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  1. Rn My top 9 in order: Beniers Eklund power Clarke Hughes edvinsson Guenther McTavish Johnson Draft Day I expect top 6 to be: Beniers, Power, Eklund, Hughes, Clarke, Guenther. Meaning that the second class I see as: McTavish, Johnson, Edvinsson. If wallsted goes before then we then get a choice between 2 of these 3. Anything else I see as off the board so if it happens I hope gm JB knows more than me and it works out like Pettersson has. If Edvinsson is there at 9 I guess he's my pick Of those 3 I wouldn't pass on a projected potential top p
  2. How about a double trade up? Canucks trade Redwings 9th + MDP + 3rd for 6th. Draft one of powers, edvinsson, Hughes, Clarke. Canucks trade Rangers Schmidt or Myers + 2nd for 15th. Draft one of Lambos or Ceulemans. If we get the RHD's, in 2 years time. Hughes Clarke Rathbone Ceulemans Juolevi Myers/schmidt That's an elite young defensive core
  3. Yes. I would do that. To me I feel the top 4 d in this draft are what we need. I really think they would be a great fit with the Canucks.
  4. I'd try to trade Detroit at 6 to move up and take whoever is left of Power, Benniers Eklund, edvinsson, Hughes, Clarke. If it's between Guenther, McTavish and Johnson, Its hard to chose. I'd probably go McTavish but I wouldn't be disappointed drafting any of them at 9. Also would be okay drafting Lambos at 9
  5. This draft is so close at the top for me. I think overal based on team need and just going BPA rn based on highlights, reading about prospects and considering centers and D more valuable. I'd go power, edvinsson, Eklund, Beniers, Clarke, Hughes, McTavish, Johnson, Gunether. If we are 9th I think it will be a selection of Johnson, McTavish or Guenther which I think is hard to chose from. If any of the above fall from above them it's a must pick. I have no idea where wallsted is going to go. He's legit but it's hard to miss on the top 9 skaters I think. Johnson and Guenther are tied to me with M
  6. It is a tough choice between Zegras and Boldy for me. They both will be good players. I would be stoked if Dach fell to 10 but i dont think he will be there. Might not be the fastest player but i think hes a big center with good hands who will get stronger on the puck. If boldy, zegras, dach and cozens are all out at 10 which is possible then i hope we get one of Newhook or Pods. There is alot of good forwards this year. There was alot of good defencemen last year. Go for the BPA. In Benning I trust.
  7. Hughes Kakko Turcotte Byram Dach Boldy Zegras Newhook Pods Krebs
  8. Going into draft my top 10 Hughes Kakko Byram Turcotte Dach Boldy Zegras Cozens Newhook Pods I think multuple of these player could fall due to teams wanting to take defencemen Broberg or Soderstrom. The last 3 drafts at our spot i would have drafted: Hughes, Glass and Sergachev. This draft is really all over the place 5-10 but turcotte and byram should be 3-4 imo
  9. I like stech at RD and i think he will continue to improve, this is a good deal imo. I met Stech after the jackets game this year and got his autograph on a new hat, he seemed like an awesome guy to have around the team.
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