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  1. My 4 year old started showing signs of a strange fear of holes and clusters. Everything from the surface of Strawberry's, knots in wood to the skin of a cantaloupe. Started doing so googling and came up with these horrific images that absolutely rocked my core. Check out these Videos and let me know if it makes you want to skin yourself then light yourself on fire. Do you have Trypophobia? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UwE3xcWjfe8 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bxG2d_XBTaQ
  2. 100% impossible to tell where this kid will end up in the NHL without seeing him play in the NHL. Some of the best d in the world today were selected after the 1st round. Calling him anything right now is a complete waste of internet.
  3. @Creepy Crawler If you have rig experience I could get you a job in about 5 minutes. We literally can't operate because we are so short handed. Or if you know anyone. 

    1. Creepy Crawler

      Creepy Crawler

      That has run its course for me back int he 90's, and my friends are working at rigs in S. Korea.

    2. LaBamba


      South Korea should be a really awesome gig. 

  4. Naw man, if you're drafted 6th overall you need to score. Use your size to get to the net and protect the puck. He has shoulder issues as well. I want him to score like he did in Jr. l saw him play twice in Calgary and man could he rip a wrist shot while skating really fast. He was so big and so fast that he only had sticks and scared faces between him and the net. I really don't like him in any type of checking role. People have forgot how much skill he had before we ruined him. Travis Green will hopefully pull out that confidence buried deep inside.
  5. where did you get your profile picture from?!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Fateless


      What did I just watch.

    3. LaBamba


      It's about the worse possible outcome of a minor misunderstanding. I'll just draw this lollipop. 

    4. chon derry

      chon derry

      its labamba's life story. personally i thought she's kinda cute but i don't know who's weirder her or pencil face. I'm gunna go with her.

  6. Again the RE part of rebuilding would indicate otherwise. We are simply doing business as usual in the NHL. Every team is getting younger. Every team is trying to draft good players every team tries to sign FA's there is nothing special about the way we are doing things. By your definition every team in the league is rebuilding and to a certain extent you're accurate because the league itself is getting younger. However, Toronto and co have already taken that word. You can't compare the 2 strategies and call them the same thing. It's like you think the word rebuild is as versatile as the F wor
  7. A direct symptom of a rebuilding team is what we do at the trade deadline. This is why I don't classify us as a rebuilding team. The day you start to sacrifice now for the future is the day you start your rebuild. Call it whatever you want but don't call it a rebuild. What we are doing and what the Sabres, leafs and flames did should not be the same thing. Because of the simple fact that we have never sacrificed now for the future. That is the one undeniable characteristic of a rebuilding team. Management doesn't use the word rebuild and neither should you.
  8. Ok Jr GM. Because we sell so many players on the trade deadline. I know it's probably happened but I just don't remeber. I wonder if we have even cashed in on a UFA since the Sedin's have been on the team. It's not happening. Another baseless claim.
  9. I love Hansen more than any other player on the team but we gotta start cashing in our assets instead of letting them out to pasture. No reason for a team like us to Never trade any vets or UFA's for futures. It's actually unbelievable how we can pull this off year after year.
  10. I don't know what a straw man is or the origin of the term obviously.
  11. So saying it's ok to trade Forsling for Clendidnothing is ok because Sutter?! Am I missing the definition of grabbing straws?
  12. You really don't understand what I'm talking about eh? Because Anaheim put Etem back on waivers we could have claimed him back uncontested and would have been able to send him directly to Utica to help the Utica Comets. Everyone talks about how important it is to surround prospects with a winning environment. How is Utica any different? Etem was a free, no strings attached addition to our overall organizational strength.
  13. Who is grabbing straws here?!?!! Seriously man. You're crazy.
  14. Etem could have been reclaimed and immediately sent down to Utica. The rest of those moves didn't need to happen.
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