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  1. SIGNINGS.png.7b21f96d14dbbab7ad1365f309c462c8.png


    small.png Jackson Cates - 2 years, $750k


    small.png Odeen Tufto - 2 years, $850,000
    small.png Collin Adams - 2 years, $850,000
    small.png Alex Steeves - 2 years, $850,000
    small.png Bobby Trivigno - 2 years, $850,000
    small.png Nicklaus Perbix - 2 years, $850,000


    small.png Mario Ferraro - 3 years, $3.775m



    small.png Damien Giroux - 2 years, $850k 

    small.png Jake Christensen - 2 years, $850k 

    small.png Brady Lyle - 2 years, $850k 

    small.png Hunter Drew - 2 years, $850k 

    small.png Jacob Moverare - 2 years, $850k 

    small.png Josiah Slavin - 2 years, $850k 

    small.png Bryce Kindopp - 2 years, $850k 

    small.png Henry Bowlby - 2 years, $850k 

    small.png Alex Limoges - 2 years, $850k 

    small.png Alex D'Orio - 2 years, $850k

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  2. SIGNINGS.png.7b21f96d14dbbab7ad1365f309c462c8.png


    small.png Mike Smith - 3 years, $2.5m

    small.png Ryker Evans - 3 years, $1.25m


    small.png Urho Vaakanainen - 3 years, $2.055m*

    small.png Oskar Lindblom - 2 years, $1.3m*

    small.png Austin Strand - 2 years, $1.3m*


    Urho Vaakanainen (Calgary), Oskar Lindblom (Carolina) and Austin Strand (Washington) are RFA offer sheets. @BarkovTheCat, @JE14 and @AJay have one week to match (August 10, 2021 at 10:30 AM). Lindblom and Strand require no compensation; if Calgary does not match they will receive a 2022 2nd round pick.


    small.png Alex Chiasson - 1 year, $2.75m


    small.png Mackenzie Blackwood - 5 years, $4.7m

    small.png Nick Suzuki - 3 years, $5m


    small.png Jaroslav Halak - 1 year, $1.5m


    small.png Alec Martinez - 5 years, $6.1m


    small.png JJ Moser - 3 years, $1.75m


    small.png Blake Comeau - 2 years, $1m


    small.png Gianni Fairbrother - 3 years, $1m


    small.png Adam Henrique - 2 years, $2.5m

    small.png Anthony Cirelli - 5 years, $5.25m*


    Anthony Cirelli (NY Islanders) is an RFA offer sheet. @Nail has one week to match (August 10, 2021 at 10:30 AM). If the Islanders do not match, they will receive a 1st Round Pick and a 3rd Round Pick, both in 2022.


    small.png Zach Bogosian - 1 year, $2.5m


    small.png Laurent Brossoit - 1 year, $2.5m

    small.png Nick Bonino - 2 years, $4.5m


    small.png Jeffrey Viel - 2 years, $1.15m


    small.png Jordan Kawaguchi - 2 years, $1.95m

    small.png Simon Benoit - 1 year, $750k


    small.png Craig Anderson - 1 year, $1.25m

    small.png Timo Meier - 5 years, $5.25m

    small.png Carter Hart - 4 years, $4.25m

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  3. SIGNINGS.png.7b21f96d14dbbab7ad1365f309c462c8.png


    small.png Maxim Mamin - 2 years, $1m

    small.png Alex Edler - 2 years, $2m

    small.png Gregory Hofmann - 3 years, $950k

    small.png Viktor Lodin - 3 years, $950k

    small.png Kirill Semyonov - 2 years, $800k

    small.png Jesper Frödén - 2 years, $800k

    small.png Arvid Soderblöm - 3 years, $800k

    small.png Lucas Johansen - 2 years, $1m*

    small.png Michael Dal Colle - 2 years, $1m*

    small.png Chad Krys - 2 years, $900k*


    Lucas Johansen (Edmonton), Michael Dal Colle (Chicago) and Chad Krys (Boston) are RFA offer sheets. @Matthews, @Otis and @Canuck Surfer have one week to match (August 7, 2021 at 10:45 AM). None of the contracts signed require any compensation.


