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  1. 10 second Instagram stories don't prove anything. If he doesn't come out in the pre-season hitting and shooting everything in sight, then Utica is where he'll be for the foreseeable future.
  2. I think it's a little unfair to put all the responsibility for the inability of those players to translate on Green. While the optics don't look great you have to consider Utica's talent level and how that is correlated with the Canuck's success and injuries the last 2 seasons. The last two years we've finished 29th and 28th place and have had extensive man games lost to injury and that directly affects the Comets as we draw their most responsible, highest scoring veterans to plug into the Canucks lineup. When the Comets had O'Reilly, Markstrom, Sanguinetti and co. 2 years ago, we saw some pre
  3. I watched most of the game and Jake and Goldobin were not regular linemates. I'm pretty sure Jake got out there early because Grenier went on a change. Virtanen as been playing mostly with Cassels and Labate
  4. His play of late is more encouraging, but still far from anything substantial. If Utica makes a playoff run, I hope he makes strides there. He's been streaky all year, remember when he scored in three straight games in November, so it's too early to say he's turned it around.
  5. We all know he has the tools/skills it takes to be an effective NHL'er. The sheer power and speed he can play with are unprecedented to this organization, that has never been my issue. You're right that his issue is being mentally prepared, engaged shift to shift and the focus to be trusted in all situations on the ice; I have echoed these statements in the past. But that's where my worries lie, if he'll ever be mentally engaged enough. Tat's the biggest unknown because some players just get it and some don't. I'm glad you're someone who played the game at a high level, and while I
  6. I apologize for making it sound like I was assuming you agreed with what I said. I just wanted to use your point as a connection to what mine was. Did not mean to associate you with my views. I'm a big fan of analytics, believe me, but you need to pass both the quantitative tests and qualitative tests. I've watched probably a dozen comets games since Jan, and he's not a defensively minded player. He constantly glides and does fly byes when he contests the point. He gets puck watching fair too often and sometimes he doesn't open up well enough to be an option on a breakout. He's ver
  7. He's a defensive liability in the terms that BoDangles mentioned above. He isn't a very smart player, he doesn't have the vision or skill needed to play offwing in the defensive zone. Could you imagine Jake getting a breakout pass on his backhand with full forecheck pressure? Best case scenario is that he'd go glass and out. But, as I said above, I think you have to live with that. With with the fact that his zone exits may not be very effective, but the off-chance that he gets a headstart breakout pass where he can take 2-3 strides untouched and he would be lethal off that left-w
  8. I don't think anyone forgot the strides he took last year - everyone was actually using that as evidence as to why he was going to be a good player to start the season. He was training in Vancouver with the Sedins all summer, saying the right things, right up in till opening night when he fell on his face. I 100% agree with him playing on his offside, he's such a unique player, that you need to live and die with the good and bad with Jake. He is always going to be a "liability" defensively, and so I get why you wouldn't want him playing his offwing for breakout purposes. However, h
  9. He's always been such a streaky player dating all the way back to his Junior days, and hopefully he finishes strong this season. Although, he has only had 2, let me repeat that, TWO, multi-point games (vs SJS, vs FLA) in the last 2 years. He has yet to have a multi-point game in the AHL this year. Really puts into perspective his struggles in the last 2 years it seems. I'm really hoping for the best and its looking like it's going to be a long road before Jake becomes an impact player. He needs to show up to camp next year and light the world on fire and play with a Han
  10. He was far and away a better prospect back in 2014 than he is currently in 2017, so having a Michael grabner esque ceiling seems good now. He's not tracking nearly as well currently.
  11. I don't think if we checked this thread back in the summer of 2014 that people would be happy with a 30-40 point middle 6 forward, he was deemed the poster child of the new brand of hockey culture we were about to cultivate. It's only been the last 6 months or so, since Ray pointed out he's kind of like Hansen, that people started to adjust their expectations. I think you're right in that this year probably couldn't have gone any worse for the kid, and that next year is really a tell all for him - in terms of being a legitimate prospect. Because if you're not showing signs of domi
  12. He just needs to find a comfort zone; he's spinning his wheels and isn't finding any solid traction or consistency, whether that's different linemates or not having a good mentor down there. One of my biggest concern is his play away from the puck, not his positioning but his awareness. When he has the puck, his posture, engagement, and intensity are visible, but as soon as he isn't near the play or a direct influence, his knees straighten, he glides and doesn't get involved. It's insane to think that's what he has become after the 2015 WJC where he played like his head was on fire
  13. Wow there, calm down. Stewart is barely an ECHL player and we didn't even sign Pettit.
  14. I watched the Utica game tonight against the Marlies, and because of the praise Green gave Virtanen after the Penguins game last week, I thought I was going to see a different Jake all together. To my disappointment I saw the same things that plagued him in Vancouver to star the season. While it was just one game, I just wanted to see some type of salvation that would in still some confidence in me that he'll find his way. He still looks lost. Now, a lot of it isn't his fault. The Canucks have been trying to make the playoffs all year, and in doing so, they've stripped Utica
  15. I'd be cool to see Virtanen play on the same line as Gauncer. A like with Valk in the Middle with Gaunce and Virtanen flanking his wings could be a pretty dynamic line. Also, Utica needs to spread out their scoring with Grenier and Archibald carrying the entire load.
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