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  1. I think I am going to clean after this. Yeah, and starting with the vacuuming, room by room.
  2. I've met Babych, Coastal View, and another CDC'r. Babych came down to Seattle, and Coastal View I met after attending the Draft.
  3. Heated organic apples with caramel sauce and cinnamon.
  4. I was wondering that too. That would also be sweet to either get a Flying Skate haircut or tattoo, or both.
  5. It's different. I'm still hung up on when Montreal wore the blue jerseys. Red is so much better for Montreal. Overall, I like ol skool jerseys. It would be awesome if the Canucks wore the Flying Skate jersey more.
  6. I don't know, but I've seen coaches and staff wear masks with the team logo on the side of the mask. I like those masks with the team logo on the side.
  7. I have not watched a US game either and I live in Seattle. I was tempted in watching a Bruins game and I forgot. I’m only into watching the Habs and Canucks play, but I did watch an Oilers-Flames game. I’m looking forward to when the Habs play against the Bruins again. I’m not a Bruins fan, and I always loved it when the Habs beat the Bruins! I do like it when they beat the Leafs too.
  8. My phone says it's snowing. I went over to the door and looked out the window and it is not snowing!
  9. It's snowing in Seattle, WA! I enjoy the snow!