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  1. The fact that Calgary got both is kind of ridiculous
  2. Traded From Calgary to Vancouver for a 2nd round pick in 2015. Calgary given up on a once promising offensive prospect.
  3. In comparison to Chara, I don't think he looks like Chara or even plans like chara. Right now, Tryamkin is very different to the Chara we kind of see him being. Chara is a very positionally sound, defensive presence. I hate to say that because he puts up great numbers year after year but what I'm saying is that he definitely thinks defense first. Tryamkin on the other hand seems like a loose canon. He seems to be a better skater than Chara was at the same age and doesn't look at awkward, albeit he is shorter than Chara. He uses a short stick from what I saw today at the player development camp
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