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  1. Don't make it weird in here man. The last thing we need to bring up is pedophilia (ie Biden groping an 8 year old)
  2. Wouldn't it be a fact that the average age of girls I like is 13? That's not an opinion it's fact stated with numbers. But again it wouldn't be appropriate unless you check to understand what's behind the fact (am I young, is average a good measure to use...etc) For example you let's say Trump passed a veterans bill and that's a fact. Sure it is but checking into what constitues that fact can be biased. Did Congress make the ultimate decision? If so perhaps Trump isn't the best subject to use in the fact. So the fact is already stated in bias terms. Alternatively I could say your mom made you. This is a fact. But it's bias because your father made you about equally. A better and less bias fact is that your mom and dad made you. (Not using mom as the sole subject in the fact)
  3. There's the bias he mentioned. Finding a "fact" that's skewed is not best practice. I could say that the average age of girls I have liked is 13. But that wouldn't be a fair representation cuz I'm 20 and have had crushes on girls since elementary. A more accurate fact to spew is that I tend to like girls who are (2 years younger - 1 year older) than my current age. Otherwise you could spew that I'm a pedo cuz of TH FACT that "the average" age of girls I have liked in my past is 13.
  4. Vaguely spit your theory without getting banned?
  5. He said fact checking can be biased not facts themselves. You (imo) didn't read his statement properly and instead wrote on a different (assumed) topic.
  6. Penguin release Sven Andrighetto Carl Hagelin Derek Stepan Jyrki Jokipakka Justin Braun Cody Eakin Wolfgang Gobel
  7. stop &^@#ing losing by one goal in a game 7 holy $&!#
  8. The Round 2 Demon is Slayed! Matt Murray wins 4/4 as the Pens advance to the 2nd round of the playoffs for the first time in seven years. Yevgeni Kuznetsovs resurgence leads the way for the Pens with 6pts in 4games. Vanya Lodnia steps up in round 1 inching himself closer to a ridiculous contract renewal for a 120CA player. Shayne Gostisbehere continues to surprisingly lead the Penguins back end, with valuable performances from Dalibor Mlinar and rookie Anthony MacMaster. It appears likely that the Penguins will face former playoff foe New York run by a hot Igor posting a .937sv%. Will Murrays .902sv% be strong enough to weather the storm? This is uncertain but what is certain is &^@# YEAH PENS ON TO THE 2ND ROUND WOOOO
  9. Off-Season Fodder Analytics Top 5 most penalized teams: Blue Jackets Canucks Flames Islanders Stars/Jets tie Top 5 least penalized teams: Avalanche Penguins Predators Flyers Devils Top 5 most penalized players in proportion to their team: Michael Rasmussen Derek Grant Laurent Dauphin Nazem Kadri P.K. Subban Top 10 players who contributed the most to their team's powerplay (name, percentContributionOfPoints): Pierre-Luc Dubois - 21.78218 * Tyler Johnson - 18.23899 Sidney Crosby - 17.79141 Joe Veleno - 17.48252 Robert Thomas - 16.46341 Nathan MacKinnon - 16.16766 Connor McDavid - 15.85903 Jack Eichel - 15.38462 Max Pacioretty - 15.21739 Ryan O'Reilly - 15.21739 *Pierre-Luc Dubois also had the most SHP (5), 2nd placers in the league only had 3SHP Top 5 Best Shooters OR Luckiest Shooters (goals above league average shooting percentage for forwards 11.47%): -all these players had between 15-20 goals more than expected if they were shooting at league average Connor McDavid Brayden Point Mark Scheifele Nolan Patrick Joe Veleno Top 5 Unluckiest Shooters (name, goals below expected): Patrick Kane -12.2663 Nicolas Pelletier -10.5603 Matthew Cassidy -10.2373 Jordan Kyrou -9.8932 Leevi Aaltonen -9.4021 Top 5 worst unaccounted for team contributors: -calculated as players with biggest gap in ES points and +/- OR "unaccounted for +/-" Drake Batherson Oliver Bjorkstrand Adam Fox Nicolas Pelletier Nicklas Backstrom Top 5 best unaccounted for team contributors: Thomas Chabot Morgan Rielly Dustin Byfuglien Ty Smith Olli Maatta
  10. Katy Perry speaks on 2023 Penguins season performance That question will be answered in the playoffs. As for other season things: Recap: Team played good in the middle, sucked at start and finish. MVP: Shayne Gostisbehere // Noah Hanifin split award Most excite: Bernhard Mbabu Most disappoint: Kirby Dach Most retard: Jyrki Jokipakka wtf bros score on a PP u dumbos: Dalibor Mlinar, Sami Vatanen Playoff expectations: -Hope to make round 3 at least; expect to go out round 1 to JE Most likely to bring the heat: Vanya Lodnia Most likely to choke: Matt Murray
  11. I don't know if it is required anymore tbh but if so send down Sven Andrighetto and call up Anthony MacMaster &^@#in pussies better figure it out...
  12. CDC Puck is NOT some other gay league, it is a great league, the best league, a league that people tell me it sucks not to be a part of. Believe me this is the best league out there. Any league Master Mind and theJazz97 are a part of is a great league. Tremendous league. Truly the best. cc: @Master Mind @thejazz97