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  1. We need a goal scorer. We got one. Virtanen/McCann/Vey Shinkaruk/Horvat/Jensen. Still solid well rounded line-up. I still love this pick. And Virtanen registered 2 points yesterday. Has 8 points in 8 games played. 2 goals, 6 assists. -2, and 8 pims. http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=149178
  2. Worst case scenario, McDavid gets injured for 18 months and doesn't get drafted.

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    2. Niloc009


      I bet even if CMD gets injured and his hockey future is put into jeopardy, someone still drafts him.

    3. Keslerific


      Way to keep it positive, guys lol

    4. Baka


      He would just get drafted later. Worst case someone would take him in the 7th round. It's not like he would be a bigger risk than anyone taken then. Though I doubt it would go that far.

  3. Jensen ripping it up in the AHL, Markstrom winning in the AHL. Four shutouts in 6 games for him

  4. Craig Button? He's the dude that rated and projected Virtanen to go to the 40th something pick in 2014 draft. If anything I think Craig Button's IQ of projecting prospects is 2/5.
  5. I have watched Virtanen these past few games. His skating ability as well as his shot is truly impressive. We really don't have players with shoot-first mentality. Only problem last few games was that he made a few sloppy plays in his own zone which led to a goal. I think that game was in Medicine Hat. Still, he's used on the PK and is very reliable.
  6. Jensen gets another goal. Good for him. Utica wins it 5-4.

  7. When I looked at these games on the schedule, they didn't seem frightening at first. But after you explained it and elaborated, it's scary af. Here's my intake on this. Horvat as many of you have mentioned has no points, but getting lots of opportunities to score. I've watched him play in Utica and he really does look faster than he was in training camp. A few negatives are that his faceoff stats don't look superb and his offensive finishing skills as well as his consistency seemed to lack(sometimes bobbles the puck on a few scoring chances etc) during his tenure. When someone goes through injury, we might expect these kinds of things, especially our rookies and prospects. He's been, well, under the bus lately and we need to either send him to junior, or get his 9 games ASAP. I want Horvat playing as a lot games. If he's called up to our NHL team, whats the point? Would WD want to switch our winning line up? Most likely not, but with the suspension of Burrows, that could be possible that Horvat will be called up since Sestito isn't much of an improvement(other than physicality which we will need in the California games). So he would then get scratched, (gets lesser games played) which might also stunt his growing. I say give him a few games and if he isn't doing much, throw him in the OHL and let him develop there. Might point is, he needs to play a lot, get improving, work on his bad habits, etc. If he's getting few games here and there, that will be a waste and could hinder his develop since he won't be getting anywhere. And I really don't want that to happen to our arguably best prospect (not named Virtanen) IMO.
  8. If Vey keeps doing what he's doing on the PP, then why not give him some chance with the Sedins since he plays with them on the PP? Dank/Hank/Vey Kassian/Bonino/Vrbata Higgins/Horvat/Burrows Matthias/Richardson/Hansen Dorsett(when playing against tough teams he subs in with one of the 4th liners) Giving Horvat quality players will definitely help him instead of him being placed with one dimensional players. That second line could work out because both Vrbata and Bonino are finishers and Kassian can feed them the puck with his passing ability which is I believe the best here in this organization not named Sedin. Kassian can also bring that heavy, hitting presence into the top 6 which we need against heavy weight teams in the west. Higgins and Burrows have been great thus far and I think they can bring that mentor-ship to Horvat. Better to give the young guys like Kassian, and Vey a chance in the top 6 so they can improve and become better players. The older guys like Higgins and Burrows have great leadership and I strongly believe it will help Horvat in the long run. And that fourth line would look very great. A great shutdown line that can shutdown top lines if they play to their full potential. So all in all, I think Horvat should NOT go back to OHL. Let him stay here after his utica stint and get some games. Just my two cents worth.
  9. Jake "The Snake" Virtanen. That's his nickname in Calgary. Let's hope he is still the snake when making the canucks possibly next year.

  10. Virtanen injured again in game with medicine tigers... WHY!!!

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    2. Ghostsof1915
    3. Ossi Vaananen

      Ossi Vaananen

      2 g 2 a so far. Eat your own poo you monkey.

    4. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      ^ LMFAO!! Everyone watching the Canucks prospects day to day progress hoping that the closer they follow them the faster they will be NHL ready and step in to save the Canucks.

  11. Jensen and Grenier on fire tonight..

    1. RunningWild


      And Marky. Utica looking great this yr

  12. Utica is going to make the playoffs..

    1. Baka


      It's the AHL xD The rosters change everyday with call up's, additions, and injuries. Half of Utica could get called up next week and they could end up in the cellar xD

    2. BeefGormley


      If that happens, I wouldn't be mad. Giving the farm some NHL experience is good IF injuries occur :D

  13. We need to draft Ryan Pilon.

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    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Pilons do we really need them ?

    3. BeefGormley


      Hanifin needs more weight currently listed as 6'2 170 pounds.

    4. Warhippy


      I forgot that Lidstrom, Orr, Pronger et al were massive 6 foot 6 280 beef machines.

  14. Virtanen got his first point and got stoned in on a breakaway chance. He's been playing fab.

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    2. TheRussianRocket.


      ^yep, and that's a great return for any player coming off an injury like that.

    3. BanTSN


      Future all-star power forward.

    4. TheRussianRocket.
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