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  1. Tough to move out Rasmus, but Alexis and Ryan are welcome additions.
  2. Coyotes waive Connor Carrick, call up Tyce Thompson
  3. I mean how often do teams sit their stars out while trying to finalize a trade?
  4. whatever the case, we won’t know for sure until petey comes back
  5. even if that’s the case, CDC’s better off when it’s not an echo chamber, no?
  6. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Benning put a bad contract on that, like a Myers or Eriksson. Maybe we get a 1st back as well?
  7. NYR - Gaetan Haas - 1 year, $800k NYR - Mason Marchment - 2 years, $800k @Master Mind
  8. Wondering if we should just give you your own taxi squad at this point
  9. This is on me for copying and pasting last year’s rules and not updating all of them for the fact that our season began in January; this league thread wasn’t even created until a couple months after that date. That being said, that restriction beginning the end of October is still roughly a month in a typical year. Considering we have many new GMs and the scheduling has thrown everyone including myself off, I’d like to offer up February as extended amnesty for signing prospects and being able to play them this season. We’ll return to that deadline for next season. Only
  10. no, we’ve given a month or two for them to be signed and eligible to play during the season for as long as I’ve been commissioner. figuring out how that relates into this hell of a season has been a mess, though.
  11. carolina waives matthias schwarzler, recalls jetlan savey
  12. Hurricanes recall Dylan Swyripa
  13. Hurricanes also release Szilard Onofrej
  14. Hurricanes release Liam Pomponio
  15. hurricanes waive numa el kihel BRUTAL
  16. hurricanes recall sasha horter
  17. CGY - William Lagesson - 2 years, $1m @BarkovTheCat
  18. Silviu Lavoie Hurricanes C N/A 1.7 1.85 accept 5 years
  19. BOS - Arvid Costmar - 3 years, $750k DAL - Hunter Miska - 1 year, $700k DAL - Reese Johnson - 1 year, $700k STL - Matt Tennyson - 2 years, $800k TBL - Mathieu Olivier - 1 year, $700k @Canuck Surfer @Peachman32 @Rush17 @Nolan
  20. carolina places a claim on justin jerry
  21. Benning drafted some good guys so we should sweep all his bad moves under the rug.

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      First time I've said this in years but I literally wouldn't care if the entire coaching and management staff was fired tomorrow.

    2. Ghostsof1915


      If Benning gets fired. I can see a total Anaheim Ducks scenario happening. He loads up the prospect pool.

      Then the team after getting a new coaching staff start winning with a new GM and Coach. 

      But Benning's fingerprints will be all over the team. 

    3. thejazz97


      I’ve said for awhile he’s the Nonis to the next Gillis

  22. Hurricanes release Matthew Barzal and Rickard Rakell.
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