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  1. Congratulations to Matt Murray on the Vezina.. Very well deserved!!
  2. Joakim Nordstrom is a good depth signing and a valuable depth piece for the left wing. Believing Joakim is a center is quite dazzling and morally reprehensible.
  3. Penguins would like to veto Capitals claim and place their own claim on Stelio Mattheos
  4. But isn't it a certainty that the Canucks will be able to project Petey/Hughes next contract with quite confidence?
  5. Yeah it might be relatively high, think 9m/7m type deal. But the Canucks nor any other team (other than the leafs) would overpay an RFA. At the end of the day their next contract value is determined by what will happen if an arbitrator comes knocking at their door.
  6. You don't get to make that statement as you refuse to release your taxes, by the terms of the CRA you have in fact potentially committed Tax fraud and evasion but as of this moment you are free from investigation at the federal level. Which is why you are fighting at the CDC level to keep your records sealed See how silly it is to make these assumptions based off news articles and your opinion of him "hiding" his returns === him guilty of tax "evasion".
  7. I don't tend to voice a political opinion. I'm just here to get the facts straight with regards to tax, something I'd actually know what I'm talking about. I don't know politics. Not here to pick a side. Not qualified enough to give a legitimate assertion for either party.
  8. Walk it like you talk it. Post your tax returns from 2009-current
  9. Mfw I cite accounting concepts and others keep citing media -.- The very credible indianexpress states
  10. Someone who is not on Trumps accounting team "predicting" something is not a reliable source. When he does get charged for tax evasion, as you claim, I will change my tune. But as of now he is only certain to have committed tax avoidance.
  11. Why do you assume he's "hiding" his tax returns. There's absolutely no reason for him to make those publically available other than for the media to make another article. Do you want to post your tax returns for us to see here? The IRS will handle that side of his finances.
  12. No but accounting is my field and I know the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion
  13. No man. Trump is committing tax avoidance if anything not tax evasion. Learn your concepts before you speak out about them.
  14. No buddy. You still don't know what you're talking about. That's a very silly statement to be making there. The IRS does NOT "want" their money back. They either are or are not entitled to it. This is determined through the auditing process. The auditing process for this is not complete. They are doing their due diligence to ensure their audit is in accordance to their own policies; they do not WANT anything other than verification that both parties are abiding by their duties. Yeah it's called depreciation. That sure is a simplified and incorrect interpretation of IRC 263(a), Abandonment and Obsolescence Losses by IRS definition: is as follows “A loss may be allowed for the abandonment of a depreciable asset in the amount of its adjusted basis if the owner manifests an irrevocable intent to abandon (discard) the asset so that it will neither be used again by the taxpayer or retrieved for sale, exchange, or other disposition. An abandonment loss is an ordinary loss (whether or not the abandoned property is a partial asset).” See: Trump initially made an agreement with banker and poker player Andrew Beal, owner of Beal Bank, which held $500 million in the group's debt, to take over the resorts. However, citing concerns about the bank's lack of gaming experience, he dropped them in favor of hedge fund Avenue Capital Management, a plan favored by other bondholders. Beal then partnered with investor, Carl Icahn, who had worked on restructuring another Atlantic City casino, the Tropicana.[29] In court, Trump argued that he would fight the Icahn/Beal team if they sought to use his name and likeness on the group's properties.[30] Instead he signed an agreement with Avenue Capital in which he would receive 5% stock in the reorganized company and another 5% in exchange for the use of his name and likeness in perpetuity. Things to note: -he did drop ownership with IRREVOCABLE INTENT -the new group reconstructed and WANTED to use Trumps name (intangible asset) -INSTEAD of going to court to fight it, they came to an AGREEMENT for his INTANGIBLE ASSET His intent for the deductions does not care for a settlement on his brand (which occurred after he forfeited ownership). IF ACM planned to not use his brand, this settlement never would have taken place. Therefore it is quite obvious he abided by IRC 263(a) with his final intent to lose ownership of the property with no intent at the time of abandonment to make any exchanges post-abandonment. Trump was not President from 2010-2016 no? Trump was audited in this time frame, no? Nothing is being delayed just because he is president. As you should. Stop speaking on matters that are not in the realm of your expertise. You proved my and @WHL rocks point of consuming sensationalist media without doing any research. Can't believe I wasted my time just to defend myself from a simp'.
  15. ^this. The whole tax scandal is purely media and irrational people overreacting when they have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to taxes.
  16. Dude/Dudette just admit you don't know anything about Joakim Nordstrom to claim he's mediocre. NORDSTROM - 7 FACEOFFS TAKEN / 48GP BOESER - 30 FACEOFFS TAKEN / 57GP I guess Boeser is a center too :}
  17. He's a LW not a center. Doesn't even take long to just look at the #of Faceoffs he's taken to figure that out. How are you able to judge that he's mediocre when you don't even know the player? Why speak out of ignorance? Makes one look rather silly. Martin Luther King Jr.
  18. There's 5 people left in the game: You, me, NIK, AV, DM In all likeliness there is only 1 mafia left. This does allow us 1 mistake as long as DM doesn't get GKd. It's not me. I'm quite confident that it's not you. It likely isn't NIK but he may be a deepwolf and should be treated as such if AV flips green(he won't). DM is meh. Can never get a read on the guy. AV has had post after post of anti-town sentiment. We lynch AV this round because his level of scuminess is eons higher than anyone else atm. Do some readings, apply various mafia scumhunting techniques, aggregate your readings and AV is most certainly the scummiest in your rankings when all due diligence is done. IF barring some miracle this guy is not scum, I likely get killed, if not you and you/we got 1 more round to figure it out (IF DM doesn't get GKD)
  19. Yes but it's round 3 now and the expectation is to be better by round 3. I was horse$&!# in round 1 the game that Aladeen MVPd. By the end of the next round I had solved the entire mafia team. BK is a sacrifice that I was wrong about in round 1. As a townie it's on me to get better from there. I was right about SS. Quite stupid that you would pick out me being wrong about BK despite being right about SS. 50% accuracy is far greater than the expected ~30% a RNG robot with random chance would get. By all means, this has been a good individual game thus far Yet for whatever reason...you think after whatever due diligence that you've done...that AV is saying anything townie at this point? It's pretty &^@#in obvious that he's either scum or playing a bastard town game.
  20. Qwags unvoting in reaction to AVs posts is REALLY concerning. Not sure what game this guy is playing to believe whatever angle AV is throwing out there. Locking a vote this early on me is also NOT a towny play. Not sure wtf Qwags is thinking
  21. Yeah NIK is thinking quite clearly. Qwags unvoting is concerning. Not a good sign, way too much potato, should probably stick to playing Among Us. The best way this game goes is to immediately vote out AV. If for whatever reason that's not it, then it is time to examine between DM and NIK. We have this game in our hands. Its up to Qwags whether or not he wants to screw it up.