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  1. I would rather move Edler. IMO the D core needs to be rebuilt and the way to do that is to start by moving Edler out.
  2. Yeah, I did feel bad about leaving Biega down there. Compete levels can only get you so far though. I'm betting that one of Larsen, Tryamkin or Pedan doesn't make the team though. Would be able to move Biega up in that case. That said, I really want us to push for one of the top RD's on the market.
  3. When's he UFA? Ideally we sign him to a deal that ends just before that. Baer may not want that so we may have to overpay but it may be worth it if we can buy more UFA years on a more friendly contract.
  4. Hutton, Tanev Hamhuis, Sbisa Tryamkin, Larsen Biega, Pedan. Not necessarily the pairings, just an easier way to visualize the D. I think only one of Hamhuis/Edler stays. Makes sense to move Edler because he has value. Maybe sign a RD UFA and waive Biega or throw a D into a trade as an add on. Injuries will happen so I'm not too worried about play time.
  5. Guys. Cam we all just make a pact to not respond to chilli. If he doesn't get responses hell stop the bull$&!#
  6. Delta76

    Tate Olson | D

    Guaranteed to make the 'Nucks then. Probably will replace Edler on PP1 Thanks for posting
  7. Huge lats and back muscles. Impressive, lots of guys tend to just work on the visible muscles: abs, biceps etc.
  8. Nah I get it. Totally unjust for them to shut your thread down. The header for this clearly states Prospects and Utica Comets. Since Higgins is a Comet it should be within the rules to have a Higgins thread. There are threads dedicated to Canucks players in Canucks Talk so I don't see why it's any different here.
  9. I'm not a sensationalist. I guess this was the wrong post to call him out but to me chilliwiggins seems really quite overly critical in a lot of his posts. You may find that as you go through his posts.
  10. In general what he posts. I have never seen anything positive from him. Even when players are doing well he finds something wrong.
  11. Are you even a Canucks fan?
  12. Satanic number of pages here now...
  13. I've decided just not to respond to him. All he does is spout nonsense.
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