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  1. Farewell everybody

    1. Coconuts


      Good luck out there, assuming you haven't joined the other forum 

  2. I think we all knew it was an overpay at the time, so yeah definitely the blame on Benning. Shoutout Beagle for this goal though.
  3. Andrey Kuzmenko Highlights! This video has plenty of highlights that'll give you better knowledge of Kuzmenko's game.
  4. Working on a video for YouTube and saw J.T. Miller's draft comparison was Mason Raymond :lol:1176434689_ScreenShot2021-11-23at1_30_39PM.png.76858490d9f58179c284ef9af30affda.png

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Devron


      Why’s Rat Ferraro the third wheel in the commentary haha 

    3. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      The Canucks scored four goals in the first period in that Flames game? That would be considered unusual these days.

    4. J-23


      I remember that goal like it was yesterday. 

  5. I personally think Myers has been solid this year
  6. It be cool to have him, but the Canucks really don't need him
  7. Vasily Podkolzin Highlights! This video should get you a better feel for Vasily and how he plays.
  8. Garland will wear number #8 for the Canucks

    1. NHL'er


      May he follow in the footsteps of Canuck greats Willie Mitchel, Chris Tanev, and Jozef Balej 

    2. Phil_314


      Former Canuck and Ranger great Marek Malik sets the bar when it comes to #8's with sick mitts
      Make ol' Marek proud, Conor


  9. Damn was really hoping the Canucks got him. Better opportunity in Detroit for him.
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