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  1. I agree. Regardless of everything else the team has done, OEL needs to be playing good smart hockey for this team to be at the level it can be. I do think he’ll be an upgrade over Edler and Schmidt but time will tell. Not worried about the fwds whatsoever. Horvat finally has his wingers, lots of competition for the bottom line with the youth coming up. Let’s see what other moves Benning may make and hope he doesn’t screw things up after doing fairly well with the Sedins advising.
  2. Man all these ppl saying virtanen is done. If it is true they will find out and he will be gone. Innocent until proven guilty guys. Not the other way around.
  3. Oh damn hope he’s okay and so is everyone else. Maybe this means they’ll get a longer break? If not then gaudette and maybe a couple others gone for a couple weeks
  4. To be fair if I was ref you’d see the Canucks winning every single game I ref of theirs
  5. Also gotta factor in that the players probably have a lot of say. It’s their bodies they know best about how they feel when it comes to being ready to play. I know a lot of guys who even while injured would much rather be playing than instead of sitting on the sidelines and watch their team take a beating when they know they can help. It’s safe to say that the medical staff definitely knows what they’re doing. Only the Ferland one is iffy because tbh I don’t think he should’ve even tried playing again at least not at the time he did, but obviously thought went into those decisions by the medical staff and ferland himself.
  6. Tbh i don’t know enough to say it’s good value but if he’s a good d man who is steadily improving, at 26 that’s not bad. I think if we do trade him we’d be better off getting a defencemen for him.
  7. Let the kids play from here on out. If we string some wins together, great, if we don’t, not the end of the world we’ll have a decent draft pick and the kids will gain some experience for an exciting next season.
  8. Lind is in Van? I wonder if he stays for a while and once healed slots into the taxi squad and lineup
  9. Think the team is genuinely concerned with getting a penalty called on them like every play.
  10. Careful I said yesterday to give green time with actual competent assistants and we’ll probably be pleased and got blasted for it lmao
  11. If Mack is decent at faceoffs... this could be a line that absolutely destroys other teams. They will hit everything in sight and all be skating as fast as they can while being mostly responsible with their play. Motte and hawryluk are fast but big Mack can hold his own too.
  12. This made my day. I did not know I needed this till I saw it. He lookin like igor the hunchback
  13. I mean he was retaliating because toffoli punched him right before. If jake had caught him sooner I don’t think they would’ve called it. He reacted too late and Myers happened to be holding toff so they called it
  14. Honestly even if they don’t make the playoffs I’d be happy with how they rallied together and have completely turned their play around. Makes me super excited for next season too.
  15. It’s not really a third line. If that was our lineup I’d expect them to run at least those 3 lines fairly equally to just absolutely hound the opposition. Imagine being a d man on another team thinking you just dealt with petey hogz and pods and it’s over, only to have bo Pearson and brock to come at you next. Followed by the godsend Captain America over here who will slice through them and score sexy goals with The JV’s crashing and banging
  16. I do hope holtby turns a corner. The teams playing a lot better so hopefully they can keep that up and help him out a bit. Having holtby playing good is pretty darn important. Let’s get this W and get his confidence back and roll with 2 great goalies for the rest of the season, with demko getting more starts though.
  17. I hope TO falls off even more. It’s comical the way they collapse every year. My dream is the Canucks make it in the playoffs and the leafs drop off so much that they slide out. The Laffs media will have a field day. It will be a great sight.
  18. Honestly if this line really keeps clicking and petey and Pearson come back... this would be something that would be pretty cool to test out. Big Mack Petey Boes/Hogz Pearson Bo Boes/Hogz Vessey Miller Jake Hawryluk Sutter Motte This way you can keep rolling the lines and really wear out the opposition big time. Lots of toughness throughout the lineup, solid 4 lines that can all score and contribute in different ways. I’d definitely like to see them with this lineup at some point, but it’s not very likely it’ll happen like this.
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