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  1. I was an EA for 6 years, and walked away from it a couple of years ago and now I'm pretty glad I did. I have enough to worry about with my kids being in school.
  2. This may have been posted in the previous pages, haven't bothered to look tbh.
  3. I'd explain it to you but honestly I don't remember the last half of the 90s very well.
  4. Way ahead of ya. Happy New Years CDC, may 2021 bring better fortunes to us all. And a Stanley Cup would be a nice touch too.
  5. Hockey! I can't wait til we have something else to focus on.
  6. .... I'm a little flabbergasted right now. I live and work in a little sleepy community over on the SSC and I'd say 75% of the customers coming into our now take-out only restaurant were NOT locals. I mean it's nice to be busy but I thought... y'know...stay home and all that? I had to cancel my family holiday travel plans.... Others don't have to?
  7. https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/covid-19-second-wave-has-peaked-b-c-health-officials-say-announcing-518-new-cases