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  1. If that Boeser could come back, no question. Boeser is a low maintenance player as well and seems like a great person.
  2. The Powerplay would be dynamite. Laine and Petey teeing up perfect one timers from Hughes.
  3. Love the way Gallagher plays, but not at 6.5 per over 6 seasons. I think the max i was thinking was 4.75 over 4 seasons.
  4. I hope they don't win a cup. Vegas is in the category of most hated franchises.
  5. Not giving Marky term & nmc was smart. Not overpaying on term for Tanev, who is almost always injured. Stecher is replaceable. But, letting Toffoli walk at that price was a huge headscratcher. There are still some very good Rfa's. Sergachev, Cernak, Reinhart. Could be a trickle down effect after Petro gets signed. Im really left confused.
  6. Reasoning given will be he is a foundational piece and has ginormous balls. Ohhhh, it all makes sense. Damn you Jim!!!!
  7. I'm going to be an alcoholic by the end of this offseason. Jim is supporting alcoholism. Damn you Jim!!!
  8. The only thing i can see as a positive is that, we will be bad next year. Gain a very high 1st, plus have some assets to sell off at the tdl, which Jim will probably get slim to none for. He will draft well. I can't see Montreal resigning Gallagher next season, with Anderson and Toffoli now locked up. I would want Gallagher big time next offseason.
  9. I'm not sure 4.25 at 4 year term for Toff is an anchor. But, I know what your saying. Toffoli should be able to be a consistent 20 goal scorer for each of those years. Pretty fair price.