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  1. Nice to see the rookies looking good. Joulevi got tripped by Yamamoto on the first goal. ‘I kept thinking man Gaudette is flying and his skating looks amazing before realizing it was Schmidt. He is so active. Hoglander got ripped off, he should have got assist on Bo’s goal.
  2. Genetic drift and natural selection tends to making viruses more virulent (infective) and less deadly. Just makes sense when your purpose is to reproduce yourself. The UK strain doesn't have appeared to have changed the spike protein in a way that should significantly reduce vaccine efficacy. There are also many more vaccines in development/testing. I believe Canada was participating in 14 different trials. Even if one doesn't work there are a number of candidates that probably would. Rapid uptake of an effective vaccine would be the best way to minimize the chance for further genetic drift.
  3. I am not sure how playing in Canada would work anyway. What if you make a trade. Player you acquired would have to quarantine for two weeks before could use. Creates an unfair advantage to the teams playing in areas that are not taking COVID seriously. Though Calgary would probably love it if the only team they could trade with was us. As a player I would be pissed if they said to me we are moving you to an area that is just overwhelmed with COVID instead of in the city you signed to play in.
  4. If someone decides to take the year off because of COVID it extends their contract a year under same terms. That is a worst case scenario for Louie.
  5. That’s a strong reaction to a fairly milquetoast statement.
  6. If Holtby’s mask is a problem then this is a problem. where is the line between honouring the local heritage and cultural appropriation? Do I have to be Spanish or French to paint in a cubist style? If I make tacos for dinner have I done something wrong? I don’t know where the line is anymore.
  7. I prefer letting the kids play but if we don’t sign another vet 3 of the 8 D we would typically carry would be rookies along with everyone on the taxi squad. We also would be playing the hell out of a second year man in Quinn.
  8. They also seem to be saying that because Biden won their votes don’t count and it isn’t fair. Funny way to look at it when your candidate lost the popular vote in both elections.
  9. I think it would be a lot of fun to just run seven game series against each team sequentially.
  10. I wrote about this in another thread but will try to repeat here. Your statement is both true and false depending on what you are studying and what your perspective is. When you look at the perspective of a health care worker that is in a high risk environment and are asking the question is this protecting the mask wearer than you are correct, a poorly fit mask may actually be harmful. An inappropriately fit mask will increase the rate of airflow through the gaps and may increase the risk of viral exposure. This is why health care professionals get fitted, tested and certified on N95 masks every year to two years, to prepare for this eventuality. This and the lack of PPE early on were why it was originally stated that masks weren't necessary early on. it also was not understood how much of this was airborne droplet spread at the beginning. Now, when you switch perspectives to public health and ask how do I protect people as a group, masks of any kind are beneficial. In this perspective the mask is not protecting someone in a high risk environment, it is reducing the chance of producing high risk environments. By wearing a mask we are doing our best to catch expired respiratory droplets and reduce the amount of virus in the air. This reduces the risk for everyone. The mask is not necessarily being worn to reduce your risk, though it likely does. This does, however, require a certain amount of uptake to work across the community.
  11. I am trying to be respectful here and if my question seems pejorative in any way it is not my intent. I often see these kind of statements and they exist on a spectrum about these shadowy figures playing the world as puppet masters. They go from fairly benign to full bore Q-Anon crazy. I am asking you because you started with something that sounded like it was going full bore nuts then rationalized with actual observation. When you picture someone sitting around deciding it is there game to bankrupt the world is it a standard right wing racially motivated George Soros kind of thing, is it bond villain with face hidden and cat in lap or do you see the Cobra Commander in full costume. I understand that from the other side of things that these dark force look like your George Gecko, Wolf of Wall Street, Donald Trump types who prioritize personal profit and power above any other consideration and pay politicians to rationalize their destructive actions. You know like Sheldon Adelson, The Koch’s or the Walton family.
  12. Wow, hockey talk. So pretty much confirmed the Ferland starts on LTIR. As far OJ pairing, Myers should be the answer IMO. I would run an elite top pairing, Edler-Rafferty and OJ-Myers. Two elite puck movers on first pairing. Mix of vet and rookies, Edler best defensive back up for Rafferty’s style and Myers and OJ should provide a decent mix of puck moving and D.
  13. Anti-masker should be pejorative. It is someone that is so callous that they don’t care that they are helping to kill people. If you are wearing your mask 24/7 as you are implying than you have misunderstood the mandate. You wear a mask when you are around people that have right not to be made sick by someone ignoring simple public health guidelines. You don’t need to wear you mask all day every day for nine months. You need to wear it in appropriate situations like wearing a balaclava while skiing. I would generally prefer a bicycle helmet when riding a bicycle but wouldn’t feel the need to wear it when swimming as that is generally not the appropriate protection for the activity. This argument is so silly and full of holes it doesn’t even make good satire.