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  1. not surprised there's been so many massive earthquakes in Chile, two fault lines that move towards eachother right by it.
  2. Furious 7 - 9/10 that ending tho, manly tears were shed
  3. cause anytime someone gets any momentum the feed him to Cena for some reason lol
  4. they aren't going anywhere with it, Furious 7 is out in 5 days That's the only reason the Rock and Ronda Rousey were even there
  5. did you not see the replay of the knee when they slowed it down? lol Lesnar's eye was bleeding and swollen and he was bleeding from the mouth as well, it was more than just the one punch
  6. Reigns is actually a moron, he actually connected with so many punches and knees and then legit cut open lesnar's head on the post for real reckless
  7. If Taker is going to just disappear for another year now then having him win that makes absolutely no sense
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