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  1. I was thinking, “you can’t have that number”. It seems weird to me but I guess it had to happen sooner or later, if it’s not going up on the ring beside Burr.
  2. Is this really all he’s going to get? The fine and that’s all? No face to face player meeting or anything at all? That’s really ridiculous if he gets to play again next game, or again this season for that matter. Someone’s going to take a Marty McSorely golf swing at his noggin.
  3. We have such poor performance on the power play in the majority of the games this season and last season. It’s a problem.
  4. Demko was skating like he had a nut being squeezed by his can
  5. Who spoke when it was one minute left in the period? Didn’t sound like our normal announcer.
  6. They have put in a great effort tonight and really exceeded my expectations. I’m actually amazed.
  7. I hope he isn’t playing when he shouldn’t be to keep an Ironman streak alive. If he’s really actually healthy, fine, play. But if he’s not, this is stupid.
  8. Oh no, not these announcers again. Galley isn’t bad but the other guy, well, I’m turning it off.
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