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  1. Congrats to Vanya on a legendary career.
  2. Let's get back on track shall we,,, This dish was seen in Bali some years ago...
  3. Pens resign Celestin 2y Edstrom 2y Savage 2y Muller 2y Knetchel 5y
  4. Congrats to Vanya on like 4 different trophies woot woot stop choking in the playoffs brutal
  5. Penguins Glass Eichel Tolvanen Marner Knetchel Murray Kitchen Keller Kaprizov (KKK) Savage McGing Noonan Pottinger Mlinar Muller Brittain Meurs Kawalit Brett Go team go
  6. Send down Derek Fiore (Fiore) Fletcher Imbeault Call up Johnny Savage
  7. Penguins place a claim on Tommy Morin,,, waive Kelvin Di-Bernardo if successful
  8. Congrats to Vanya on the 12/13 Hart and Art Ross trophies
  9. Penguins accept 2 years for all
  10. eeeeewwwww Vanya is freakin dirtyyyyyy 35 goals in 29 WHL games how ya doin? Was I injured for the other games or something @Intoewsables?
  11. Penguins call up Edwin Noonan, Derek Fiore and Fletcher Imbeault
  12. Info: First Name: Vanya Last Name: Barbindamousse Date of Birth: (09/11) Place of Birth: Vancouver, WA Nationality: US Second Nationality (Optional): RU Primary Position: LW Seconary Position(s) (Optional): RW Height (cm): 206 Weight (kg): 80 Handedness: Right Jersey Number: 54 Junior Preference: None/College/Major Junior/Europe Starting Team*: Barrie Otters Player Type: Finesse Role: Offensive Role: 20 Defensive Role: 1 Total Role Points: 21 Staff Attributes: Adaptability: 8 Ambition: 16 Determination: 20 Loyalty:
  13. I know there might be outrage if Petey doesn't score but remember that a good center produces 50ish points. Wingers take up most of the scoring in this league so I expect Boeser to have a good night.
  14. Penguins release Joshua Morrissey
  15. 2031 NHL Mock Entry Draft wow its already 2031 , incredile #1 - Zach Scott - (RNK 1) Zach Scott has an elite comparable and is a winger. This is very cute to begin with. However, a deeper dive may suggest that this player is indeed Phillip Kessel reborn. If this does happen to be the case, a quick glance at Kessel's stats may suggest a high offensive role which may translate to Scott being an offensive juggernaut for years to come in this league. Standing at 6ft 191lbs, there is some concern this 18 year old could be too fat, much like his ancestor. This may be an imp
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