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  1. Anyone who ever used the phrase "Dim Jim" should be issuing an apology STAT.
  2. I'm pretty sure the main reason they're refs in the first place is because they're the guys who couldn't make the hockey team.
  3. By refusing to address the ridiculous differential in penalty calls, the Sportsnet round table has basically just admitted the game really is rigged.
  4. Who was that knob singing the Canadian national anthem while wearing a Blues t-shirt? I need his name so I can avoid ever buying or supporting any of his music.
  5. It's spelled Christopher Tanev, but it's pronounced Throat Warbler Mangrove.
  6. Jake and Gaudette had a couple of good shifts in that last game against Calgary. They seem like they'll work well together - I hope Travis gives that potential duo a long look.
  7. This thread needs to be archived as Exhibit A of fan over-reaction to bupkis.
  8. I'm nervous about losing Graovac. Seems like the kind of guy the team will need once the games matter. Also... (G)rayovac:
  9. I think you're correct, but it's been amazing how the local sports media has been trading Jake for the last 6 months. And it's been an everyday conversation. The irony is they say that Jake is the only "tradeable" player who could bring back a worthwhile return, ignoring the fact that the premise of their argument accepts Jake is coveted by other teams. And that's exactly why we shouldn't trade him. Thankfully, Canucks management seems far more intelligent than sports radio hosts.
  10. This is ridiculous. Canucks apparently traded their pick, but there's no information given about what that trade entailed. Instead we're forced to watch their drooling panelists genuflect at Marty Brodeur's feet. Sportsnet sucks.
  11. After a summer of the local media and CDC folk proposing the Canucks acquire the likes of Lucic, Phaneuf, and every other buy-out candidate - not to mention all the scenarios in which Virtanen, Demko, and Boeser have been traded away - I`m pretty damn grateful that Benning is at the helm.
  12. Edler at trading deadline: "I love Vancouver." Edler now: "I love money." Edler this October: "I love Toronto's money."
  13. I'm starting to think the Venn diagram of the anti-Benning crowd and the pro-Trump crowd is a circle.
  14. You mean now we might finish worse than 3rd last? ALERT THE MEDIA.