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  1. Some deadly virus then eh? It's hilarious that these responses are further supporting my point. "Asymptomatic" aka a healthy body with a strong immune system capable of defending itself against an illness. It's a weird correlation. I eat mostly all organic, drink tons of water, stay away from processed foods and exercises daily. I seem to never get sick.
  2. Those who mock in these discussions have never read a history book. Don't waste your energy. As always, history tends to repeat itself. I'm sure you know this based on your post.
  3. Great way to determine the general view point. Truly flawless. You literally have no rebuttal except recycled responses that seem to be popular. It's funny but also very sad at the same time. Carry on. No point in wasting each others time with this "discussion".
  4. Thanks for further supporting my point. You have no other comment you can make so you go with the general consensus. Let's label everyone who doesn't agree with us "woke AF truthers" and "wack tin foil hat nuts". You're probably the same type of person who believes in BLM thinking they are serving a noble cause.
  5. It's a choice. A choice that everyone should have. If people are concerned, they can wear a mask can they not? If they are confident it will protect them then what is the issue? If I am sick, I make sure to avoid direct contact with people REGARDLESS of the illness. Which is common sense and has always been the case. Colds and flu's are infectious too right? What did people do when they had one of the 2 prior to this $&!# show? They stayed home or avoided extra close contact with people for a few days until they got better. The same applies here. You want to wear a mask at all times then be my guess. But don't go around vilifying others for choosing to do otherwise. This reminds of those overly religious types who try to convert everyone or overbearing vegans shaming those who go to a BBQ.
  6. Love that you used that statistic. Coincidentally enough that is the approximate fatality rate of this virus as well. Oh the irony. Love it.
  7. So I guess 35,000 Doctors worldwide who have signed the Barrington Deceleration are not experts? Not to mention the countless other Virologists and Epidemiologist who have spoken against the overall severity of this virus and the effectiveness of masks? Weird how only a select few opinions seem to matter but the others get brushed aside? Fascinating isn't it? This isn't 1950. All the information is readily available. Up to you to look it up and make a rational, source based opinion.
  8. Go say that to the 35,000 DOCTORS world wide who signed the Barrington Deceleration.
  9. inb4 anyone who chooses to think for themselves or not wear a mask is labelled "selfish" "stupid conspiracy theorist" "far right anarchist"
  10. Impossible! That is a word exclusively reserved for the Liberal/Democrat/Feminist/BLM community.
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