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  1. Ferland is a 3.5 cap hit, if hes healthy its not a bad deal and if hes not he'll retire and get that cap space back. Only real egregious blunder is Loui to be honest. They overpayed Sutter and had to overpay free agents to come here at that time. Not great but I can see why those signings were made. Either way were ahead of the curve now for everything Benning has done. Wouldn't have a lot of our nice new shiny toys if it wasn't for him. Canucks are now a place players want to play and the GM has to get credit for that. Alas some people on here will never get it but thats okay. Its also fair to be critical so can't really fault people for their opinion however misguided it may be.
  2. Cernak would be an amazing add. Perfect partner for Hughes and would be cheaper than Ekblad.
  3. Well this moron won $400 on last nights game so betting on hockey has been quite lucrative for myself . There's no bias but its quite simple to see what happened in that series. The better team won. We worked harder and our whole team showed up. On to an even tougher series arguably with the Knights. GCG.
  4. peaches5 you seem like someone who lost a big bet against the Canucks. If you can't see how our TEAM beat the Blues then your not a good judge of hockey talent. Don't sound like a true Canucks fan to me. Nothing was gifted to us, we worked them Blues. End of story! On to the next. GCG
  5. Even on the NHL website they thought we'd be on the powerplay. Joke call 100%
  6. He did about as well as anyone else against Hughes who regularly makes the elite look silly at times. Cant really ride or hold a guy into the boards anymore, usually gets you a penalty. Not as often in playoffs but definitely in the regular season. Hopefully a healthy Juolevi can start a consistent upward trajectory and get away from the injuries that have haunted his development.
  7. Yeah it was stupid but noone cares. Pay the fine and get back to the shotgun Jake that everyone loves. Or at least they should or they'd be pretty shortsighted fans to not see the growth in his game the last couple years. At 23, he's only getting better and this season was a pleasure to watch.
  8. The efficacy of +/- is only a useful stat when used in conjunction with deployment. Bo Horvat being a - player means absolutely nothing when comparing him to a + player who's used sparingly. It's all about perspective.
  9. I'd do 2 year if if it was between 2 - 2.5 but if he gets close to 3 it HAS to be 3 year.
  10. Dhaliwal saying Tryamkins side is surprised its not done yet. Looking for a 1 year deal in the 2-3 mil range but our salary cap is an issue.
  11. Well if your talking top 10 of the draft the only one I find comparable since 2010 is Haydn Fleury 7th overall. He played in his age 21 season but didnt come into his own until this past season at 23. There is also Travis Sanheim 21 debut 22 first full season, Tony Deangelo 21 debut 23 breakout, Ryan Pulock 21 debut 23 breakout, but all of them are mid 1st round picks. I would still say they are comparable and would be happy if Juolevi turned into any of those. Huge year coming up for Juolevi, I would say make or break as far as development goes. I've always been a believer but if he doesn't play in the NHL next year my pessimism would skyrocket.
  12. Mannnnn. You can't troll Sid, he's far to knowledgeable for that. I feel like you must follow JD Burke with that kind of take.
  13. Whoa! Everyone take a deep breath. They know what's on the line here, don't doom and gloom just yet. Were gonna come out flying in the 3rd, and we're gonna win.
  14. Its gonna be a great game tonight. Boys are gonna come together and show us all what real Canuck hockey is all about. Haters can hate but will be crawling in their cave after this game. Let's goooooo! Positive vibes all around, sun is shining and beer is on ice for after work.