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  1. Alright time to switch over to another feed. This kind of works out! Except for the score.
  2. I subscribe to it on my Roku. It's much cheaper than paying cable. Cable is pricey.
  3. You know, I point with my middle finger, press the return key with my middle finger, point out in public with my middle finger and when giving directions. I really need to learn to point with all my fingers when giving directions or explaining or pointing towards something. It throws people off.
  4. I'm an expert at drinking the champagne. It's really easy to drink the whole bottle - that's like 3 glasses. Depending on how I pour it. But I have not drank the champagne in over a month.
  5. Maybe it was too much champagne drinking last season that I didn't notice.
  6. What's up with these logos on the helmets - TD and now I noticed Bell.
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