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  1. Even Fox News wouldn’t report the story because it was so poorly created by the Giuliani squad. If illegal activities unqualified you from being president how can you explain the last four years. Even if you consider everything that The Giuliani squad made up to be true and then interpret them in their worst possible light it doesn’t compare to an average Tuesday for co-conspirator #1 and his family of grifters. The reason Trump has been talking about leaving the US maybe forever if he loses the presidency is not embarrassment it is to flee prosecution.
  2. First NY Post is a rag, more of an Enquirer than a newspaper. So Trumps wheelhouse. They didn’t even do the journalistic basics. It was a very clumsily done piece of misinformation. The e-mails that we’re produced were easily shown to have been produced electronically in 2019. Trump gave the game away with the clumsiness of his entire Ukrainian plan to smear Biden. Everyone new this was coming, and that it was coming straight out of Moscow. Frankly I am not surprised how poorly Trump’s work was done but would have thought better from Putin. While a brutal dictator he is at least competent. Trumps ability to run anything makes the keystone cops look like geniuses.
  3. I think makes more sense to offer up LE with $2.5 retained as he then is essentially free and leaves $3.5 in cap. Tough as no-one likely even wants him for free even teams in full tank mode. Even free I suspect would cost as a decent pic or prospect. I don’t like buying out Sutter as it costs us cap after next season where we will need ca- space even more than this off-season.
  4. We really needed another depth centre. He is a right shot agitator with a decent offensive history. Sounds good. Could use a similar signing in a right shot depth d-man.
  5. The off ice distractions make me think that JB really wouldn't be all that interested. He just seems to shy away from any of this kind of drama. Goal scoring ability in the NHL is a rarity. It is hard to find and gets paid a premium and often doesn't show up on stats charts other than the column labeled G. It may be fun to pretend I know more than everyone else defending players that can't and don't regularly score and say to stay away from consistent goal scorers because of favourable zone starts or poor possession metrics but at the end of the day goal scorers have a killer instinct that can't be taught. We could use another top 6 winger but can't afford one. Brock has had injury issues, Jake has not yet shown the professionalism and consistency and there is not much else in the goal scoring from RW department in our franchise. I certainly don't think giving away pics/prospects to clear cap to bring in someone with Hoffman's baggage is a great idea when our true core players are turning 20, worked with JT but need to be bringing in youth over the next several years. Certainly wouldn't sign any contracts longer than a year until we have cost certainty with Quinn and Elias.
  6. They probably have a couple of options. One being a practice roster like football. That is where the B team idea came from, having a Smaller B team that would play games. They could move to shared AHL teams so that the owners can at least split the expenses. But yes, the AHL is a primarily gated driven league.
  7. Probably best way to run season is to run a series of tournaments in bubbles. Can bring teams into Canada and quarantine for 2 weeks and then have them run through a couple of tournaments and then head back over the border. Frankly though if I was the PA I would be pushing for the entire season to be played in Canada for the safety of the players. Players likely won’t be in arenas this year anyway. The AHL is a tough question. Really does make sense to just have the teams within their parent cities to minimize travel and would keep coaching staffs in closer contact.
  8. Cap Friendly has it at $2M with 15 forwards, 2 of which are Jake and Gaudette. We will only keep 13 forwards. Maximum cap space for Baer/Louie etc to go down is $1M. Assuming Baer and Louie or Sutter or anyone making $1M or more go down that puts us at about $4M in cap.
  9. Adam Gaudette market value is established now? Sign your QO, 10.2s don't have any leverage.
  10. Who has seen there numbers going down with better line mates. I do watch Jake and see a player that plays an indifferent game and is rarely engaged. So you think the way through to him is to say hey good job coming in out of shape again this year, here is a top six spot but don’t worry if you are making stupid lazy plays that even your line mates feel the need to call you out for, here is some more PP time because of your amazing professionalism. I mean with your talent, you almost got 20 goals one year, great job. The reality is he came to camp out of shape and was held in the third group for one day. He eventually worked his way into shape and was rewarded with Ice time and PP time. So, he got the carrot and how did he repay the team that needs him, the coach the rewarded him and the fans who supported him (including me), he came into another camp out of shape and was rightfully not put straight into the lineup. When he got in, he didn’t have time to play into shape and played a floating indifferent game And provided little offence and again couldn’t be depended on defensively. I have been a big Jake supporter historically but am concerned that what he has shown again just smacks of Kassian, I hope there are not the same underlying issues and that he is just a dumbass and not an addict.
  11. I think it is funny that someone would think the carrot is motivation to Jake. Wouldn't be getting threads like this if he ate more carrots and less cheeseburgers.
  12. Herd immunity can only work if you get persistent immune responses. That so far has not appeared to be the case in coronavirus, at least in a few cases. Some people have caught it twice. Now who knows what the confounding variables are here, if someone had a minor case maybe they didn't get full immunity like frequently happens in Chicken Pox. Maybe the strain that seeded and grew in Italy has drifted enough that those who had the strain that came from China are not immune to the Italian strain. Coronaviruses have always been a difficult one to deal with. The Flu is relatively easy from an immunization strategy. It is clear though that the US is moving for Herd immunity as an unwritten strategy. They can't just come out and say we are going to let 1-2 million people die because it is easier and they are more heavily weighted to black, brown and urban populations. So they release appropriate guidelines and then refuse to acknowledge or follow them. The US lockdown ended pretty much the day that it was published that the frequency of death and serious disease was much higher in minority populations. At this point when the American politicians use the term "Herd Immunity" it really means thinning the herd of what they consider undesirables.
  13. Just so many parallels with Kassian, I hope the reasons aren't the same.
  14. If Jake and AG get 4.5 then JB should be fired, and I think he has had one of his best offseasons to date. AG has no arbitration rights, in this flat cap climate he shouldn't get over $1-1.2M. Could easily argue less. Jake is not a $3-3.5M player even if that is what he wants. At $3.5 that should be a walk away deal. That is Ferland money and he has accomplished a lot more as a player and was a UFA. As much as I do not think JB has done a good job on UFA contracts, for the most part, he has mostly done a good job with RFA signings (Sutter being a big exception-keep it in your pants oldnews I know you love him). I would be looking to add one more veteran D man. Having OJ, Rafferty and Chatfield as 6/7/8 is just too young for the mostly risk adverse GM that Benning is. I think we have to wait and see if there is a season and if there is and Ferland goes onto IR then look to add another winger through trade, UFA scraps or if one of the young guys takes the spot we are set. With the late start to the season, a couple Russian additions could easily come fairly early in the season as well.