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  1. Pdkolzin in a 4th line role today...already got his second shifts in....good enough for me early 1st

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFm_Unk0zLg thought he had a real good effort game few great and 1 good scoring chances. good hits here and there super snake bitten this pretty much sums up his season in a nutsshell
  3. 2 goal pretty good effort game overall on friday night
  4. another fun game 3:12 what a dangle 4:29 another dangle my fav
  5. time to bring Virtanen's life back again had a great game just like the one i've posted some weeks ago the only thing i'd want to see him do more is actually hitting the net... oh and his regular linemates were Pelletier 23 and Kunyks
  6. Virtanen steals and a chance more Virtanen chances Virtanen pickpockets again keeps going and a big hit solid solid game
  7. 1. Olli Juolevi LD 2 Brock Boeser C/RW 3 Thather Demko G 4 Guillaume Brisebois LD 5 William Lockwood LW 6 Adam Gaudette C 7 Evan McEneny LD 8 Andrey Pedan LD 9 Brett McKenzie C 10 Tate Olson LD 11 Alexander Grenier RW 12 Carl Neil RD 13 Jordan Subban RD 14 Cole Candella. LD 15 Cole Cassels C
  8. had a really good game on friday game vs cap super cool and calm poise with the puck. especially "the shift" for me at 0:30 always finds a safe passage
  9. had a great 2 game series vs ASU unfortunately, ASU were completely outmatched imo and Gaudette just took control in all zones great penalty killing with a ton of scoring chances even in PK tons of penalties and PPs here and there; literally one after the other.i thought 1st game was worse than 2nd but both were penalty fest i'll probably temper my hype until a real team comes around but for now i'm impressively impressed
  10. watched Brisbois tonight crappy stat line but guess what? he had an amazing gameeeeee....offensively. on the defensive side, he kept it safe off the boards or... in most cases, he just rushed with it in which he pretty much did it all game especially in the second
  11. my first look at Adam Gaudette my first look at Adam Gaudette. had happen to find on demand game for dec 9th game quick run down 3:14 nice toe drag 3:44 Gaudette to Jim Benning's cousin! u dont see that every day. 4:46 nice set up 7:51 nice set up 10:06 makes a bad back pass to no one which leads to BC's goal 10:43 gets scored on again seems pretty decent on face offs good hustle okay skating could improve explosive/faster skating seems to skate around a bit all over the place constantly hearing Gaudette to Benning (cousin) saved by Demko disturbed me gre
  12. one of the best games ive seen from him a must watch!
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