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  1. How was your day? What did you do today? I took a nice walk and went to Trader Joe's and looked at food and bought food. Food is enticing. 

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    2. bigbadcanucks


      @NewbieCanuckFan: where did you pull out that old Bay City Rollers "Saturday Night" video?  Takes me back to my elementary days. Prolly haven't heard that song in over 4 decades...maybe 5.


      My day today...same as most days (I'm retired so everyday is a holiday).  Woke up at 5:30AM...took my furry boys out for a walk...fed them b-fast...made b-fast for my wife who is expecting our first child (I'm skipping fatherhood and going straight into grandfatherhood, in case you're wondering)...had b-fast with my wife...did a little research on a company that I'm thinking of investing in...went for a walk at Crescent Park in South Surrey with my wife...did a little housecleaning, yardwork, tidying up our sunroom/deck so my wife can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful summer breeze we had today...made lunch...ate lunch...took my furry boys out for their mid day walk...doted on my wife for awhile...ran to the grocery store (my poor wife has crazy/weird food cravings)...did a little more research...ordered rolls from our fave White Rock Sushi joint (Nami Sushi, which was Two Guys Sushi until last week)...had dinner with my wife...fed my furry boys dinner...watched a little Global News (got super mad about this woman named Harsha Walia, Exec Director of BC Civil Liberties Group that tweeted "Burn it all down" (referring to churches) and got super worried because Peace Arch Hospital, our hospital, is diverting baby deliveries to other hospitals because they don't have enough Pediatricians on staff...went for our evening walk in our 'hood with wife and furry babies...showered...ate a bowl of cherries...and am now writing my account of the day before we watch a few videos on baby strollers, car seats and baby carriers and go to bed by 9:30PM or so.  Tomorrow will be the same, except at 6:25AM, I will go to my home office to see how the markets stack up for the opening bell (except tomorrow will be only on Canadian markets as US markets are closed in observance of Independence Day) and I spend a couple of hours checking in on the markets.

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      @bigbadcanucks  Just randomly searched for it.  Yeah, it brought memories back to me as well.  I think the first time I saw this band was on an old kids show (yeah, I was little kid too at the time lol):


      This show:



      Yes, that *IS* the Bay City Rollers lol!  

    4. Ghostsof1915


      Not hard to be cheaper than Whole Paycheque Foods. 

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