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  1. Even though we're getting outshot we haven't really given them many high danger chances, mostly shots from the outside breaking up passes and taking away shooting lanes.
  2. There needs to be more accountability for refs. The NHL needs to address this issue. The league mandate isn't matching up with the officiating.
  3. How does Sutherland still have a job? It's not just us, he's the most hated ref in the league. I don't think he's biased, he's just terrible at his job.
  4. what a joke. I don't care if they lose to a better team but c'mon not like that. The C is for choke.
  5. the officiating has been absolutely awful. We've gotten screwed by them except that one horrible call that went our way.
  6. ugh choke job. Had the lead and give up 3. This team has exceeded expectations and is playing with house money but that is still not acceptable.
  7. He is much better on that right side....odd considering he shoots left but that's where he plays best I guess.
  8. I'm not racist but ok. I just think the compelled speech laws are ridiculous.
  9. I popped a rib a few months ago and was off from gym for 2 weeks so I guess these things linger. over 2 months when I broke my jaw.
  10. He's so underrated. He could be like a 40-50 point guy if he played in the top 6. Definitely a great top 9 guy, good skating, size, shot...well good at almost everything.