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  1. I hope he goes to Ottawa. But, im thinking it's either LA or Nyr who get him. He would take that Ottawa team to the next level, as long as they didn't include Tkachuk, Stutzle, Batherson, Chabot.
  2. Why couldn't we be bad next season or the one after. Had to be this draft year. I'm only keen on a few prospects and I don't know much about any else. Next season Wright, Savoie, Lambert, Miroshnichenko are very elite.
  3. I was hoping for Lowry, than that idea was thrown in the trash. Second option was Beniers and it looks like that will be thrown in the trash as well. I wouldn't be opposed to a 1 year deal with a decent cap hit for Bozak. If Beagle's injury is as bad as they say it is, he could be on LTIR next year and that opens up Sutter to return for the 4thbline center. I would not mind that one bit. Pete Bo Bozak Sutts That's not badddd.
  4. I would have Gillman and Ryan Johnson at the top of the list. Rutherford made some real head scratching moves in the last few seasons. Mind you, he has made some moves to put Pittsburgh over the top. I'm intrigued by Johnson, because he seems like a very well spoken and intelligent hockey mind. I would probably want him to be our AGM first though. I would even be open to Gillis coming back. As long as the scouting stays the same.
  5. I don't think they would be in cap trouble. Yhe one main contract they need to worry about is Pionk and he is going to get PAID.
  6. This is our year my friend. Law of attraction, speak it in to reality and then curse bettman out after they screw us again. This is the canuck way.
  7. I'm personally expecting us to drop a few spots, based on our upcoming horrendous schedule. I would love for us to get one of Beniers, Guenther or Clarke. I think Beniers might be able to play a 3rd line center for us as soon as next year. That's wishful thinking though.
  8. He also thought Sonny Milano was going to be a better player than Jake. I am the first one to hate on Jake, but if the season wasn't cut short last year he would have had 40 points. A lot of players from that draft class haven't had a 40 point season. Is he a bust for a 6th overall pick, Yes. I still remember being so disappointed that we didn't snag Ehlers. Button I find is a bit biased towards the eastern prospects (Leafs)
  9. Literally just read the list. Button is delusional.
  10. I think it would be smart to start letting the prospects fill the positions. Saying that, we do not have a reliable 3rd line center in our system. So, if the opportunity came to get that for a decent price, I would be all over that. Lowry/Laughton or if you want a cheap 1 year deal - someone like Bozak. David Savard would be nice as well, would help us tremendously.
  11. No Guenther? Guenther is rated above Johnson for me.
  12. Apparently Lysells puck skills are off the charts. But, that's just what scouts say. I haven't watched a game of his.
  13. Wallstedt is going to be very good, but with Demko in the fold not likely. Sebastian Cossa, would be an interesting option in the 2nd though.
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