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  1. Go check out his AHL scraps from 2019/2020 at hockeyfights.com Kids tough as nails and throws with both hands. https://www.hockeyfights.com/players/n30592
  2. Especially with Lucic riding shotgun. Wouldn't mind seeing Canucks take a swing at Kurtis Gabriel this offseason. Also heard Reaves could be available.
  3. Like this deal for Av's. Shows that a cup contender still sees value in size and toughness. Like Vegas with Reaves, Tampa with Maroon etc. Hopefully van follows suit!
  4. Hey guys, just for poops and giggles I wanted to see if any of you would consider this now that we have an idea of what Hughes might get after the Makar extension. Proposed Trade: New Jersey gets: Quinn Hughes Vancouver gets: Ty Smith, Nolan Foote, Miles Wood Vancouver gets a stud D prospect in Smith, plus another great prospect in Foote and a legit young player in Wood. New Jersey gets the chance to have all 3 Hughes brothers. Vancouver gives up their 1st true superstar D man but gets Smith in return to soften the blow. I estimate Hughes will get 7.5-8M after Makar's extension so that money can get spread out elsewhere. Flame away this is just for fun but curious to see what everyone thinks or would do. Underpay or overpay by Jersey?
  5. Hey guys, I'm not great at valuing players or picks etc but something that could work for both sides just came to me. Would it be fair value? Would either team consider it? Figured I'd ask you guys. To Vancouver: Buffalo's 14th overall (acquired today from Philly) and 33rd overall To Buffalo: Vancouver's 9th overall. Buffalo already has 1st and is rumored to want to get another top 10 pick. There seems to be a consensus that the top 9 are the cream of the crop (maybe top 10). Buffalo would get another top level player while Vancouver trades down and gets (I believe) the 13th pick due to Arizona's forfeiture and another almost 1st rounder at 33rd. I think there is still great value to be had at 13/14 and 33 plus their 41st. Might be a good strategy to fill the pipeline again? Seems to be fair value but what are your thoughts?
  6. Did anyone see this article by Daniel Wagner the other day? Holtby is playing great hockey which is all we could ever ask, and there's an article in the local media on how we want this to continue solely so that he has to leave town? Bush league "reporting". Imagine being a player knowing that you're giving it your all for a team and playing great, and the wish is that you'd leave town. Why would free agents even want to sign here? I get that some contracts are worse than others, and there are scenarios where we do wish certain players would get picked up in expansion etc, but to literally write an entire article about it seems weak to me. Just my thoughts. https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/canucks-hockey/if-all-goes-well-for-the-canucks-braden-holtby-will-play-himself-right-out-of-vancouver-3667651
  7. Man I would love that. Deslaurier would add a much needed toughness and grit element to this team and he can play as well. He currently has 3G 2A in 19 games while also being able to take on the Reaves, Wilsons etc. Would be an interesting trade though as Vancouver is going to rely on the fact that Jake scored 18 last year even though he has 1 this year. Anaheim would try to say that ND is outscoring Jake this year so why would they add a 3rd plus take on Jake's extra salary. I haven't posted in months but this proposal got the juices flowing lol. I wonder who Anaheim would be thinking of sending our way???
  8. Taj is the guy who literally just repeats what other real insiders say, and has followers because of it. Boggles my mind. Tej is the eye doctor.
  9. I get it. I hate the guy too. Personally I don't know why more people don't just grab him and take a major on him lol. I guess he can get away with it since he has Chara watching over him. But at the same time I'd never complain about his 28G 59A 87P in 70 games last year. Plus having a guy like that usually leads to more scrums etc which is always exciting. Basically the only reason I used to tolerate Cooke when he was on our team. I hated everything he stood for but did like the chaos he brought to the games, even if others had to bail him out.
  10. LOL. I could be wrong but I'd wager that you probably cheered on Bertuzzi, Cooke, and Ruutu back in the day? Or since we're talking about 2011 I'd go out on a limb and say you might even have been been cheering on Kesler, Burrows, Lapierre and Torres that playoff run, no? Maybe even during the series against the Bruins? Not defending the Bruins but the Canucks have had their share of players of the same mould. And I loved them when they were on our team and I'd make room for more players like them on our team nowadays. Basically anyone that can help us win, which I think Chara could. To each their own tho!
  11. Thanks for the reply. I disagree only because Tryamkin doesn't have that same meanness/toughness that Chara has. I wish he did tho trust me!
  12. Great point I never thought of that. It's definitely tougher out West but maybe with Covid next season and the rumored Canadian division in the bubble it won't be so bad. Time will tell!
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