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  1. I want to see what a whole new coaching team can do with our team before we make drastic changes.
  2. This seems like such an over reaction from CDC. Pearson is fine and is over paid a little bit. He can still be exposed technically, regardless of whatever "promise" was made, if there was even one. We've got a good team as it is, just need to change a couple of the bottom six players. Our biggest concern is coaching, that needs to be fixed asap
  3. Hopefully we get points in these two games against the Jets. Then all we can do is sit back for a week and see where the standings are. We'll have a better idea of our chances by April 1
  4. Montreal deserved to win that game, we deserved to win the first one. These 2 games have been a wash; we both take 3 points. What does that do for our playoff chances?
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