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  1. There's 5 people left in the game: You, me, NIK, AV, DM In all likeliness there is only 1 mafia left. This does allow us 1 mistake as long as DM doesn't get GKd. It's not me. I'm quite confident that it's not you. It likely isn't NIK but he may be a deepwolf and should be treated as such if AV flips green(he won't). DM is meh. Can never get a read on the guy. AV has had post after post of anti-town sentiment. We lynch AV this round because his level of scuminess is eons higher than anyone else atm. Do some readings, apply various mafia scumhunting techniques, aggregate your readings and AV is most certainly the scummiest in your rankings when all due diligence is done. IF barring some miracle this guy is not scum, I likely get killed, if not you and you/we got 1 more round to figure it out (IF DM doesn't get GKD)
  2. Yes but it's round 3 now and the expectation is to be better by round 3. I was horse$&!# in round 1 the game that Aladeen MVPd. By the end of the next round I had solved the entire mafia team. BK is a sacrifice that I was wrong about in round 1. As a townie it's on me to get better from there. I was right about SS. Quite stupid that you would pick out me being wrong about BK despite being right about SS. 50% accuracy is far greater than the expected ~30% a RNG robot with random chance would get. By all means, this has been a good individual game thus far Yet for whatever reason...you think after whatever due diligence that you've done...that AV is saying anything townie at this point? It's pretty &^@#in obvious that he's either scum or playing a bastard town game.
  3. Qwags unvoting in reaction to AVs posts is REALLY concerning. Not sure what game this guy is playing to believe whatever angle AV is throwing out there. Locking a vote this early on me is also NOT a towny play. Not sure wtf Qwags is thinking
  4. Yeah NIK is thinking quite clearly. Qwags unvoting is concerning. Not a good sign, way too much potato, should probably stick to playing Among Us. The best way this game goes is to immediately vote out AV. If for whatever reason that's not it, then it is time to examine between DM and NIK. We have this game in our hands. Its up to Qwags whether or not he wants to screw it up.
  5. Pree sure AV is in desperation mode. Dont think a townie would lock a vote on me so early. We just need teamwork from the dynamic trio of NIK Qwags and myself and we can take down the lecherous AV. If we don't stay the course...well then
  6. Pens Awards: Presidents Trophy - it's something Uhhhh Taylor Hall was nice I suppose. Thanks for your time. Murray will be available (20 games in) for anyone needing a starting goalie. 1/4 or so of my team will need to be sold enough within the next little while to become cap compliant for next year so come get eerrr.
  7. Call up Anthony MacMaster Substitute for Chad Krys @Nail
  8. Lol maybe I should let you win so I can get my UFA prices driven down in RGMG
  9. Don't wanna vote AV yet tho cuz I've seen enough mafia rounds to know that whoever leads 10mins into the round never ends up getting lynched. Let it be known that my vote will be on AV barring any major suspicious posts by DM.
  10. Really dont think Qwags would save me last minute there if he were mafia. This leaves a pool of DM/AV. Probably best to not overthink, in all likeliness the guy both Aladeen AND Falcon wanted to vote out (AV) is the last remaining guy.
  11. NIK IS NOT MAFIA Looking at his interactions earlier in the game with SS it is pretty obvious that they would not be teammates.
  12. Yeah I saved my ass just to kill my teammate instead :woozy_face: What a zero sum game that would be :/
  13. Who would kill Falcon... Tbh that seems like a SS kill. Will have to go back and read Falcs posts to see why in The world he was targeted over a guy like NIK