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  1. Someone wanna give me a recap woozy face I like the cut of LLs jib. Still think BK is acting sus. These reads may or may not be because they posted on this page lel
  2. Oh f0k hope I'm alive lel --pg 9 ,,, Will have some time in a bit while chilling in the airport
  3. How would he not know he's vanilla. It clearly states if you don't receive a pm..
  4. This is sus BK being too serious off the gate is also sus Falc, BK added to my cart;,,;,
  5. Why would you guys vote me when my PM says specifically that I get lynch immunity on the first three nightfalls??
  6. Oh I missed the part in my dms that says Qwags is more mafia than Aladeen Unvote; Vote Qwags
  7. Wow Fatty not partaking cuz he's got "life". Big surprise!
  8. Why does my PM say Aladeen is mafia?? Vote Aladeen
  9. Dylan Wilkie will be a great backup. Really excels at stickhandling. @Qwags
  10. Congrats to Vanya on a legendary career.
  11. Let's get back on track shall we,,, This dish was seen in Bali some years ago...
  12. Pens resign Celestin 2y Edstrom 2y Savage 2y Muller 2y Knetchel 5y
  13. Congrats to Vanya on like 4 different trophies woot woot stop choking in the playoffs brutal
  14. Penguins Glass Eichel Tolvanen Marner Knetchel Murray Kitchen Keller Kaprizov (KKK) Savage McGing Noonan Pottinger Mlinar Muller Brittain Meurs Kawalit Brett Go team go
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