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  1. “Also everyone take their vitamins tomorrow because mine won’t work if you don’t take urs (yours).” Legend!
  2. Now please EP 8x8 QH 4x6 Dickinson 3x2.5 Sutter 2x1.5 Schenn 2x1 Halak/Raanta 1x2 Juolevi 2x1 Cap Space: 29.5 - 22.0 = 7.5 to spend on RD and depth
  3. Now you know! But seriously tell me who you would have signed for 2 years and how much per year? I'm sure you're a great GM on EA sports though
  4. By signing Holtby he did actually exactly that. We needed a goalie under contract in 2021/22 to expose in the expansion draft. Otherwise we would have lost Demko. We traded for Bowey for the same reason (to not expose Myers,Schmidt or OJ)
  5. Agree that McPhee did a great job. I also think some other GM's did not do a great job dealing with Vegas.. Yeah but the team they originally drafted (including trades) made it to the final in the first season. Also look here Forwards Palat, Voracek, van Riemsdyk, McCann, Bailey, Gourde, Donskoi, Niederreiter, Eberle, Killorn, Tarasenko, Drouin, Tanev, Athanasiou, Zucker. Defencemen Giordano, Weber, Subban, Shattenkirk, Scandella, Gostisbehere, Dunn, Zadorov, Butcher, Schultz, Dillon, de Haan, Lauzon, Bean, Stecher, Gudas, Soucy, Pettersson, Dermott,
  6. I strongly disagree.. otherwise we could also get rid of the cap.. if someone can pay all the best players why shouldn't they be allowed to do so? It's because we want parity in the league and not 1 or 2 dominating teams forever. Just look how boring sports are without cap (European soccer e.g.) The real difference between now and 20+ years ago is that the density of top players increased (in all sports). Therefore 20+years ago if a team protects its best 8 players there would only be a bunch of goons left to pick.. Nowadays there is so much talent out there that you can get to
  7. Yeah I get that they had to pay a lot to get in.. but according to that logic if they would have paid even more would they be allowed to get McDavid then? How much an owner has to pay shouldn't affect the players available for the entry draft.. they should have to build their teams over time just like any other expansion team had to except Vegas.. Money is a funny thing.. for me 10$ are worth more than $650m to someone like Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos.. True but on the other hand it seems like teams who don't have that much elite talent but are deep and can roll 4 l
  8. So after Vegas now Seattle gets gifted a Playoff team.. honestly looking at the players available it makes me question the system.. Maybe teams should have been allowed to protect 8 forwards and 4 D and a goalie.. to prevent Seattle/Vegas from being one of the best teams straight away.. on top of that put both teams in Canucks division - great! Thank you NHL! It's not Vegas/Seattles fault that the system is how it is but I have only hate and disrespect for those 2 teams..
  9. The reason why I think they will take Holtby is not because he's the best goalie available (he's not) but because we are able to protect all of our assets. Players available for Seattle: Eriksson, Roussel, Beagle, Ferland, Jasek, Palmu, Hawrlyuk, Virtanen, MacEwan, Bailey and 2 out of Lind, Highmore, Gadjovich Defense: Bowey, Brisebois (rest are UFAs) I mean there is just nothing really on the table except for Holtby. Or would they take Highmore or Gadjovich or Brisebois? I'm sure Vegas and Toronto have to expose a forward or dman with more value than Highmore, Brise
  10. Beagle is not a big problem to move in the summer. Yes overpaid but he is still a good 4th liner and great PKer. Good veteran for a rebuilding team and they could even flip him for a 5th at the Deadline at 50% retained. Beagle+6th for 7th should do it. Or he will be on LTIR next season/retire.. Roussel Idk what to do. A Buyout is not really an option (almost no savings). Sending him to Utica still leaves us with 2 million in cap and even though it would be kinda nice to have him as depth we probably need the cap. I'm also not willing on spending assets to move
  11. I might be off but the logic in signing Pearson now could put us in a stronger position with EP and QH deals. Not going into detail but signing the complete roster for next year first and then go to Ep and QH Agent (they are at the same agency) and tell him "look we got 12 million in cap space, work out 2 deals your clients can live with" Give them a certain amount of cap available and let them work out how they wanna do it. Both 2x6 ok, EP 2x7 QH 2x5 ok, EP 3x7 QH 1x5 whatever. Give them enough cap space to not hold out but not enough to work out fancy contra
  12. Hughes is exempted. OJ just doesn't have the games for the requirement. That means we still need to protect him
  13. A player needs either 27 games played this season or 54 games played over this and the past season to meet the requirements. And be under contract for next season. Every team needs to expose at least 2 forwards and 1 defensemen who meet the requirements. So the games remaining just means how many games a player still needs to play to meet the requirement.
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