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  1. I wouldnt complain with anybody listed, my number 1 choice would be Hartman though. I think he would be the best fit and become an instant fan favourite. He can play center or wing. Hoping Sutts gets better, but in this case if he doesn't, this would be a great replacement. Miller - Pete - Boeser Pearson - Bo - Garland Hoglander - Hartman - Podkolzin Motte - Dickinson - Chiasson Lammikko and Highmore are the extras. That's a really good bottom 6 in my opinion. I think that has the potential to be a contender lineup. Speed, skill, tenacity, two way play.
  2. I was thinking more along the lines of Aidan Mcdonough, guy is an absolutely lethal shooter. I think he is the next steal for us.
  3. I see Miller as trade bait this offseason to acquire a top level RD or another 1st round draft pick.
  4. I think Bo has been outstanding so far as well. But, Bo is a machine, so it's not surprising.
  5. I dont know if it's just me, but I get weirdo vibes from Hirsch. I don't think he's a good broadcaster either, nothing against him. I've heard his past story and depression is terrible, but his sense of humor on the broadcast is very strange sometimes. Would love to have a guy like Bieksa take Cheechs old position.
  6. Hey ya'll So with the way the team is structured, in my opinion this is the best team since 2011. But, saying that, there are still a couple holes that I see. I think our depth is great, but we're lacking some edge in our bottom 6. A player that teeters on the line of dirty/clean. The kind of players like Torres, Lapierre, Hansen and how they were essential for our 2011 cup run. Here are a couple options I see, with teams I think won't be in the mix come trade deadline. Ryan Hartman - His contract alone is a steal for what he brings. He plays an aggressive two way, in your face type of game. He's not afraid to drop the gloves, he's got skill, always pissing the other team off and I think he would change the dynamic of our bottom 6. Nick Paul - Pending Ufa, plays a heavy game, doesn't fight too much, but man he was great at the past world championship. He has some scoring upside and If we run in to injury troubles, he can slide up to the 3rd line and wouldn't hurt us. Austin Watson - gritty 4th line player, can hang with the heavyweights, would classify him more as a middleweight. Doesn't hurt you in your own zone, but definitely isn't going to provide much in terms of skill. I believe Ottawa used him on the penalty kill last year. Lawson Crouse - with him being young and getting an increased role on a bad team, I would assume the yotes might want to hold on to him. Saying that, if he became available, he could be great for our 3rd line. 6'4 and 220, he plays like it and isn't your prototypical tough guy who can't play important minutes. Defensively responsible, good forechecker, yotes usually use him a lot when holding on to a lead and he seems to be developing each year in to a better scorer and overall player. Anyways, what are your thoughts? Do you agree on the outlook of our team or do you think we need make adjustments elsewhere?
  7. People who don't want to be vaccinated numbnuts. This will extend in to ppls jobs. Look at AirCanada. Support the commies bruv. I'm done.
  8. I agree with you, but there is no point arguing with a lot of these posters. Their rebuttals are predictable and sound like msm hogwash. At the end of the day, people saying that taking ppls choice with their own body's away are completely wrong.
  9. I really wasn't a fan of this draft and with it being such a crapshoot, being able to offload those contracts and snag OEL, Garland was great. That could turn out to be a turning point for this franchise into legitimacy again.
  10. I will die.... one day. We all die bud. I can handle the truth, but can you? I'm not saying covid isn't real, it is. But, has anybody on global/cbc/cnn discussed the success of ivermectin against covid?
  11. Deluded state. Funny you say that. Keep spewing the msm narrative bud, all hail Justin Castro.
  12. Dude you're delusional. Enjoy your 10th booster off the 25th variant. I don't care if your vaxxed or not, wishing for someone's death is pathetic. Masks have been proven not to work via Rand Paul and the Fauci email scandal - which had been proven to be true. The vaccines don't even work, we're seeing high levels of covid in vaxxed people. What's the point of the vaccine then?
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