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  1. Hey! I just discovered the ignore feature, this forum has become fun again! Go canucks Go!
  2. Ah well,. I'm off to a socially distanced jam session. Night night ladies and gentlemen.
  3. Did we already list first concerts? The Cult Sonic Temple tour, 1989 My cool uncle took me, we had floor tickets, I came home baked from all the second hand smoke and my parents laughed at me.
  4. I do believe I have Jake the Peg live in Vancouver Town in my vinyl collection.
  5. Lol this season is so f$&_ed, I ain't even mad. I'm just glad I got to watch some hockey and I'm happy to not get so worked up over things I have no control over. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Disgusting. Not that I necessarily agree with everything the man has done but this is just another smear on the fan base.
  7. I prefer the saturated paper towel/cover/leave on top of the fridge method until the taproot pops out.
  8. Nice CBD heavy strains there Stawns
  9. Had to move, new landlady has a "no growing cannabis on the property" clause in our rental agreement. So weak, considering it's perfectly legal. So I quit my job and took a management position at a local licensed dispensary and I'm a kid in a candy store lol. Looking forward to seeing what's growin on with you guys this year.
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