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  1. is jake virtanen looking like a bust

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    2. Mr.53


      Hate to say it, but even if he does turn it around, Nylander and Ehlers look like the real deal.

    3. HotDogHorvat


      Ya but if Jake can get his attitude fixed and learn to be a pro - I actually think what he can bring to the team if he achieves his ceiling is more valuable than those two for our group, that's why I understood Benning's choice. The issue (and see my post in the virtanen thread since it explains it well I think), is that right now/so far - his lack of commitment and attitude could prevent that from happening. If you take all three of those players and say if all three hit their ceilings, who would be the best pick? Well  don't think the gap between the players would be that great given the tools Jake "could" bring to us-- the issue is he's not showing he'll be on track (at least right now) to ever reach that ceiling or even close, while the other two are showing great progression. Let's hope some Green coaching and maturing can get him where he needs to be

    4. Mr.53


      I know. We've heard it all befpre. But we're talking ifs here/ Maybe it will work out, maybe it won't. All I'm saying is to the people who said Nylander or Ehlers, they're not really looking like ifs. They're looking like future all stars.

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