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  1. I work with Heinens brother in Surrey. Apparently the deal fell through because of quarantine requirements. Maybe revisited in the offseason? Probably more to the story or deal, but it was a short convo.
  2. Brandt Clarke, Guenther!! Matt Coronato looks like a player to keep an eye on for the 2nd round. Also, I wouldn't rule out Lind becoming that player for us.
  3. Boeser is getting in to that category of untouchables, but yeah those 3 are the surefire untouchables on the team. Hopefully In the next year or two Hogz, Podz & our top pick this year can be in that category as well.
  4. I for one am done with Jake. I think hes a very underwhelming player. I could say he's a useful player if he showed up every game and at least provided physicality, but he's soooo inconsistent. I don't think he will turn in to anything, but a bottom 6 player for the rest of his career.
  5. If we were to get Heinen, we need to beef up that third line In the offseason in the worst way. I would overpay for Lowry. We need a third line that can not only chip in offensively, but make it hard on the opposition.
  6. Woo isn't going to be ready until at least 2023 Ideally we could find our way out of Myers contract at that point.
  7. I would give Benning one more year. I feel we're playing a lot better recently, but we need to desperately change our bottom 6 and tinker with our defense. I think a combination of getting Podz, Tryamkin, shedding some salary, potential top 5 pick & players like Gadjovich, Lind, Focht, Jasek - provide a lot of optimism going forward for our bottom 6.
  8. Brandt Clarke is my top target this draft. What a thought to add him to Quinn for our defensive core. He might even be able to start in the nhl next season. Hughes - Tryamkin Schmidt - Clarke Juolevi - Myers I'm not sure if Clarke and Quinn would be a good pairing, based on their play style.
  9. That is correct. Players I think we should take a look at Savard, Schwartz, Laughton, Hyman, Lowry, Larsson. One defensively reliable right dman, 1 gritty two way in your face 3rd line center & a possible second line forward for Bo.
  10. I'm thinking he could make the team, depending on spots available. Sutter will likely be gone, Virtanen possibly traded, Pearson is a question mark, Gauds also a question mark. Podkolzin is going to be in at least a top 9 position, but there will be some spots available.
  11. I wonder if David Savard might be an option for Quinn in the summer.
  12. No, Podz is a very aggressive two way player. He is great along the walls, good passer, doesn't have a very good shot & he could gain a step in skating. I think he would be one of our best penalty killers instantly, once he comes over.
  13. Dmen rankings 1) B.Clarke 2) Power 3) Edvinsson 4) Lambos 5) Hughes
  14. Well let's get this thread going ... going to be some short term pain for long term gain.