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  1. Biden is leading the swing states, early voting is massive and he's tied in states normally Republican. Right now a Biden landslide is as much a possibility as Trump getting a narrow win.
  2. Yup. I'm sure he's happy to see them win. With his 3 rings he ain't too worried about not getting this one I'm sure.
  3. He should have random queue cards with pictures of Trump being stupid...aka the toilet paper on his shoe...the umbrella... just saying $ of Tiffany and Eric.
  4. I did not. I did ask about playing at Augusta and if I could get an invite.
  5. It had been a bit since your last inane and random interjection to a thread. I met Condi Rice while I was golfing. Her group was ahead of us but tye course was slow that day and we're fast golfers so caught her group at the turn. I recognized her and we chatted a bit while they waited to tee off. Made joke about how many questions I'd love to ask and she joked back about having the answers she love to tell people but can't.
  6. I like how it is otherwise allied nations on each side of this one. Things could get real interesting.
  7. I'm still dumbfounded but the utter lack of aggression from a guy who is all aggression. Sure you pick your spots but you don't wait until your front leg is done...
  8. Sitting there while your front leg gets chopped out like that was a very poor game plan.
  9. Royval looks like a hell of prospect/rising challenger.
  10. Called him out again after the win! Nice
  11. I love him trash talking the over weigh in &^@#. I hope he got the win there.
  12. Why I ride motorbike from May to Oct. That $65 a month is sure nice
  13. Typically it is 20% but is based on the local AC to set that. Sometimes it'd worth it for the guy who makes weight if the opponent has a far larger pay out. Missing weight is such a piece of crap thing to do. Of course the fighter who made it will take the fight as they have bills to pay and a camp expense to cover.
  14. The ICBC thing is more than just 'no fault is bad', It is in my opinion but we're at a time when people's cars are written off sooner and worth more. Cars are scrapped so often while ICBC claim payouts grew and grew. Something had to be done after the coffers were pilfered. I don't know the solution could/should have been but I am putting this on Clark over the NDP trying to clean up a mess that was left for them.
  15. For sure. But in the end I mostly look at the overall policies and my local MLA when making my choices.
  16. The BC Libs were scum long before that turd came along. I also don't like any of the MLA's they had for my riding either. Speaking for me personally I can't see voting for them again any time soon.
  17. Due to tax reasons many LLC and ULC moved to Alberta in recent years. I wouldn't doubt many of bogus laundering companies go there as well. BC is more about real estate and casino laundering and front companies.
  18. Oh I hear ya. I think it was pretty middling $&!# but grounds for nomination aren't that much.
  19. Over a hundred people will be nominated. Nominated doesn't mean $&!# other than to Trump's ego. The progress in the Middle East this past year would warrant it frankly if his own country wasn't burning.. Winning is the only thing that matters in this case. Hitler was nominated in 1939 as a joke. They cancelled the award that year.
  20. I'd include one of those groups in the stupid pile.
  21. My issue with childcare is that subsidy is needed due to several other reasons such as ridiculous housing costs & wages that haven't kept up with expenses/inflation. That money could be better used in those areas and in later education.
  22. As I don't have kids I hate taxes going to day care.