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  1. Agree that we need to begin to see what our younger players can do. I wouldn't bet the farm or worry about Tryamkin being part of the team's future. Also, Gallagher would be pricey for this team to fit into the budget.
  2. If I was Benning I would try and get the players to sign a 3 year bridge deal. With the cap uncertainty signing anyone for long term deals at big money doesn't make sense for the whole team. Remember, Benning is responsible for signing all the players and make the puzzle pieces fit. Question??? Does Elias deserve more than Draisaitl?
  3. Good pitching beats good hitting most of the time. And, the Jays just don't have those 2 aces who can mow down the opposition players when needed. Also, time for our young guns to stop relying on their AAA league stats and start working hard on their defence, batting (not always swinging for the fences) and base running skills. I agree with most that we need a top end slugger who is dependable, an ace pitcher and some additional players who can run.
  4. Only problem in that Sutter can't go a month of regular play without being on the injured list. Minny would look at that history for sure.
  5. No way the Canucks should sign Tavev for 4-5 more years. We already have Edler on defense as a traffic cone. Go with the youth, speed and grit. How many players can a team buyout in a season? One?
  6. Why is everybody in a hurry to get rid of Boeser? I would love to get this guy and would give them Pearson and Jake in a heartbeat. Maybe throw in Ericsson too for nothing LOL.
  7. Vegas is a big team and they are hard to knock off of the puck. Our defense isn't big and strong enough collectively to physically move guys. They are always trying to stick check along the boards and that isn't effective against a team like Vegas. Most disappointing fact is that there seemed to be a lack of fire in most of the players, except Demko, Petterssen and Stecher. Horvat and Tofoli were no shows other than faceoffs. Tired of accpeting 'next year will be better'. Have heard that for 50 years now.
  8. Go with your best and who has brought you this far. Also, it will add some incentive as he and his agent are trying to see what the Canucks are willing to offer on a new contract. I would put MacEwen into the line up and the first time Reaves or McNabb touch one of our players after the whistle sic him on them. As long as no one is answering the bell they will continue to 'bully' our top players. I would rather see us go down swinging instead of limping off like a rag doll.
  9. We need some heavy weights back on defense. Yes, Edler and Myers are big boys but they have glass jaws and are afraid to fight because they are carrying nagging injuries all of the time. Note that Vegas has big boys but they can all skate really well. Or, is our defense slow and that makes the Vegas guys look fast?
  10. Couldn't agree with your more. In very few sports regarding long playoff series is there a winning team just made up of young inexperienced players. You have to have the veteran (experience) core. Also, the Canucks still are short on grit. Rousell is not the answer. We need to develop players who can score but yet are willing to hit and push back. This series is beginning to look like the way Boston ragdolled the Canucks a few years ago. And, with the referees not calling much we need to figure it out in a hurry.
  11. I agree with several posters about needing back end help. Tanev and Edler have become traffic cones of late. Yes, they block more shots than most but they can't move the puck out of their own end with any regularity. When caught at the offensive blue line 90% of the league's forwards can out race them to the puck. So many of Edler's dumb penalties are when he is beat and he interferes or trips the opposing player who is screaming buy him after the loose puck. Time to look for some youth, size and speed for the back end. And someone who isn't afraid to answer the bell and defend his felllow teammates.
  12. We need to answer the bell and can't expect Rousell to do all of the answering. We need McEwen in the line up to help defend our more vulnerable players who are getting pushed around after the whistles. Vegas is playing the same game that Boston did when they ragdolled the Sedins, etc. If no one stands up against the bully then they will keep getting bullied.
  13. Let Tanev go. We don't need another Edler type player on the team contractually speaking (older, slower, big money).
  14. Coaching 16-19 year olds doesn't require a resume of being a tough former NHL player. It requires patience and a connection to each kid and their goals. In his defense the Rockets had (still have) a number of their major players hurt throughout the second half of the season. The players will go to the wall for Mallette. Let's see if he can get this team turned around in time for the playoffs and MC.