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  1. Damn Motter you can't make me cry like that, we have a game to play man. What an honest and courageous human being. Loved every moment of that. Now let's get this W!
  2. I think Greens loyalty will cost him his job. Loyalty to veterans and his coaching staff. Baumer is a good D coach in the AHL but not the NHL. Newell Browns PP is stagnant and rarely works anymore. Roussel has made as many boneheaded plays as Virtanen but continues to play. I'd rather pull Rooster out and run with 7 D if it keeps Juolevi in.
  3. WERE GONNA WIN THIS GAME Our guy Petey is due. Eddie's 100th would be the cherry on top.
  4. There are a select few of you on here that are far to obsessed with the Canucks doing poorly. It's like you get a rise out of seeing the Canucks fail. It's almost like an obsession it makes you wonder why even support this team if you actually do. Maybe you were never a fan so I don't know why you're here. It's okay to be critical of your team but I cant see how it would all be negative or maybe that's all you focus on and then dissappear when we're doing well. Funny how that works.
  5. I wouldn't play Virtanen another shift. He just doesn't get it or isn't willing to work hard enough. It's inexcusable how many puck battles and board battles he loses. At the minimum he is just incapable of playing the system they employ. Really was rooting for the guy but he's lost out there.
  6. Haha it's on. I sprung for a bottle of Bumbu Rum and I'm not stopping until it's empty.
  7. Now I don't normally drink in excess but after the last 6 games it's time to switch it up for some luck and sanity. So good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight . Not gonna be many coherent thoughts coming from me the rest of the way. Go Canucks Go!!!!
  8. Ah damn was hoping he had something positive about him. Thanks.
  9. Do we save any cap on this at all? Maybe a precursor to a trade if it saves us a 1mil ?
  10. I'm going 4-3 Canucks tonight. Seems like almost everyone on here is counting them out so they will most likely win. At least the jekyll and hyde fans will be entertaining after a win. Honestly just want to see effort and cohesion. I can deal with losing as as long as they show life and show they give a hoot.
  11. I have no idea why Miller has regressed to Virtanen. Whatever is goin on upstairs in that guys head he better figure it out quick. Not processing the game well at all.
  12. Big Mac is a tough kid. The refs saved Tkachuk big time when his helmet came off or it would have been ugly.
  13. Man oh man people. Just relax a little bit. Its a dreadful start for sure but its almost like we have forgotten our team faces adversity every year. Turn a negative into a positive and have faith our young guys will figure it out. Not a chance we're gonna be this doom and gloom by game 12. Just watch! Its the ebbs and flows of the season but with little room to spare we have to figure this out now. And we will. Let's stop being the fan base that almost ran soon to be hall of famers out of town before they even got started or that wants to fire a coach after every losing streak. Believe these young guys are as good as we think they are and we still have our Russian operative coming in April . I get it, losing sucks. But winners don't pout and cry, they get back to work. Good times are on the horizon.