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  1. Sam Girard had 32 points in 48 games on the 2nd power play. It's definitely possible, it be foolish to say zero chance.
  2. He can still put up 40 points and a change of scenery might just be just what his defensive game needs.
  3. Price is the only goalie there to win an MVP, so I gotta go with him.
  4. I really hope he signs. He was the most reliable D most the season.
  5. I feel like there's no way the fans would have voted Bo over Demko.
  6. Connolly has 2 years left making 3.5 million. Last year he had 19 goals and 14 assists in 69 games. From Prince George as well so I wonder if Canucks would have any interest in a deal.
  7. Kindness goes along way. No need to all be jerks to this guy.
  8. You don't get it... Please stop wasting my time. I would continue talking, but you really missed the ball here and altogether your points and everything you brought up mean nothing. You keep trying to argue things that I'm not even arguing.
  9. "when was COL last a contender? 15 years ago or more..." Talk about reading comprehension you legit just said when were they last a contender? It can be easily taken as two ways. Just bad wording there simple mistake on the internet... as well as "CAR is on their 3rd core since their cup. Faulk is gone ... OEL is still around..". You even said before OEL was on the Hurricanes. He has been on the Coyotes his whole career. I am questioning your knowledge about hockey... As what I said about underdogs I meant teams that aren't the favourites to win the cup. It's not like there is a for sure
  10. All I can say is you're wrong. Petey, Hughes and Marky were all stars last year. Advanced stats wise they were all up there with the best. "Only CHI managed a cup since the cap with their future stars on their ELCs". Why can't the Canucks do this? It's not like the favourites even win each year. I could bring up tons of underdogs who won the cup. I'm not saying the Canucks are for sure cup contenders, but they do have a chance if they built their roster a bit different. "We won't have a window until the core grows up and more is added." The roster could have already been bolstered if Benning d
  11. Lol what type of statement is that? Obviously not in this universe because it didn't happen. If Canucks could of been able to use their cap space better they 100% could of been contenders... Look at who they lost and some of Benning's signings. Replace those signing with shorter length contracts and some better signings in general. Canucks could of brought back in those key pieces they lost in the offseason and maybe add some better depth too.
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