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  1. The more I see and read about this kid the higher I am on him. Reminds me of Igor Larionov cerebral, smart, and skilled. Now that's a high high high bar but if hes anything close to that then I would take him with the 10th or maybe trade down a couple spots and grab him. Could play anywhere in your top 9.
  2. I mean would I like a top 2 pick? Of course, we'd be silly to think otherwise. Will there be a gem at 9 or 10 that falls to us? I'd say we can almost guarantee it this year and I'm confident we will grab one of them. I'll be happy no matter what. I'm sure the Leafs losing has something to do with that
  3. Dude your embarrassing yourself. You live in a dangerous fantasy land and I hope you get the help you need. Calling us sheeple doesn't make you woke, it makes you a joke. Get help please.
  4. Oh my. I can't believe the fairweather fans. Go cheer for the Kraken, just proves you were never truly a real fan of the Canucks. You guys don't get your way and have a GM or coach fired when you want so you pout like children. Get real people that just shows you're softer than warm butter. My kids more mature than that. Guarantee you the kids at hospice enjoyed watching their favorite team play. I'm sorry you all lived long to be so pessimistic. Literally 99% will jump on the bandwagon again if we have success next year. With all due respect, piss off. This is my team, will always be my team,
  5. I'd prefer Gadjovich in over Michaelis. Makes no sense playing Mich at this point. Gads barely played last game if at all after his fight.
  6. 100% agree with you on Edler. That crap shouldn't have happened. But for all we know Edler is such a nice guy he said leave it at that boys, let's play the game. Knowing Eddie career it was probably something close to that. Do we need more toughness in a sense, yes. Is Mac a part of that solution, yes. We should be proud of a guy like Mac. Takes a lot of courage to play the way he plays. Tough Kid with a good heart.
  7. Yeah and he lost so whats your point. Again Mac is a smart player.
  8. There you go Nurse is a piece of crap. Jumps Mac and goes for the Dangerous takedown because he was popped in the head. But he's scared right @WHL rocks
  9. Because he's intelligent. That was 100% strategic. Got a double minor for Nurse taking a run at him and made Nurse give him 2 min back. That was by design and 0% chance he's scared of Nurse. They may even go in the 3rd so we'll see.
  10. Happy to see Rathbone get his 1st. Kid looks like he belongs. It'll be exciting to see how he progresses. Instantly improves our breakouts.
  11. If Hawyrlyuk and Vesey slot back in I would hope it's not at the expense of Lind. He needs games if we're gonna get a read on him on what he could become. Otherwise he's better off with Utica crushing it down there with Gadjovich and Lockwood.
  12. On the bright side Utica won in OT. Gadjovich with the winner for one of his 2 goals. Kids been a monster this year with 14 goals in 18 games. Could be and should be a legitimate option for the bottom 6 next year.
  13. I would love to see Eddie get his 100th tonight. He deserves a little puck luck. Been a warrior for the Canucks since he was a young fella.
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