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  1. How long till some GM whines and the NHL starts calling penalties on him everytime some player bounces off him... Anyone remember back when Bertuzzi would be in front of the net during a PP - push off the dman to get free then score a goal? That worked for a few games and if I remember right, there was whining from opponents and Bert got called for that everytime after.
  2. I missed it, what did he do to Kesler? Video please... If Kesler was still a Canuck, he'd probably end up hiding behind Drago...I mean Tryamkin...
  3. I'd like to see Mccan put on 15-20 lbs...he looks so thin compared to Virtanen
  4. I alrrady trust him more than Weber...
  5. Excited to see this kid play. First shift with a turnover and CDC will explode.
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