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  1. just kidding, already forgot, feel like the mafia won this one
  2. unvote; vote hoggers I know it doesn't count for anything tho
  3. hoggers was openly bragging about how he was gonna lynch lewt and let zfetch die, so he hasn't exactly been clandestine if he's mafia and he was building rep of the mh "kill" with lucky for the whole game, only to realize it wasn't actually the way he was saying the whole game is the only reason we're lynching toews because of hoggers?
  4. I think it was LL and MR? I know it was LL and somebody
  5. I thought she was out of abilities, though?
  6. yeaaah that makes sense now that I remember it. imo hoggers still doesn't look good in the grand scheme of things, the only thing saving him is coming up TP after investigation hoggers makes a better fit for kp than toews does for mafia, imo but it could be both of them for all i know
  7. he's only lying if you're not lying though, that's the issue
  8. it was the general "you", not you specifically lol
  9. page 84, the same page I found that - he also tries to discredit lewt's claim tbf i voted for lewt as well, so I can't really be too harsh on that. his attitude towards zfetch still seems harsh though
  10. it would be a one-shot vig at best, I don't know why if you're vig you aren't taking out people you think are scum
  11. two vigs seems unlikely, and no one's been poisoned since
  12. considering it's your head on the chopping block, that's obvious that being said, i'm inclined to agree
  13. I'm looking for where BJ said he'd kill LL again in the same situation, but this is QOTY
  14. @DarthMelvin it's kinda hard for someone to sacrifice themselves by first getting shot and slumping dead and then tearing someone apart as a strong man and jumping from the train, don't you think?
  15. that doesn't fit with BJ's story, and that doesn't fit with the nightfall events
  16. Is hoggers' claim the only thing damning toews right now?
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