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  1. I just want to know why you start so many posts that are not very relavant???

    I thought it was pretty relevant. When this was written over a week ago, we had 7 centers vying for one spot on the team. I was trying to generate discussion.

    Now, times have changed. Only four of them are left on the team, and all four of them have been tried at wing as well. So if this is the first time you're viewing this, I understand.

  2. Pedan has also exceed my expectations. I didn't think he'd be even close, but he looks surprisingly close to NHL-ready. My guess is that he's still got to master the thinking of the game, but other than that, he's doing pretty well for himself.
    Yeah! Although, I don't think I saw too much of him when I was watching the game, except for the first goal against the Sharks. I guess I was too drawn-in by Hutton's play :P
  3. Great blog again, I'm really hoping Gaunce makes the team, he oozes character. I can see him being a big part in the bottom six in the next few years. I originally wanted Virtanen to make the team this year but I recently remembered Ryan Getzlaf spent an extra 2 seasons with the Hitmen after being drafted so I guess the extra WHL time couldn't hurt someone who plays a similar style.

    Thanks! I'm hoping we have one prospect other than Baertschi, Kenins, and Markstrom who makes it this year. Let the youth movement continue!

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  4. Interesting that Horvat projected to be the shut down centre of the future, and now JB goes out and finds a good shut down guy in Sutter and extends him for 5 years. Obviously, Horvat's stock has risen. Is Cole Cassels now redundant?

    He could be, but I hope not. Sutter will probably be traded after 3 years or so, giving Cassels and Zhukenov time to mature either in bottom-6 roles in the NHL or in top-6 roles in the AHL.

  5. There is exactly a 0% chance Barzal drops to 20th.

    I wouldn't be surprised.

    a lot of people are saying that provorov is the best d-man in the draft...i don't see him dropping out of the top 6...good job though....

    Thanks. It's hard, because I went with positional needs for a few. The d-men just got pushed to the back burner in the top 10.

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