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  1. Sustr is a big RHD and looks like he had a decent corsi relative to his career defensive zone starts. Could be a good depth guy, however in the last couple seasons he only played an average of 12 minutes so who knows if he's anymore useful than Schenn.
  2. You cannot cause physical harm. I am for people freely expressing themselves in a peaceful manner. So no I do not agree with blocking infrastructure. There are many anti vaxxers not blocking or being violent and they should be allowed to express their opinions in peaceful protest. I have never and will never classify violence or blocking people from critical infrastructure as free speech. I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it.
  3. I'm not citing the garbage canadian charter. I'm citing the US first amendment as a model of absolute freedom of speech, I was advocating my ideals.
  4. You aren't making any sense. If you have the vaccine (Like I do!) you are very protected against covid and in regards to children they are almost entirely unaffected (Thankfully!) Blocking an ER or any public service is not classified as freedom of speech and those people doing that should be removed. I wasn't saying that at all. However everyone should be able to peacefully protest and say the opinion even if they are incorrect. BTW as I've already said I am very pro vaccine. I have pre existing respiratory conditions so I was more than happy to get vaccinated.
  5. Do you understand negative rights? You do not have a right to limit others speech just because you don't like what they say. The only caveat is you cannot call for violence against others.
  6. Well you're suggesting we limit freedom of speech which is an authoritarian action. So I will continue to call out anyone who says that. I don't have to make you look bad, you're doing a good job making yourself look bad.
  7. Those who choose safety over freedom deserve neither. I'm a free speech absolutist I'm a Libertarian I will not stand for authoritarianism I will not subject others to my will You do not embody these principles.
  8. Isn't that an indictment of how poor our medical system is? Isn't this an indictment of how poor our health education is? People do not look after their health very well in this country, a very large percentage of people here are obese.
  9. I don't know I don't think you're going to change their minds. I just hope that we vaccinate as much as possible. As of today 89.6% of eligible people in BC have had at least 1 dose, so I don't think we really need to vaccinate much more as we've already reached herd immunity awhile ago.
  10. Well it is your human right to refuse medical treatment, this includes vaccines. Also there have been recent studies suggesting that natural immunity is upwards of 14x more effective than the immunity gained through vaccine. I still think you should get the vaccine but to suggest someone who has already had covid is a threat to others seems to be incorrect, especially if you're vaccinated. I you're still afraid of the unvaccinated I would suggest seeking mental health treatment.
  11. If you have the vaccine you shouldn't be worried about unvaccinated people. Either you believe that the vaccine works or you don't.
  12. Thanks. No I'm not a bully haha. I think anti vaxxers are maybe ill informed but I refuse to force my ideology onto others. A Libertarian if you will.
  13. Your Doctor has access to the ingredient list of the vaccines and can inform you of if you are going to have an allergic reaction to any of them.....so yes talk to your doctor. Just as you should believe in Vaccines you should be cautious and question the efficacy and safety of any medication and weigh the risk vs reward. Don't blindly follow scientists and experts that don't know your name or medical background. Be a critical think, be skeptical, but be willing to learn and change you mind. All throughout this pandemic no one has talked about being healthy as Obesity and diabetes were two of the biggest risk risk factors. We were told to mask, social distance, lockdown, and vaccinate if a vaccine was available. Despite the fact that there were therapeutics and supplements such as Vitamin C&D both of which are cheap and widely available were not pushed as preventative measures as over 80% Covid hospitalizations were Vitamin D deficient.
  14. I'm very pro vaccine but no one other than your doctor should be informing you on whether to get vaccinated or which vaccine to use. Whether we like it or not there are people who have had yet rare as they are major health complications from vaccines because of rare medical conditions. So before we assume someone is dumb or selfish we should ask why they didn't get it. I encourage everyone who can to get vaccinated but othering, segregating, and mocking people who are anti vaccine or vaccine hesitant isn't going to encourage them to get it, it's just going to make them dig their heels in. I think the best way is education, transparency, and a bit of compassion. I remember when Kamala Harris said she wouldn't get the vaccine because they were developed under the Trump administration, people saying these things have sewed mistrust. It's too bad that this pandemic has been soo politicized.
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