    small.png Jarred Tinordi - 2 years, $1.4m

    small.png Xavier Ouellet - 2 years, $900k

    small.png Austin Watson - 1 year, $1.6m


    small.png Matt Kessel - 3 years, $925k

    small.png Josh Lopina - 3 years, $925k


    small.png Josh Archibald - 2 years, $2.4m

    small.png Luke Glendening - 2 years, $1.9m

    small.png Derick Brassard - 2 years, $2m

    small.png Nic Dowd - 2 years, $1.5m


    small.png Justin Richards - 3 years, $1.45m

    small.png Tyler Lewington - 2 years, $1.25m


    small.png Connor Murphy - 5 years, $5m

    small.png Frederick Gaudreau - 3 years, $1.5m


    small.png Michael Del Zotto - 1 year, $1m


    small.png Filip Lindberg - 2 years, $1m

    small.png Peter Deliberatore - 3 years, $800k

    small.png Mark Pysyk - 1 year, $800k

    small.png Anton Stralman - 1 year, $800k

    small.png Brandon Sutter - 1 year, $800k

    small.png Carter Rowney - 1 year, $900k

    small.png Nate Thompson - 1 year, $700k

    small.png Sven Baertschi - 1 year, $700k

    small.png Skyler Brind'amour - 3 years, $800k

    small.png Boris Katchouk - 3 years, $900k

    small.png Connor Mackey - 2 years, $800k


    small.png Tomas Tatar - 1 year, $3m

    small.png Patrik Nemeth - 1 year, $2m

    small.png Samuel Walker - 3 years, $1.1m

    small.png Gemel Smith - 2 years, $750k


    small.png Parker Kelly - 3 years, $850k

    small.png Cameron Hughes - 2 years, $750k

    small.png Gavin Beyreuther - 2 years, $700k

    small.png Dmitrij Jaskin - 2 years, $1.25m

    small.png Nic Hague - 3 years, $3.95m*

    small.png Sam Lafferty - 2 years, $1.325*


    * - Nic Hague (Detroit) and Sam Lafferty (New York Islanders) are RFA offer sheets. @Salter has already matched. Lafferty's contract requires no compensation. @Nail has a week (August 7, 2021 at 11:45 AM) to match. 


    small.png Jakub Zboril - 3 years, $2.8m

    small.png Brandon Saad - 3 years, $4m


    small.png Ian Cole - 1 year, $2m


    small.png Nick Foligno - 2 years, $4.75m


    small.png Walker Duehr - 3 years, $800k

    small.png Cole Koepke - 3 years, $800k

    small.png Seth Barton - 3 years, $800k

    small.png Kyle Burroughs - 2 years, $800k

    small.png Maxim Sushko - 2 years, $800k


    small.png Jake McCabe - 2 years, $2.75m

    small.png Mike Reilly - 2 years, $3.5m


    small.png David Rittich - 2 years, $1.5m

    small.png Colton Point - 2 years, $850k

    small.png Ondrej Kase - 2 years, $1.5m

    small.png Brady Keeper - 2 years, $800k

    small.png Otto Somppi - 2 years, $800k



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  4. 20 hours ago, inane said:

    when making offers using that form, if i'm offering for a defensman for example, but i only want one, you want all offers on the same google sheet? the blurbs will be pretty repetitive and with clauses around only wanting him if the other one falls through...that ok?

    yep! I'll check in with any teams who have more than one big salary guy accept their offer before announcing signings

  5. SIGNINGS.png.7b21f96d14dbbab7ad1365f309c462c8.png


    WSH Conor Garland 4 years, $5m
    WSH Phil Danault 2 years, $3.5m
    WSH Kris Russell 1 year, $1.25m
    WSH Nick Paul 3 years, $1.5m
    WSH Robby Fabbri 3 years, $3.5m
    WSH Robin Lehner 4 years, $6.5m
    CAR Cal Peterson 2 years, $4.75m
    CAR Elias Pettersson 3 years, $6.75m
    CAR Vladislav Gavrikov 2 years, $1.5m
    FLA Sam Steel 2 years, $2.95m
    CBJ Ivan Provorov 3 years, $6m
    CBJ Nikolaj Ehlers 5 years, $7.5m
    CBJ Jake Allen 3 years, $3m
    CBJ Yegor Sharangovich 2 years, $2.75m
    CBJ Tanner Jeannot 3 years, $1.5m
    CBJ Ty Lewis 3 years, $900k
    CBJ Joe Snively 3 years, $900k
    CBJ Ryan MacGregor 3 years, $900k
    CBJ Karson Kuhlman 3 years, $1.5m
    CBJ Kevin Labanc 3 years, $3.75m
    CBJ Jonathan Kovacevic 3 years, $900k
    CBJ Andrew Peeke 2 years, $1.5m
    CBJ Andrew Shortridge 3 years, $900k
    MTL Keaton Middleton 1 year, $750k
    ANA Chris Wideman 1 year, $750k
    CHI Tucker Poolman 2 years, $1.25m
    CHI Nathan Smith 2 years, $800k
    CHI Artur Kayumov 2 years, $800k
    CHI Isaac Ratcliffe 2 years, $900k
    CHI Zach Senyshyn 2 years, $800k
    EDM Tye Felhaber 2 years, $800k
    EDM Riley Tufte 2 years, $800k
    DAL Jordan Gross 1 year, $1.2m
    DAL Joel Hanley 1 year, $800k
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  6. SIGNINGS.png.7b21f96d14dbbab7ad1365f309c462c8.png


