get OEL, then OEL and Hughes will likely be our top two LD’s for the next 5 years.  Hence, guys like Juolevi, Rathbone, and even Tryamkin should he decide to return, may have limited opportunity in terms of moving up on the depth chart.     Hence, making them expendible.

      I would absolutely hate to lose Rathbone but If moving Rathbone (who would essentially be an extraneous piece for us if we had both OEL and Hughes) allows us to keep both Hoglander and Podkolzin, that’s a deal that I easily do.


      Ditto for Demko.   We can fantasize all we want about how the Canucks will be able to keep both Demko and Markstrom beyond next season, but all you’re doing is creating another Luongo/Schneider situation, and that’s of course, if Demko doesn’t get picked up in the expansion draft.


      If the Canucks can get Arizona to take on some of our garbage contracts that ar buyout friendly (ie Baertschi, Sutter, and Ferland who has a good chance of being LTIR’d, AND not have to give up Hoglander or Podkolzin), then I think we make out like gangbusters.  

      Next season:














      2021 off-season:


      -Hoglander replaces Pearson

      -Either Podkolzin replaces one of Toffoli or Boeser (who gets traded for a draft pick), OR Podkolzin gets used as a sweetener to clear out some bad contracts (ie Beagle and Roussel)
      -Tryamkin or a cheap 3rd vet that can kill Penalties replaces Edler

      -Eriksson moved to a cap floor team (1 year left plus only 2 million in real dollars owed = fairly easy to do).

      -Dipietro replaces our vetbackup goalie.


      All of the above should allow for the Canucks to be able to sign Pettersson and Hughes.















    3. Phil_314


      Sorry but looking at the lineup you created alone already tells me you don't understand about the cap.

      Even with trading Sutter and Baertschi, this isn't an EA NHL game from the 2000's with no cap ceiling, so there's next to no way we can bring everyone back (Markstrom, Tanev, Toffoli, OEL and Stecher would probably cost $28-$30 million dollars) and not give up Eriksson who you still have on your 4th line.

    4. Patel Bure

      Patel Bure

      I understand the cap but couldn't be arsed to look up the numbers.  


      FYI - In my above example, Arizona would take on Sutter, Baertschi, AND Ferland.   The reason why I mentioned those three guys as opposed to Eriksson, is because Eriksson is buyout proof (i.e. minimal cap hit reduction from a buyout), whereas that's not quite the case with Sutter and Baertschi.  Ferland is also an extremely good candidate to be LTIR'd, and so Arizona might be willing to take him on.    


      IN:  OEL:  8.25 million

      OUT:  Ferland + Baertschi + Sutter:  3.5 million + 3,366,666 million + 4,375 million = 11.241 million


      11.241 million - 8.25 million = 2.741 million savings for us.   Arizona would still be cap compliant taking on those contracts, but barely.    Buying all or some of the guys that I mentioned should allow them to afford both Virtanen and Rathbone's cap hits.    


      From our end, in an independent deal, we could use Demko as a sweetener to move out Eriksson which would give us the cap space needed to make us compliant for the coming year.     


      BTW - my assumption with the Stecher signing is that we'd be able to move Benn somehow without retention.   Otherwise, unqualify Stecher.  


      Anyways - the main point I'm trying to make is that both the Canucks and Coyotes could make things work from a cap standpoint before the season starts (either through dealing exclusively with each other or through independent deals once they've made the trade). 


      FWIW - I don't think we'll end up moving Demko, and Eriksson would likely go to Arizona.   One of our young d-men that doesn't go to AZ (i.e. Rathbone or Juolevi), would end up being used in an independent deal to move someone like Baertschi or Ferland.  

  19. let's not trade for oel unless myers is going the other way

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    2. Coconuts


      Wouldn't it be more ideal to send Loui to balance some of the cap? Arizona won't have to pay him nearly what he cap hit is, which helps considering they're likely gonna be hurting financially. 


      Myers does give them someone useful on the back end though. 

    3. Coconuts


      Hmm, though I suppose neither of them really help Arizona's cap scenario either. They have to sign players and they have nearly no cap space. Don't imagine they'd be looking to take much cap back, which would require more decisions on our end to facilitate the move. 


      Ideally we just don't pursue and he goes to Boston. 

    4. thejazz97


      No, because Myers' contract expires in five years, while Loui's expires in two. Unless we send both.


      But yeah, ideally we don't pursue.

  20. TIL John A Macdonald was a sympathizer to the slavers in the civil war!

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    2. Bure_Pavel


      People are so sensitive these days, cant just be grateful we live in such a wonderful country. Of course this nation was built using some shady tactics, pretty much all great nations were build on the back of war or slavery (Most time both). 

    3. PhillipBlunt


      Andrew Schulz sums it up nicely



    4. VancouverHabitant


      People have too much time on their hands too these days...  this is the first time I've heard John A MacDonald's name since grade 12, which was 20 years ago! 

  21. politics can rarely be argued in good faith, but even less so on the internet :lol:

    1. Qwags


      At this point, it's almost better to assume you won't get any good faith on the internet.

  22. confused react drama is probably the most hilarious cdc drama I’ve seen since johnny hockey is 99 posted about getting a fly in his ear in india

    1. Beluga Whale

      Beluga Whale

      What drama? Some of us are just very confused individuals. I need my own section in the DSM for the levels of confusion I experience on a daily basis.

    2. BBC
    3. TNucks1
  23. is reaves still enemy #1? did he do anything tonight?

    1. goog16


      Reeves is a professional clown and has been ineffective after game 1!

    2. Curmudgeon


      Reaves has been invisible. And silent. No chicken clucking, no mugging for the camera, no laughing, no taunting. It is almost as if he realizes that at 33, with no offensive contribution and eight goals, fifteen points and a $2.775 million salary, and now a UFA, his career could be over before the frost is on the pumpkin.

  24. I wish I had a girlfriend.

    1. JM_


      I thought you kids just had to swipe for that kind of stuff now 

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