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  1. Injuries dude. Anyone saying the kid wasn't a legit pick when we drafted him was and is out to lunch. Dominant at the world juniors that year made his ranking go from the teens to a top 5 pick. Good on you though for being right about the current state of the player.
  2. Why are some people negative? It's a good game and boys are playing hard. Just need to get one bu Smith. Either way this games a win because Myers annihilated Keith. Been waiting years to see that.
  3. You're the worst kind of fan. Yall pounce like hyenas on Benning for every little thing. Yet people praise Gillis for an awful drafting record and adding parts to an already built team. Get real!!!
  4. He did a great job in preseason and earned his spot on the team. Looked good on the powerplay and surprisingly well on penalty kill. He's also settled down in life and knows this may be his last shot. I could see him carving out a career like Paul Byron.
  5. Oh man those Ghirardelli chocolates are sooo delicious. Ruin my diet almost every day lol. I should probably stop buying them but they always fall into my cart somehow.
  6. Yeah some people have but I think more people have turned on the process of signing them. I imagine once we do have them signed we'll all look at the numbers and wonder why it took them so long to get it done.
  7. When was the last time the NHL even had two stars on a team missing camp over their contracts? Can't imagine this happens too often. And really going to the Michigan game isn't a big deal but the optics looks bad. This is a huge year for the team and all the horses should be ready and I remember Boeser got off to a slow start due to his contract delay. You can see the passion in training camp from all these guy making 750k or thereabouts and then we have these two young guys with blessed talent sitting out for an extra 750k . I get its part of the game but if I'm defending those guys when they take a hit and fighting someone risking my career then well.....let's just say those guys are picking up the cheque after the game or else. LETS JUST GET THEM SIGNED AND PLAY SOME DAMN HOCKEY!!!!
  8. Yep while they're playing shinny and watching football games the rest of the boys are putting in work. Hard seeing that when you see the max effort some prospects and players in camp are making just to be on the team. And it's all over a few extra pennies. It's sad really but I guess the agent and gm just trying to do there job. Getting max dollar should be for free agents not restricted contracts.
  9. How do you define toughness? Because there is nothing soft or perimeter about Pearson's game.
  10. There not goons you mean. Otherwise yes they're all tough players. Even Pearson. Tough along the boards and stands up for teammates. That's tough.
  11. Yeah I could see that being the ask right now and the Canucks wanting 3×6.25, can't see them going higher than 6.5 but who knows. It's a weird negotiation because if one player gets more then in theory the other player gets less. That's why I think its a little dirty representing 2 stars on the same team. They know they have the team over a barrel in a sense. The can negotiate in so many different ways but hard to get multiple sides to agree. Thays why we see so few multi team trades.
  12. On a bridge deal there should be no way Hughes gets 7. Long term your right, short term no way.
  13. Yeah I don't blame Petey and Hughes but they are now getting bad advice. There won't be much wiggle room on the Canucks front. They have what they have cap wise that won't change. Probably gonna be a bridge for both but get it done. If an extra million or two is keeping you out of camp at this point thats ridiculous. They know as well as we do this year needs to get off on the right foot. If there really that far apart then buckle up, it isn't getting done anytime soon. In which case the word greed will start to filter through our brains. I will be pissed if this turns into a Nylander situation. I don't think it will but if it did I would ship them to the 2 worst teams in the league. Again thats not what I think now, but it is what I will be thinking if it lingers into the regular season.
  14. Yeah and then Faber tried to save face posting another video for context. Could have done that from the get go. He knows he's feeding the trolls under the bridge.
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