    MTL Carter Verhaeghe 1 year, $3.5m
    PIT Cam Atkinson 2 years, $4.25m
    DET Brandon Tanev 2 years, $3.5m
    ANA Ross Colton 2 years, $1.3m
    ANA Fabian Zetterlund 1 year, $1.1m
    ANA Brendan Guhle 1 year, $1m
    VGK Noah Gregor 1 year, $775k
    VGK Luke Green 1 year, $750k
    WSH Michael McLeod 2 years, $1m
    WSH Marcus Hogberg 1 year, $750k
    WSH Kasper Bjorkqvist 1 year, $750k
    CAR Mikhail Sergachev 5 years, $4.75m
    CAR Dillon Dube 2 years, $1.5m
    CAR Gabriel Carlsson 1 year, $900k
    CAR Morgan Barron 3 year, $900k
    CAR Will Lockwood 3 years, $800k
    CAR Kevin Bahl 3 years, $900k
    CAR Will Borgen 2 years, $800k
    CAR Sami Niku 1 year, $800k
    CAR Cooper Marody 1 year, $750k
    CAR Otto Koivula 1 year, $750k
    OTT Alex Carrier 2 years, $1.5m
    NSH Jared McCann 2 years, $4.5m
    NSH Will Butcher 2 years, $4m
    NSH Olli Juolevi 2 years, $1.25m
    NSH Gustav Forsling 2 years, $3.5m
    NSH John Quenneville 2 years, $800k
    NSH Riley Stillman 2 years, $800k
    NSH Vili Saarijarvi 2 years, $800k
    NSH Jan Rutta 1 year, $1.5m
    NYR Rocco Grimaldi 1 year, $850k
    NYR Clark Bishop 1 year, $750k
    NYR Justin Dowling 1 year, $800k
    NYR Jimmy Huntington 2 years, $750k
    NYR Casey Mittelstadt 3 years, $2.25m
    NYR Jake VIrtanen 1 year, $1m
    NYR Chase Priskie 2 years, $775k
    NYR Steven Santini 1 year, $700k
    NYR Jonathan Bernier 1 year, $1.25m
    NYR James Reimer 1 year, $1.25m
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  7. FA Frenzy


    With FA Frenzy approaching, here are some basic guidelines that we'll be using to navigate the free agent season:


    • Unsigned UFAs will be removed from rosters July 28th. As RFAs are automatically qualified, they will not be removed off rosters at this time and will instead have the salary 111,111,111. 
    • Any offers without a plan in the organization will be disregarded. Usually, if a player doesn't receive a vision for how they fit onto the team, they will wait to consider the offer until a team sends one. The Commissioner Team encourages teams to send organizational plans with their offers regardless of the time of year, but for the month of August, any offers to UFAs without a pitch will not be considered. You can offer the max contract of 5 years, $15.6m, but without a pitch, it won't be considered.
    • There is a process for signing FAs this year (again). Please submit offers through the Google Form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSenf5laVM6lCETDqxHHwQc27r6KvE1FZS32EhnPMmMWS3TWvA/viewform
    • In case of tight battles to sign players, we will ask for best offer no more than twice before determining who a player signs with. If it's incredibly close, the pitch may help sway the player's decision.
    • When signing RFAs, as per usual, giving compensation to the player's former team will be required. If the team that owns the rights to an RFA declines to match an offer (and they have a week to do so), they will receive a payment from the signing team, as outlined below. Any draft picks transferred do not have to be ones designated to the signing team, but will have to be held by the signing team at the time the contract is signed. 
    • This year, players will not sign any offers until July 31, though offers can be sent in beginning July 29.
    • Enquiries as to what players might sign for will not be considered by UFAs during the first week of FA frenzy, but will be afterwards.

    RFA Compensation Schedule 2021

    • For AAVs below $1.35654 million, there is no compensation
    • From that number to $2.055364, the price is one 3rd-round pick
    • From that number to $4.110732, its one 2nd
    • From that number $6.166096 its one 1st and one 3rd
    • From that number to $8.221463, it’s one 1st, one 2nd and one 3rd
    • From that number to $10.276829, it is two 1sts, one 2nd and one 3rd 
    • Over that number, it is four 1sts


    You may use picks that did not originate with your team to fulfill the required compensation, though for any salary up to $8.221463 million, they will all need to be paid in the form of 2022 picks. If the salary is higher than that, you may use 2023 1sts to pay extra compensation.


