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  1. is jake virtanen looking like a bust

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    2. HotDogHorvat


      Oh I agree with that, and I actually wanted Ehlers, but I 'understood' why Benning maybe drooled about Virtanen given his toolbox. But, part of that assessment (gm role) has to be, will he reach his ceiling, knowing work ethic, character etc...he's only 20 so I'll give him 2 years to see where he's at. He's had a rough start but its by no means a defining point in his career. Nylander is playing with some hella offensive players and certainly isn't the type of guy who is going to 'drive' play in the playoffs nor is Ehlers, they are great offensive support players and are lucky to be playing with "Drivers". Virtanen, IF, and a big IF he develops, I think could be the type of player given his toolbox to change the dynamic of a playoff series. He's a scary hitter, he's fast and has a shot as good as those guys. He may not be creative but if they can teach him to forecheck like Hansen, hustle like Burr and Hansen and go to the net like Bertuzzi, would it matter if he scores only 20 vs 35 like Ehlers/Nylander? Nope, because he will bring an element our team really needs. But, HE needs to learn to compete the right way and bring it....that's the issue we can all see...and as I said, let's wait and see what Green can do with him. The NHL is not a development league, players don't get much practice time, coaches can't / dont have the time to tutor - this is why he's in the right spot, let's give him some time to mature and judge in a few years.

    3. Green⌃Arrow


      20 years of age. This homeboy is still cooking. When he's cooked, he will be on fire. By that I mean he will score 30+ in his real first season. The way WD utilized him didn't help. But he needs to decide if he's going ready to become a man. One must mature at the athletic level to really progress. You can tell he knows how to play aka his skill, but he needs to just focus on working his ass off until he proves everyone wrong. 

    4. Green⌃Arrow


      *going to be ready


      Virtanen is the man

      He wants to play for Van

      Youngs guns play like crown

      The rest of the NHL going down

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