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  1. FA Frenzy With FA Frenzy approaching, here are some basic guidelines that we'll be using to navigate the free agent season: Unsigned UFAs will be removed from rosters July 28th. As RFAs are automatically qualified, they will not be removed off rosters at this time and will instead have the salary 111,111,111. Any offers without a plan in the organization will be disregarded. Usually, if a player doesn't receive a vision for how they fit onto the team, they will wait to consider the offer until a team sends one. The Commissioner Team encourages teams to send orga
  2. TBL Hampus Lindholm 2 years, $3.75m CGY Matt Martin 2 years, $2m CGY Leo Komarov 1 year, $1.5m TBL Jake Muzzin 3 years, $5.625m CGY Mitch Eliot 2 years, $850k CGY Carsen Twarynski 2 years, $800k CGY Trey Fix-Wolansky 2 years, $800k CGY Nick Halloran 2 years, $950k CGY Brad Morrison 2 years, $800
  3. ANA Bogdan Trineyev 3 years, $800k ANA Matej Blumel 3 years, $800k EDM Jamie Drysdale 3 years, $1.75m WSH Graeme Clarke 3 years, $750k WSH Arseny Gritsyuk 3 years, $750k WSH Jackson Lacombe 3 years, $800k WSH Henry Thrun 3 years, $750k DET Shane Pinto 3 years, $1.3m DET Arthur Kaliyev 3 years, $
  4. @Matthewsselects G Ben Gaudreau via list
  5. @AJay selects Ville Koivunen via Discord. @Matthews selects Oliver Kapanen via list. @JE14 selects Sean Behrens via list. @Watermelons and @maroe are up next.
  6. JE selects Ayrton Martino via list. @Rush17 @Crabby
  7. JE selects Olen Zellweger via list. @Peachman32
  8. PIT Mats Zuccarello 2 years, $4.5m VGK Jakob Chychrun 3 years, $6m VGK Ryan Hartman 2 years, $2.5m EDM Cam Talbot 2 years, $4m EDM Anthony Stolarz 1 year, $800k CGY Ben Hutton 2 years, $1m CGY Nick Jensen 2 years, $2m CGY Adam Larsson 2 years, $4m VGK Vladislav Firstov 3 years, $925k
  9. Carolina picks Matthew Samoskevich via Discord. @70seven
  10. DAL selects Zach Dean via Discord. STL selects Francesco Pinelli via Discord. @Nolan up next.
  11. Coyotes have acquired the 31st overall pick and select D Aleksi Heimosalmi. @Peachman32 up next
  12. JE selects Isak Rosen via list. @Watermelons @maroe next
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