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  1. Agree with your draft ideas of defensemen, centres and perhaps a goalkeeper. Also, I agree that some of the special assistant coaches need to be changed up with a new perspective. Our powerplay is totally hit and miss and very predictable to defend.
  2. Totally agree with the idea of giving them 3 games to see where they are. If they take 5/6 points then carry on a few games at a time. If they are sub 500 in the first half dozen games start playing the young kids to see what they offer for the future. And, sit some of the vets. Hard to trade or deal with seriously injured players come draft/trade time.
  3. Who would you replace Benning with? Who is out there? What about Green? Same question.
  4. Eichel is not McDavid, Crosby or MacKinnon. I would never make this trade. I do agree that we need to find an elite defenseman to play with Hughes. Tanev like in being responsible in his own end but still with some offensive capabilities. Also, someone with some grit to be able to stand up for Hughes and his teammates.
  5. Totally agree. Montreal already let him walk and why would they bring him back if they too are in sight of missing the playoffs. I don't think Edler will get that return. He is old, slow and injury prone.
  6. I would even consider getting Myers out of there. Let him go to Seattle. What's your thoughts on the goalkeepers?
  7. Totally agree. Look at the other end of the ice. Seldom can our defense knock any opposing players on their butts. They end up having a tailgate party in front of Demko ending it off with a goal. No muscle. I think guys like Edler and Myers are afraid of getting hurt and ending their seasons. Hughes can get outmuscled by a 16 year old Jr player everytime. No one at either end is an intimidating force.
  8. I would say we need at least 65 points to get into the playoffs. We have to hope that other teams win their other games outright and don't end up being 3 point games. That is killing us right now.
  9. I love your idea for the Petey line. First guy to manhandle him gets a face full of MacEwen. Love it. Time to add some grit to this line up of weaklings.
  10. So true. Why are the Canucks not using their young guns and giving them some playing experience. This team is not going anywhere this season. I just don't get it. Sit Benn, Myers or even Edler for a game and let OJ play. At least he has some speed to get back into his own end. When Benn pinches and fails he is done. Might as well skate to the bench and let the next guy jump on. Time to see what the potential future holds for this team. If they don't pan out then you can trade them, cut them or send them down.
  11. Too bad we didn't start Holtby with the team playing peewee hockey in front of their own net. Without Demko the Habs could have been in double digits with the elite scoring chances they had all night. Demko's numbers get inflated because of the poor play in front of him. Question: What is with the Canuck players not having the ability to shoot the puck out of their own end of the ice? It is as if their sticks are made from limp spaghetti. Numerous times the Canuck players had the chance to clear the puck only to put it on the sticks of the Hab players waiting at the blueline. And Mi
  12. Totally agree. And, the last place you want to be if you are begging to be left alone is on National tv (Oprah). Before you consider getting married you should always check out who the in-laws are going to be (lol).
  13. If the Canucks want to see any of the Utica players in a Canuck uniform this year they better begin to plan to bring them up. They need to quarantine for 14 days before they can even start practicing, etc. As for the taxi squad--do they practice with the team? If they aren't going to be put into the line up then why not send them somewhere where they can get some real hockey action? Put a taxi squad team into the WHL bubble in Kelowna or Kamloops! LOL
  14. Benning sounded a lot like Trudeau sounds when giving answers to questions from reporters or in the House. Just generalizations and excuses never putting the team on his own back and taking responsibility. And, let's hope that like Trudeau, Benning won't be around too much longer.
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