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  1. 8.2% here. An interesting Bumbleberry Milkshake IPA from Nelson Brewing Company.
  2. Davincis are pretty sweet. I have an x-Max and it works very well. I just got my hands on some Lilac Diesel from my workplace. It's unreeeaaaallll.
  3. Tonight I had the displeasure of my first run in with hostile and almost violent anti-maskers in the establishment I manage. I even have free masks for the public, if they don't have one. After a very loud shouting match they yelled "@&$$ YOU!" On their way out the door after stepping up, calling me a brainwashed sheep and threatening to sue my organization for trampling on their human rights. Who comes into a cannabis shop, the chillest place on the block, and acts like such an entitled prick?? I'm used to the odd rant here and there but 99% of my clientele are understanding and abiding by the mandate. Those of you who do, thank you, wholeheartedly, from the people who deal face to face with the public.
  4. First one had the wife and I both in bed with mild fevers. Second one wrecked us both, tbh. First day was fine, second and third weren't very fun at all.
  5. Might have to unblock him just for entertainment.
  6. Hey! I just discovered the ignore feature, this forum has become fun again! Go canucks Go!
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