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  1. https://streamable.com/qb96v almost scored his first getting some rotation this time as a 4th liner but is doing something every shift
  2. Pdkolzin in a 4th line role today...already got his second shifts in....good enough for me early 1st

  3. the only shift white 92 RW https://streamable.com/sgnjf
  4. noticed a ton of nifty intuition and hockey sense. bobbled a few times had a good scoring chances for him i htought can u count how many times he falls down?
  5. https://streamable.com/qbxpj another goal. having another really fun game so far. last game was okay but it was a really super low scoring chance affair
  6. fun game to watch. i'd recommend watching the whole video fairly dangerous with the puck all game. always able to find the open man. sees the ice fairly well. doesnt seem to just shoot the net randomly but a dangerous one quite easily gets stripped off the puck by bigger guys though
  7. https://streamable.com/q05fw first Liga for Palamu! (note this is how the pbp calls.so it's not me, it's him
  8. excellent debut for Palmu good energy, hustle and scoring chances (imo the most for the team excellent ice time for first pro game ~14min (give or take) could use more explosive skating for his game
  9. i have noticed Pesonen (he's the #22 right?) making some nifty puck skills in tight areas. i too think they'll do well together. thought the coach gave Elias a lot of ice time after the goal albeit ~8min to go in the 3rd and got a first shift in 3v3 OT. again showed a lot of defensive awareness throughout the game....also counted quite many of him on his knees
  10. i did a couple of his game vs Denver and game vs Omaha to get the "feel" of his game (highlight stuff in the descrip[tion box) i personally liked the denver game he has that wide stance skating like Tryamkin has idk why i found that odd decent skater, seems to be in the right spot for the most part. i thought of Dan Marino whenever his name came up
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