    For instance, if I sign Elias Pettersson to a contract with $6.5m AAV, this would be the compensation:

    2022 1st

    2022 2nd

    2022 3rd


    But if I sign him to a $10m AAV, the picks could look like this:

    2022 1st

    2022 or 2023 1st

    2022 2nd

    2022 3rd


    If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)

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  8. SIGNINGS.png.7b21f96d14dbbab7ad1365f309c462c8.png



    TBL Hampus Lindholm 2 years, $3.75m
    CGY Matt Martin 2 years, $2m
    CGY Leo Komarov 1 year, $1.5m
    TBL Jake Muzzin 3 years, $5.625m
    CGY Mitch Eliot 2 years, $850k
    CGY Carsen Twarynski 2 years, $800k
    CGY Trey Fix-Wolansky 2 years, $800k
    CGY Nick Halloran 2 years, $950k
    CGY Brad Morrison 2 years, $800k
    CGY Hayden Verbeek 2 years, $800k
    VGK Trevor van Reimsdyk 1 year, $1.25m
    VAN Gabriel Landeskog 5 years, $7.5m
    VAN Shea Theodore 5 years, $5.75m
    VAN Darnell Nurse 5 years, $7.5m
    VAN Jake DeBrusk 2 years, $2.5m
    VAN Adam Gaudette 2 years, $900k
    VAN Matthew Peca 1 year, $800k
    VGK Alexander Wennberg 3 years, $3m
    VGK Semyon Varlamov 1 year, $4.5m
    ARZ Ilya Samsonov 3 years, $5.75m
    COL Marian Studenic 3 years, $1.25m
    EDM Brandon Carlo 5 years, $4m
    EDM Miles Wood 3 years, $3m
    EDM Pierre Engvall 1 year, $1m
    EDM Lukas Vejdemo 1 year, $750k
    VAN John Moore 1 year, $1m
    VGK Ilya Lyubushkin 1 year, $1m
    ARZ Andreas Athanasiou 1 year, $1.75m
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  9. SIGNINGS.png.7b21f96d14dbbab7ad1365f309c462c8.png


    ANA Bogdan Trineyev 3 years, $800k
    ANA Matej Blumel 3 years, $800k
    EDM Jamie Drysdale 3 years, $1.75m
    WSH Graeme Clarke 3 years, $750k
    WSH Arseny Gritsyuk 3 years, $750k
    WSH Jackson Lacombe 3 years, $800k
    WSH Henry Thrun 3 years, $750k
    DET Shane Pinto 3 years, $1.3m
    DET Arthur Kaliyev 3 years, $1m
    DET Alexei Protas 3 years, $750k
    DET Matias Maccelli 3 years, $750k
    DET Daniil Misyul 3 years, $750k
    DET Nikita Okhotyuk 3 years, $750k
    PIT Yan Kuznetsov 3 years, $800k
    PIT Jake Sanderson 3 years, $1.75m
    CBJ John Beecher 3 years, $1m
    CBJ Mattias Norlinder 3 years, $800k
    CBJ Dillon Hamaliuk 3 years, $800k
    CAR Maxim Cajkovic 3 years, $925k
    CAR Liam Kirk 3 years, $800k
    CAR Tuukka Tieksola 3 years, $800k
    CAR Ruslan Iskhakov 3 years, $800k
    CAR Oskar Steen 3 years, $800k
    CAR Kim Nousiainen 3 years, $800k
    CAR Dmitri Rashevsky 3 years, $800k


    This is an ELC announcement, player signings are still in process. Thanks!

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  10. SIGNINGS.png.7b21f96d14dbbab7ad1365f309c462c8.png


    PIT Mats Zuccarello 2 years, $4.5m
    VGK Jakob Chychrun 3 years, $6m
    VGK Ryan Hartman 2 years, $2.5m
    EDM Cam Talbot 2 years, $4m
    EDM Anthony Stolarz 1 year, $800k
    CGY Ben Hutton 2 years, $1m
    CGY Nick Jensen 2 years, $2m
    CGY Adam Larsson 2 years, $4m
    VGK Vladislav Firstov 3 years, $925k
    SEA Christian Fischer 2 years, $2.5m
    SEA Juuso Valimaki 2 years, $1.5m
    BOS Zdeno Chara 1 year, $1.5m
    SEA Mike Hoffman 4 years, $5.5m
    SEA Nazem Kadri 4 years, $5m
    SEA Jacob Larsson 2 years, $1.5m
    SEA Sean Walker 2 years, $3.25m
    SEA Jake Walman 2 years, $900k


    VGK Antti Saarela 3 years, $800k
    CBJ Moritz Seider 3 years, $1m


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